Foreign Secretary Muthana Amin said on Monday that if Washington insisted on its failure to offer exceptions to some of its sanctions against Tehran, especially Iraq , it would cause a major crisis in the region that could lead to proxy wars. Strongly to get an exception before next May.

He said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "Washington has insisted on its position not to provide exceptions to some countries in its sanctions on Tehran, it will cause a major crisis in the region, may reach the wars proxy," noting that "the US decision we believe it will be reviewed before the date of application In May next year and the Iraqi diplomacy will work with full force to grant an exception to Iraq, which can not completely dispense with its relations with Iran because they are intertwined and interdependent and complex and there is a state of interdependence and can not be eliminated as easily as imagined by America.
He added that "Iraq is still to the moment imports several necessary materials, from Iran as electricity, which can not be compensated by Iraq at this stage, not to mention the volume of trade exchange, which exceeds tens of billions of dollars," pointing out that "those conflicts between Washington and Tehran, To the stage of direct military confrontation, there are many armed parties within Iraq does not consider itself neutral in that conflict and may drag the country to enter the conflict against America, which is not wanted and we seek to neutralize and keep Iraq away from this confrontation. 

The White House announced Monday that US President Donald Trump had decided not to extend the exemptions granted to some countries by Iran's sanctions, while Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates agreed on interim measures to secure shortages in the oil market. 

Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Monday threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if Tehran was prevented from using it.