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The Abqaiq attack ends the agents' scarecrow… and puts Iran in the eye of the storm


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The Abqaiq attack ends the agents' scarecrow… and puts Iran in the eye of the storm Empty The Abqaiq attack ends the agents' scarecrow… and puts Iran in the eye of the storm

Post by rocky on Thu 19 Sep 2019, 3:19 am

[size=32]The Abqaiq attack ends the agents' scarecrow… and puts Iran in the eye of the storm

- 34 Minutes Have Passed
The Abqaiq attack ends the agents' scarecrow… and puts Iran in the eye of the storm %D8%A7%D9%8A%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%86-%D9%88%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%83%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%A1
The attack on the Abqaiq and Khurais plants on Saturday brought tensions in the Gulf to a new "unprecedented" stage since the crisis erupted, according to a statement by the Saudi Foreign Ministry, which confirmed the country's readiness to respond strongly.
But the high capabilities of the attack, which targeted 19 points in the two laboratories with high precision, increased the conviction of the Iranians alone among the enemies of Saudi Arabia capable of carrying out the aggression in the manner in which it was carried out, with political analysts and military experts likely to end the scarecrow of Iran's agents in Yemen who adopted the operation , Or Iraqis who are said to have been targeted by them, to point the finger directly at Iran this time, which denied its relationship with the attack.
The director of the International Institute for Iranian Studies, Dr. Mohammad al-Salami, said that the aggression has put the whole world at a crossroads. We found that after the attack one day oil prices rose to about 20%, and therefore affected primarily by the global economy, especially as it is on the verge of a recession.
Regardless of who carried out the attack, al-Salami, an expert on Iran, believes that the actor is the same: Tehran, who said that the unification of the world in confronting it is necessary. Aramco, and also stand firmly against the Iranian terrorism, whether the Houthis or the militias in Iraq or the Iranian regime, regardless of who carried out this action, whether Iran or its tools, it is certain that there is accurate information from the US and Saudi Arabia on how the incident In particular, and therefore presumably “These results should emerge as quickly as possible and there will be an appropriate response.”
Different response
The Saudi researcher does not believe that the war alone is the appropriate response to the aggression, which cut off that Iran is behind it even if attributed to proxies, if the attack actually came from Iraqi territory, Saudi Arabia and the international coalition against terrorism and ISIS 'all right and all justification to abort such operations and targeting Iranian militias Inside Iraq and Syria, Houthi is just a tool in Iran. ”
Without going into scenarios that could be in response to the targeting of the Abqaiq and Khurais plants, where half of Saudi oil production, he asserts that the most important is to "deal with the latest attack completely differently ensure that it is not repeated, and also if the attack was actually from Iraqi territory, the authorities in Baghdad "Do their part or allow the coalition to strike the militias if they are not able to stop them."
The Saudi Foreign Ministry in a statement condemned the operation, and confirmed that preliminary investigations reported that Iranian weapons were used in the attacks and work to verify the source of those attacks.
International investigation
The statement affirmed Saudi Arabia's condemnation of the attack, which "threatens international peace and security, and stresses that the aim of this attack is directed primarily to global energy supplies, an extension of the previous hostile acts against the pumping stations of Saudi Aramco using Iranian weapons."
"Saudi Arabia will invite international and UN experts to investigate the facts and participate in the investigations, and will take all appropriate measures in the light of the results of these investigations to ensure its security and stability," the statement said. ”.
This comes at a time when the company Aramco, the owner of the targeted workers in both Abqaiq and Khurais said that it responded to the fires and began to fulfill its obligations, expressing gratitude to its employees who responded to its appeal, and responded to the state of emergency declared after the aggression.
“The nation and its institutions are inspired by the sons and daughters who work with excellence and dedication. Saudi Aramco's employees are the company's first line of defense. Thank you to all those who answer the call of duty with professionalism and sincerity. ”
Only war remains
In the meantime, political scientist, Saud al-Balawi, believes that the pressure on Iran exhausted all, "and there is only a war," likely to be a dual response, a harsh US to Iran, and another Arab coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen to Tehran's agents in Sanaa, Who are using it as a pretext to tamper with the region.
