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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Fifty senior Saudi officers have been taken to the US embassy in Riyadh


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Saudi - Fifty senior Saudi officers have been taken to the US embassy in Riyadh Empty Fifty senior Saudi officers have been taken to the US embassy in Riyadh

Post by rocky on Mon 22 Jul 2019, 3:22 am

Fifty senior Saudi officers have been taken to the US embassy in Riyadh
Monday 08 October 2018 :
02:30 am

[ltr]Saudi - Fifty senior Saudi officers have been taken to the US embassy in Riyadh 15389551610c3741ae8b9aa26d71f89861d3af3ce4

Saudi planes take off from Saudi Arabia and take off in Oman 

The latest news from Riyadh said more than 50 senior officers and military officers had flown to the US embassy in the capital Riyadh to enter the US embassy and alerted any Saudi force to approach the embassy. Mariner said the US military would not be able to approach the US embassy in Riyadh. 

The 50 unidentified officers are commanders of the Navy, Aviation, Armored Corps, and Armored Corps. They expressed their loyalty to the US military leadership and their vengeance on the war in Yemen and the crown prince, according to news spread among some US officers who are in the embassy in Riyadh,

At the same time 600 soldiers were called around the embassy and warned the Saudi army not to approach the US embassy in Riyadh under air and ground attack. More than 65 Abrams tanks and the latest US tanks were brought with surface-to-surface anti-tank missiles, reinforcements and individuals with overflights The embassy in Riyadh is considered the most important division of the Saudi army for the American army, but it is not known which direction the United States violated the Saudi army and completely disbanded it. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did not return orders to the Saudi army because the leaders of the American Embassy The Saudi embassy in Saudi Arabia is the largest embassy in the world and can accommodate up to 1,200 people. Saudi officers roam outside the embassy after the American commandos were deployed and the Saudi army was prevented from approaching a distance of 4 km from the embassy.

The embassy warned the US military through the military leadership that any harm to the families of the officers had taken place at the embassy. The United States would respond by arresting the heads of the security services from their offices and withdrawing them to prisons initially at the embassy through offices and then transferring them to the United States by air from Riyadh airport or from US military bases. US planes are ready to transport them, but the US military wants to stay in Saudi Arabia and return to their positions and not to touch them and is no longer known if this is the beginning of an American coup against the rule of Saud in Saudi Arabia and the removal of Saudi leaders and force the Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman and the leadership of The Saudi army to accept the officers in their positions and return to them and issue orders without harming them and lead their major military centers without any change.

The embassy will ask for the return of the Saudi officers to their positions tomorrow without Mohammed bin Salman being able to arrest or intercept their orders and coordinate with the US military command in Saudi Arabia. 

On the other hand, about 20 F-16 aircraft took off from Saudi Arabia to Oman without informing the command. They were stationed in Oman under the supervision of the US Army. The Saudi Army lost 50 important and skilled aircraft in the army pilots who took command following the war in Yemen. The Covenant Mohammed bin Salman.

The US military said that any attack on a Saudi pilot or any entry into Saudi air force by the Saudi military would be prevented by force and that a threat from a source in Oman said the US military would strike the Saudi defense ministry, where Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Missiles and destroy the Saudi Defense Ministry and make them unable to issue orders if they interfere with the pilots and give them orders contrary to the fact that the United States has become an emergency in Saudi Arabia and that every take-off is subject to orders at the US embassy where there is a large air operations room led by the leaders of The Saudi Army has no right to give orders to any officer in the Saudi army without the permission of the US command.

French President Macaron moved

French President Macaron has called on Trump and King Salman to visit Saudi Arabia and mediated to resolve the big row and not to change the rule of Saud because of the relationship between France and Saud, but Trump imposed McCron's request and told him not to interfere in the problem and the conflict between the United States and Saudi Arabia two weeks ago because the US military will decide it negatively The United States has taken secret steps at the level of the army command and CIA directorate and will deploy more troops in Saudi Arabia within the next 48 hours and carry out secret steps but do not get into a war against the Saudi army because it wants to preserve it but it will not be Mohammed bin Salman, the command but under the command of General Melli, the US military commander.
Saudi - Fifty senior Saudi officers have been taken to the US embassy in Riyadh 1538955183a598175580e27ce6d425be630231f0c9

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