The head of the border crossing points Kazim al-Aqabi, on Tuesday, the crossing of Iranian workers to Iraq without official approvals, while referring to inform the Iranian side, the agreement Baghdad and Tehran to tighten measures to prevent the entry of prohibited materials to the country. 

He said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "due to frequent violations and violations at the port of Mandali opposite the Sumar crossing on the Iranian side of the border, was agreed with Iran to organize a visit and a joint meeting to discuss the challenges facing the two countries at this crossing.

He added that "a lengthy meeting was held with Iran and we identified the most important obstacles facing the port." In the first instance, the port on the Iranian side does not have the infrastructure and the simplest requirements that must be available in any border port. such as radios, which are used to detect goods, 

He stressed the necessity of speeding up the process of providing all the requirements and the provision of infrastructure at the Sumar border crossing, in an attempt to upgrade this crossing for the passage of people and goods .

"We have noticed the problem of crossing Iranian workers without any official approval and we informed the Iranian side that we are determined to prevent the crossing of workers as of next 15 May in anticipation of the recurrence of problems between Iraqi and Iranian workers, as happened in previous times, "he said. 

He pointed out that "it was agreed to tighten measures to prevent the entry of drugs into Iraq on the grounds that these drugs target a large segment of young people." 

He pointed out that "it was agreed to identify the prohibited items which are within the agricultural calendar and which have a product protection and agreed to provide them with a list of materials."