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World newspapers warn of "dangerous moment" in Gulf


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world - World newspapers warn of "dangerous moment" in Gulf Empty World newspapers warn of "dangerous moment" in Gulf

Post by rocky on Tue 14 May 2019, 2:55 am

World newspapers warn of "dangerous moment" in Gulf

May 14, 2019 - 10:40 AM 
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The Financial Times on Tuesday published an editorial in which all countries called for a halt to the war in the Gulf. The paper says what is required is a calm and transparent investigation into the incident.
"The attack on Saudi oil tankers should be worrying at any time. But what happened was that the operation coincided with the exchange of words, threats and intimidation between the administration of US President Donald Trump and Iran. Which could lead to a dangerous slide in the region. "
Saudi Arabia says that "tankers were attacked Sunday off the emirate of Fujairah." Riyadh did not give details of the attack nor did it formally accuse any party, but it supports Trump's efforts to limit Iran's influence in the region.
But Iran was quick to deny any connection to the incident as the Foreign Ministry described the attack as "hostile and regrettable."
The details of the incident remain ambiguous, but alert all parties to stop waving the war and appreciate the real risks of any slide.
She added that fears of targeting oil facilities in the event of escalation between the United States and Iran exist. Iranian officials have threatened to block the passage of tankers across the Strait of Hormuz when Trump pledged to overpower Iran's oil exports.
The newspaper said that the Saudi and UAE governments are required today to open a transparent investigation into the attack. There are militants on all sides who are trying to exploit the incident for them.
Trump also has to act responsibly and work to calm the crisis. Last week, the United States sent an aircraft carrier to the region because of what Trump National Security Adviser John Bolton called "indications and warnings" from Iran. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also rushed to Baghdad, speaking of "Iranian moves" there.
The US officials know that they are trumps of the Trump administration, but neither has provided evidence of his claims. Such mistrust should fuel Iran's suspicions that Bolton and his colleagues in Washington are seeking regime change in Tehran by any means.
A serious moment
For its part, the newspaper published an article written by Patrick Copern saying that "sabotaging" Saudi oil tankers is a dangerous moment. Patrick believes that Saudi Arabia's claim that its oil tankers are off the coast of the UAE lacks details, but could lead to a crisis that will evade everyone and trigger an armed confrontation.
Any attack on tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, which is 30 miles wide, is dangerous because the strait is the most important route to international oil trade, he said. Any military action by the United States and its allies against Iran should prompt Tehran to respond. If the United States is militarily superior to Iran, the Iranians may target oil facilities in Saudi Arabia or the UAE.
The author says this possibility is unlikely, but strong figures like Bolton and Pompeo appear willing to risk a war in the region. Bolton has repeatedly called for regime change in Iran.
He adds that Iran is economically suffering from US sanctions but does not suffer from the political isolation it suffered during the previous sanctions.
One of the reasons the writer believes that Iran has not carried out the attack on tankers is that Tehran's strategy is to wait for the Trump administration to move, and although Iran's economy is suffering from sanctions, Tehran is able to withstand the pressure.
The Guardian published an article by Martin Chulov, in which the hawks in the US administration are pushing for military confrontation with Iran.
"Four years of war, severe economic sanctions and then the threat of oil transfer and the deployment of US naval forces in the Gulf are all problems facing Iran," Martin said. Then came the issue of Saudi oil tankers, which are believed to have been sabotaged off the UAE coast. "
He adds that this development would increase tension between Washington and Tehran.
Saudi Arabia says one of the tankers was heading to a Saudi port to ship oil exports to the United States. The suspension of such a tanker is in line with the idea that Iran has responded to undermining its oil exports by blocking the world's oil transport. Tehran has denied the charges.
In the opinion of the writer that Iran has become the source of all threats in the eyes of the United States. While Tehran sees Washington as a destabilizing factor in its intervention in the region for decades.
One of the obvious issues in the region is that sanctions, including banking restrictions, are weighing on the Iranian economy and undermining the country's ability to provide for the needs of the people or to support the Lebanese Hezbollah.
But he does not see Iran surrendering to US sanctions. You have to get more than you got in 2003 to do that. The United States seems to want Iran to surrender and nothing else.

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