revealed Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy in the Iranian parliament Heshmatollah Flaan Bisha, Sunday, expressed doubts in Tehran about the existence of "spies" from some of the existing oil ministry plans in the Islamic Republic. 

"The national security committee in parliament is following up with spies from some of the oil ministry's planners," he said. "Such experts, who are suspected of being spies or carrying out acts under the name of Western orders, Taking them out of state institutions. "

"I have said times that there are suspicions about the existence of espionage in some of the plans of the Ministry of Oil, for example in one of the petrochemical schemes I myself followed the espionage work plans of the site of Islamabad West Petrochemicals and the site of Anahita in Kermanshah, where it was found within the work plans of these sites Espionage work ". 

With regard to the sanctions imposed on Tehran, Bisha pointed out that Iran's oil exports can not be zeroed, and that his country's oil can not be subject to sanctions. 

In recent years, Iran has arrested a number of Americans and Iranian and American nationals on spying charges. Some of them have been convicted and are serving sentences.