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A deal to share 450 positions "between the others and the opening and Abdul Mahdi .. Do not Moqtada


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A deal to share 450 positions "between the others and the opening and Abdul Mahdi .. Do not Moqtada  Empty A deal to share 450 positions "between the others and the opening and Abdul Mahdi .. Do not Moqtada

Post by rocky on Mon 22 Apr 2019, 3:38 am

[rtl]A deal to share 450 positions "between the others and the opening and Abdul Mahdi .. Do not Moqtada al-Sadr really know this booty?[/rtl]

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[rtl]BAGHDAD - Iraq today: 

Since the announcement of the results of the last election in May 2018, and access to the rest of the largest number of seats in the House of Representatives, the coalition of "Saroon" an active force within the parliament, but the departure of the leader of the current Moqtada al-Sadr from the local political debate, and focus on files Social media, through a series of tweets that discuss the "pests of society" raises urgent questions about the extent of Sadr's adoption, or even his knowledge, of the movements carried out by "Asron," especially after the news of a deal to share state positions between the coalition and the conquest of the conquest, and the participation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , Although the chest - during the period Rabah of the Sason coalition - was one of the most prominent leaders to fight against quotas, and to prevent the conclusion of sharing deals. 

"Bag of differences"

 The deeper disagreement between the political blocs focused on the insistence of "Asron" not to pass the candidates of the security ministries, according to the quota, or away from the professional standards, which was a priority of the coalition and its leader. The coalition has succeeded since the start of the parliamentary sessions and more than once to prevent other names, Until the moment of keeping my bags of the interior and defense away from the "independents", which is the coalition and its partners, victory, until the spread in December 2018 video "Silve", picture of other members, echoed the words "our decision Iraqi," after they withdrew from the meeting and left Quorum and prevent pass Faleh al-Fayadh for the interior bag. 

"Former chest straps"

Al-Hazem contributed to the consolidation of the quotas and the sharing of positions by strengthening the relationship between other forces and forces sharing aspirations, such as Al-Hakama, Al-Nasr, and others, who preferred to give up their ministerial stakes in favor of "independents" chosen by the prime minister. The acceptance of "gifts waived from their quotas, and acceptance of the requirements of the Egyptians for their shares," which made the forces that gave up their quotas in an ambiguous position, as expressed by many forces in the camp refused to share, which were among the most prominent stars.

The leader of the current wisdom, Fadi al-Shammari said that "what is happening recently, is incomprehensible, the forces that agreed to refuse quotas, it seems to have retreated, and decided to enter alone in the field of grabbing positions, striking a number of previous agreements," adding, "This makes forces like The wisdom, the victory, and the like .. Retreating calculations from the previous alliances, and moving towards new understandings, looking at possible options to respond to the reality imposed by new developments, "says Shammari" is not the option to go to the opposition excluded, although it has not been resolved so far, " 

" Exploitation of space? "

Sadr's move away from the political scene, the abandonment of Twitter and the pressure and constant reminders of his vision and the focus of attention on community issues, prompted observers to the political situation to ask whether they will also drift with the new interest of the Sadr, begins to monitor the issues of community and is engaged in the introduction of laws and legislation that are relevant issues highlighted by Sadr, is far from political issues. Or will this lead to the "liberation" of Sadr's vision and his known "anti-quotas" against quotas, and go towards the sharing understandings that are being talked about at a high level. Although there is no comment so far from Sadr's office on the "supposed deal between the conquest and the Syrians and Abdul Mahdi," but observers predict the collision in the future phase of Sadr's rejection, assuming that Mr. Moqtada does not know this deal, and here says political analyst Jassim al-Moussawi that " To walk contrary to the orientation of the chest, "[/rtl]

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