A senior lawmaker said on Monday she had received complaints and letters from traders complaining of "extortion", high fees and "deliberate delay" in the certification of their goods, warning of "beating" the interests of Iraqi traders . 

"The most important requirements for activating the business in all countries of the world is speed. The more business operations are repeated the more profits will be achieved. This is called the speed of capital turnover, which is the index of the success of any business," Nassif said in a statement.

She added that "there are many complaints and messages reach us from traders complaining of extortion and imposition of high fees and deliberate delay in the ratification of their goods, especially by some companies scrutiny, the delay of the ratification papers for more than forty days, and regulators can inquire about the subject of traders Iraqis in China. " 

"The aim of the obstacles to facilitate the blackmail, the companies scrutiny and other things involved in this process, because among the wages of companies examining there is a proportion paid to the Ministry of Planning and there are funds paid to employees to maintain and renew contracts with those companies, and companies The examiner, which contracted with the government are foreign companies, and they charge a lot of money from the government, and this money goes to the foreigner instead of entering the treasury of the Iraqi state.

She pointed out that "the process between the Ministry of Planning and inspection companies and the seals of Chinese and Iraqis cost $ 2000, while the staff of the port and customs do not recognize the certificate of origin or the list of trade, why is the collection of $ 2000 of them? 

Nassif stressed that "the state must quickly ensure the completion of commercial operations, shortening the time is one of the components of the Renaissance, and the Iraqi legislator to provide protection to the merchant of blackmail and any obstruction of his work," warning the executive authority to "hit the interests of Iraqi traders, Of resentment and resentment and resentment in this segment, which is threatening to invest capital in other countries