While the interaction with the Saudis has gone in several directions, anger at Iran and its proxies, as well as the fear of war, whatever their military superiority, they fear will hamper their country's rapid economic and development reforms, which Middle East colleague Ghassan Charbel sees. It is among the motives behind the targeting of Riyadh “It is clear that Saudi Arabia is targeted because of its present and objection to the policy of turning Arab maps platforms for launching missiles and drones on Arab targets. Saudi Arabia is also targeted because of what its future could be in the face of a major transformation. In this context, it is possible to understand the aggression against Saudi Aramco's two oil facilities. It is a massive and dangerous escalation, and the fingerprints on the message are clear no matter what Tehran denies. ”
The wise sane does not wish to meet the enemy, even if strong, I do not doubt at the moment that America gave the green light to Iran to target Aramco plants.
History does not forget that it was America that gave Iraq the green light to occupy Kuwait and stood with Iraq and Iran in the 1980 war to destroy their two countries.
Comics in the Guardian The strongest comic shook the United States his idea of ​​virtual exchange between America and Iran hides an understanding between them to destroy the region and steal the wealth of Arabs. The Iranian says you are the Great Satan. One gives his back to the other and shakes hands from the legs.
One national Twitter account, which identifies itself close to the sources of the resolution, accuses the Americans of turning a blind eye to targeting, while intercepting their drones or missiles, in a desire to fuel the conflict between Riyadh and Tehran directly, as was the case in the first Gulf War. Iraq and Iran.
However, Professor Muhammad al-Tuwaijri, a professor of political history at King Saud University, believes that the attack came in the context of a well-known approach to the Iranian regime. From Saudi Arabia last Saturday, proving the fact that terrorism is established within this system. ”
History condemns Iran
Historically, Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terrorism, arming and supporting Hezbollah, and Houthi rebels in Yemen, where the IRGC is used to commit terrorist acts worldwide, from Asia to Europe to the United States, to exert pressure on Western governments. To follow the appeasement policy. In this sense, it is no secret that the destructive and destructive role played by Iran in Yemen, through its support for the Houthi militias since the beginning of the Arab Coalition for the Restoration of Legitimacy in Yemen 2015, so Iran has repeatedly provided the right Houthi group with ballistic missiles and drones to attack Riyadh, But when they were incapacitated, the terrorist attack on Saturday evening was the most serious of its kind since the storm of firmness. ”
Iran denies charges of supporting terrorism and insurgents in Yemen militarily, before officially announcing this after the reception of the leader of the group Ansar Allah (Houthi) and the adoption of an ambassador in Iran, was the only country that emerged from the international consensus as a rebel group. The international community recognizes only the government of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Since September 11, al-Qaeda leaders and their families have been harbored.
Al-Tuwaijri points out that the Iranian regime has been trying to disguise its actions through the use of diplomacy and relying on the short and misleading memory of international public opinion, but if we are to understand the Iranian regime “we must look at what he is doing, not just his words, and ask ourselves whether His work is compatible not only with diplomatic norms, but more importantly with international laws. ”
Actor and beneficiary
On the military side, military analyst Brigadier-General Hamoud al-Ruwais believes that the distance of about 1200 kilometers between the target station and northern Yemen, along with the accuracy of targeting, this time confirms that "Iran is the actor and beneficiary."
He pointed out that the aggression is clear in its context and everyone understands this. The coast of Oman, then targeting the pumping stations in both Afif and Dawadmi. Those who follow the method of carrying out these acts of sabotage and the equipment used in them are certain that these capabilities and capabilities exceed those of the Houthi militias, even if they adopt them.
“Also in the attack on the oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais, which is geographically away from the Saada region in northern Yemen 1200 km, this is an indication that the arrival of drones from Yemen is unlikely. The amount of explosives, the precision of targeting and the identification of targets all confirm that these operations are left behind by a state. After preliminary investigations confirmed that the weapon used in the operation is the weapon of Iran, and in this region where there is no interest in disrupting the supply of oil only Iran, which possesses these missiles and has the human potential for planning and implementation. All these indicators confirm that the actor is a country that wants to stop the Gulf oil and put the world in crisis, to consider the sanctions imposed on them. Iran was the actor and beneficiary. ”

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