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The challenge of the federal system in Iraq


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The challenge of the federal system in Iraq Empty The challenge of the federal system in Iraq

Post by rocky on Thu 18 Apr 2019, 9:03 am

[size=30]The challenge of the federal system in Iraq[/size]
18/04/2019 04:47 PM
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[rtl]Ali Murad Al-Abbadi * [/rtl]
[rtl] The Federalism is a system based on a composite basis, meaning that there are several states or provinces or states. The latter are all under the administration of a federal state that waives some of its powers in favor of the universal or comprehensive state, especially the issue of sovereignty and foreign relations, defense and finance. In other matters other than those mentioned above, which have legal, legislative and executive frameworks and according to the nature of the agreement between the federal state and its subordinate states.[/rtl]
[rtl]There are countries where the federalism succeeds and others fail according to several data. Iraq is one of those countries that have difficulty in applying the federal system despite the calls for this. Despite the presence of the Kurdistan region as a reality after imposing itself after 2003, the challenges stand in the way of implementing this system, including the following:[/rtl]
[rtl]1- Democratic Challenge:[/rtl]
[rtl]Democracy is one of the most important pillars of the consolidation of the federal system, but it is a syndrome for the success of the federal system of dictatorship away from the peaceful transfer of power and public and personal freedoms, in addition to the sharing of powers and mandate the mandates of several legislative and executive and even judicial under the mandate, The ability of institutions to absorb their role in accordance with the requirements of the federal system.[/rtl]
[rtl]In Iraq, despite fifteen years of democratic transition, Iraq is still in the process of democratic transition without reaching the stage of promoting democracy, as we are still witnessing several failures at various levels of legislative, executive and even judicial as well as the penetration of quotas in different parts of the state and shortcomings in the system The spread of political corruption, the deterioration of the functional aspect and other problems that need to be resolved in order for us to enter into the federal system.[/rtl]
[rtl]2. Cultural and Social Challenge:[/rtl]
[rtl]The political change that took place in 2003 included a radical change whose effects affected the social, economic, cultural and political system. This change left many marks on both public and personal culture. Despite the democratic atmosphere, most citizens do not know their pivotal role in elections or events. This is evident through the electoral campaigning factor or through the selection of people at the direction of the leader of the party, sect or nation, in addition to the mobilization of the street and its exploitation by some political elites in order to achieve political ends. In light of this huge number of issues For how you can find a federal system in which the major responsibilities borne by local governments in a society that tends to be centralized in any political orientation and social.[/rtl]
[rtl]3. The economic challenge:[/rtl]
[rtl]In light of the geographical division and the nature of the resources that imposed the emergence of oil in southern Iraq and some areas of the north, if the federalism and the southern states obtained a kind of financial independence, it will acquire the largest share and this is what the residents of the western and desert areas fear for being the biggest affected, The economic disparity between the states or regions that will have other dimensions may lead to the outbreak of internal wars aimed at grabbing as much as possible on those wealth in the absence of a strong position, and include them as a law in the federal constitution, which is the guarantor to abide by, Lim takes Kurdistan from the share of the state budget while hampering the delivery of the financial revenues of the federal government in Baghdad.[/rtl]
[rtl]4. The sectarian challenge:[/rtl]
[rtl]The draft federalism for several times after 2003, especially the call to the central region and the south and then call for the province of Basra to be followed by the call for the province of the Sunni or Joe Biden project, and most of these projects were colliding with the sectarian element considering the nature of those areas tend to the population as in the central region and the south will be And the existence of the Kurdish region of Kurdistan and this formation will fuel the religious conflict, which is the most dangerous thing that exists, especially as the external factor will be present and strongly to impose its vision and therefore we may witness a proxy war or even a regional conflict.[/rtl]
[rtl]In general, the federal system came to ease the pressure on central governments and thus directly touch the requirements of citizens under federal systems and the distribution of roles is a successful system in most countries in the world followed by the United States, Canada and Switzerland, but Iraq's political, economic and social status is currently not ready to exist Obstacles and challenges mentioned above, and here is the need for a longer time until the maturity of the democratic experience and overcome the difficulties facing the strengthening of democracy and then after the introduction of the federal system as an administrative and political system will succeed after Tjao G Obstacles.[/rtl]

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