The British newspaper The Times published Tuesday a report on US sanctions on Iran,entitled "Preventing Trump Iranian oil exports could lead to Asian revenge." 

The report said US President Donald Trump's decision to end the country's exceptions to Iran's oil purchases threatened retaliation and economic wars with emerging Asian countries such as China and India, which depend heavily on Iran's near and cheap oil.

He said Washington had given the exception last year to several countries including India, China, Turkey , South Korea, Japan, Italy, Greece and Taiwan. During the year, the three countries cut their oil imports from Iran while the remaining five countries bought millions of barrels of oil a day from Iran. 

The report pointed out that the decision "will put more economic difficulties on the shoulders of Iran, which was issued during the past two million barrels of oil per day, including about 650 thousand barrels of China, and 500 thousand barrels to India, and 300,000 barrels of South Korea, and 165 thousand barrels to Turkey, which is Which justifies the Chinese anger over the imposition of US sanctions on Iranian oil exports even if allowed to buy it through the US exception, how will its position today? "

The author of the report lapses on the Turkish position after Ankara has claimed that it has a special position because of its heavy reliance on Iranian oil to provide energy supplies to its citizens and neighboring Iran, but the American side did not accept this proposal.