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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Balancing North Iraq in 2013: $ 12 billion


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Balancing North Iraq in 2013: $ 12 billion   Empty Balancing North Iraq in 2013: $ 12 billion

Post by rocky on Sun 17 Feb 2013, 8:43 am

Balancing North Iraq in 2013: $ 12 billion

The solution.
Anatolia News Agency
Parliament territory ' Kurdistan ' in northern Iraq on the financial budget for the current year and estimated at more than $ 12 billion, of the total budget of the country estimated at 117 billion dollars, the largest in the history of Iraq.
Parliament had completed ratification of the budget, which consists of 41 material during a meeting on its premises in Erbil City after discussions over the 21 days which started on 25 December 2012, with the support of 61 MPs with 54% of the number of Deputies and 32 interceptions and 18 Deputy of the 111-seat Parliament.
The last article discussed by the Parliament in the afternoon session Friday to approve the budget proposed a paragraph calling for equality of salaries and allowances of government employees in northern Iraq with the rest of the country who get paid by the Federal Government in Baghdad.
And article v of the budget relating to the expenses of the three presidencies, Parliament and the Presidency and the Prime Minister, the dispute between the opposition and the Government.
The speaker commented Arslan Paez at the broadcast live on television for the Parliament on the dispute in article five, saying: the presence of participants among the parliamentary blocs led to an understanding around, and let the Joint Commission read what brought it on.
The opposition blocks Parliament has made a proposal to reduce their presidencies and distribution expenses the amount deducted on other sectors.
Following discussions on the size of the deduction, as the opposition demanded a larger deduction than proposed by the Government, and block at the end of the discussions the cutoff were estimated at $ 106 billion Iraqi dinars, equivalent to more than $ 100 million, the amount of new drainage channels.
Is allocated 40 billion dinars of which Ministry of Peshmerga (armed forces of the territory) and behavior in the form of grants for each item at least Peshmerga (fighters) salary of 600,000 dinars, equivalent to us $ 400 and amend salary and financial allocations between them and elements of the Iraqi army.
It was agreed to allocate 10 billion dinars, equivalent to about US $ 8 million to create residential units for martyrs, and $ 20 billion to support the infrastructure projects of the city of Sulaymaniyah after decides to call it cultural capital of the region.
And ended discussions to allocate five billion dinars to support people with special needs, and 10 billion to support Cancer Fund, and three billion, five billion to renovate schools, and two billion for environmental projects and billion for women's Council.
In turn, the Finance Minister said Paez Talabani ' gain well from discussions, and we promise you that we apply the budget law as is '.
He said block ' change ', the largest opposition block in Parliament, even though Muhammad ' Cardo lengthy discussions of the draft budget, we did not vote in favour of approval because many items related to the Exchange did not obtain clarification from the representatives of the Government, and in our opinion affects the level of transparency in the budget '.
Bilal said the head of the opposition Islamic Group ' block we have lots of notes to Exchange items of the budget, the Government has not been able to convince us through their representatives and this was the reason not to vote in favor of approval.
In turn, said Susan Shihab, Chairman of the mass ' Kurdistan ' Government ' block there was a convergence of views and blocks the opposition on many budget lines, so approved.
The region depends primarily on a balance for the current year and previous years on the sale of Iraqi oil revenues, which constitute the mainstay of the country's entire budget, and the northern region on 17% of the country's budget, in accordance with the political agreement years ago between northern Iraq and Iraqi political blocs.
Iraq proposed budget estimates, currently being discussed in Parliament in Baghdad, $ 138 trillion Iraqi dinar is equivalent to 117 billion and $ 205 million, the largest in the history of Iraq.
To get the Kurdistan region this year to 14.3 trillion Iraqi dinars, equivalent to 12 billion and $ 198 million, and 17% of total operating costs and expenses of the investment projects of the federal budget.
Has been allocated $ 250 billion as a reserve for the Government and $ 7.2 trillion dinars for the reconstruction and development of territories.

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