Inspector General of the Ministry of the Interior Jamal al-Asadi , on Tuesday, seeking refuge on the corrupt legal accountability, while stressing that Iraq is about to a different situation has no place for the corrupt. 

Al-Asadi said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, "the obligation of Legislative Decree 57, which works by the Inspectors General all employees in the departments of the Ministry to inform the Inspector-General of all cases of corruption that occur in their circles."

He added that "the law authorized the Inspector General to investigate the administrative with suspects of corruption or violation of laws and regulations, as well as the authorization of access, investigation and verification with all employees in the ministry, including the ministry official and agents and general managers when necessary." 

The inspector general called on ministry employees of all levels, grades and the nature of their work to "report suspicious cases that fall within the category of administrative and financial corruption." He warned that "the spoiled of the corrupt will expose himself to legal accountability and will be a partner to the corrupt by his corruption." 

He stressed that "the war on corruption requires concerted efforts and unite in order to perpetuate it in order to achieve a victory for the losers, Iraq is ready for a different situation has no place for the corrupters," warning "to abuse the sacrifices of the ministry and the great efforts it provides to citizens."

"Asadi stressed the" determination of the government and regulatory bodies to strike with an iron fist on the sources of corruption and the coming days will witness the opening of large files of corruption, which will result in the referral of those involved in the judiciary. "