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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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What is Saudi Arabia's strategy after the UAE announced its withdrawal from Yemen?


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Saudi - What is Saudi Arabia's strategy after the UAE announced its withdrawal from Yemen? Empty What is Saudi Arabia's strategy after the UAE announced its withdrawal from Yemen?

Post by rocky on Sat 13 Jul 2019, 3:23 am

[size=30]What is Saudi Arabia's strategy after the UAE announced its withdrawal from Yemen?[/size]
By AhadNA3  13/07/2019 
Saudi - What is Saudi Arabia's strategy after the UAE announced its withdrawal from Yemen? Thumbnail.php?file=156300187792387800_428104595

The United Arab Emirates has begun to hand over its positions or significantly reduce its military presence in Yemen, and is already determined to withdraw completely from the war on Yemen, as evidenced by the news that Saudi officers have received strategic port security in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab strait. Cities of Aden.
The reasons for the withdrawal of the UAE are subject to many interpretations, which say that there are differences between them and Saudi Arabia on the management of the conflict, and the sharing of influence in the south of Yemen, which are inconsistent interpretations of the truth of the Yemeni deterrence and the UAE's fear of hitting its internal front with missiles, The Ansar Allah movement, who proved their ability to strike vital sites in Saudi Arabia, the most recent ally of the UAE, the most recent airport Abha, Jazan and Najran, as is the case of the fall of certain military positions in favor of Ansar Allah forces in the southern border.
The official UAE, says it is not concerned about any vacuum due to its withdrawal from Yemen, because it says it has trained 90 thousand Yemeni soldiers in total, and it keeps its obligations to the coalition, as the government resigned in Yemen, and the withdrawal of UAE forces according to the UAE description comes according Redeployment plan for strategic and tactical reasons.
The question is whether Saudi Arabia will take the same decision and start a gradual withdrawal, strategically and tactically, with the same justification as the UAE ally, to spare itself and its territory more losses. But there is no concrete evidence on the ground, In his last interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Prince Mohammad Bin Salman stressed that he would not accept the presence of militias on his borders and his desire to restore "legitimacy" to Yemen. These militias are already a danger and a concern for the Saudi leadership, The war of Yemen As a defeat for the objectives of the storm package, unlike the UAE, which serves its interests, and is well aware of the seriousness of the implementation of the threats of Ansarullah strike Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.
Saudi Arabia today is completely alone in its war against Yemen, and it will be the target of more international criticism and will bear full responsibility for the deaths of innocent Yemeni victims. The UAE, which is supposed to be its ally, is reporting news agencies that it is adopting a strategy based on peace. The military strategy that proved its failure, and the achievement of the targets of the storm Hazm, Nasrallah still control the capital Sana'a.
Saudi Arabia is now in a position of defense, more than an attack, against a rival who was supposed to be eliminated immediately after the launch of Al Hazm, and even became a military hostage. Aziz Aziz Rashed, deputy spokesman for Ansarullah, offered to export weapons manufactured by Ansar Allah . He said that after the American weapons failed in front of Yemeni missiles, Brigadier General Rashid confirmed that they denied Saudi Arabia from using airports. He also advised international companies to leave the Kingdom because they are target lands.
Certainly, the statements of Brigadier General Rashid, comes in the context of ridicule from Saudi Arabia, the latter will not provide for the purchase of Yemeni weapons, and the American weapons of progress, proved that it is unable to protect the territory of the Kingdom and the evidence of the ability of Yemeni missiles to hit targets and the fall of victims, The United States or the administration of President Donald Trump for its support for the war in Yemen ?, if this is the case with the US system "Patroet" to protect Saudi Arabia.
Perhaps Saudi Arabia should listen to Brigadier General Rashid's advice on stopping the "aggression" on Yemen, as well as following the Emirati prudence, and withdrawing with the rationale of a strategic tactical redeployment. Even the United States is heading for a presidential election that may bring a new president, unlike the Trampe.
Joe Biden, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination and former US Vice President Barack Obama, criticizes Trump's foreign policies. He stresses that he will end US support for the Saudi military operation in Yemen and return to abide by the nuclear deal. Iran, if elected, wind will certainly run as Saudi ships do not crave, so why not preempt the last introductions of all these winds? The closest allies have chosen to ride the safety boat, and remained in their positions safe, safe .

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