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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Adel Abdul-Mahdi: We will return from China with positive results and nothing starts from Iraq to at


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Adel Abdul-Mahdi: We will return from China with positive results and nothing starts from Iraq to at Empty Adel Abdul-Mahdi: We will return from China with positive results and nothing starts from Iraq to at

Post by rocky on Thu 19 Sep 2019, 3:31 am

[size=30]Adel Abdul-Mahdi: We will return from China with positive results and nothing starts from Iraq to attack any neighboring country[/size]
September 19, 2019 9:15 AM | Views
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Sada News Agency publishes the most prominent speech in the dialogue session of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi with Iraqi and Arab media

Following are the highlights of the dialogue:

• There is no lack of response by the government to what is being said, and the government responds, but not necessarily to be answered by the prime minister, and not all the words said must be answered because we are spreading a lot of ado, and instead of approaching the truth away from it. 

• The prime minister does not favor anyone and does not hostile to anyone. A real constitutional or a real legal dispute is deviating from it. As for the perceptions and what is said, the owners should respond when they are wrong, inaccurate or presumed.

• The budget law says if Kurdistan does not commit to pay 250 thousand barrels per day must be deducted from its share, and we deduct from its share this proportion since the beginning of the year and so far. 

• We must be proud that national unity is taking hold today. 

• There are still problems with the region, but we have exceeded many of them and now act as one country, and there are security problems and borders need solutions, all inherited and not confined to the last short period. 

• We are reaching a solution in the way the administration of Kirkuk governorate, and this did not exist in the past. 

• Non-legislation of the oil and gas law is not a political problem to a large extent, but there is a problem of strong balances, and the dispute in the framework of a better agreement than a dispute without a framework, and differences without tires may lead to chaos and chaos back on everyone very badly. 

• Iraq is trying to intervene to prevent the war in Iraq and the region, and is standing on the hill, and the concept of self-distancing and lack of interest does not exist in Iraq.

• When we meet with various parties we try to deliver positive messages and we are a solution party and not a party escalation or party crisis, and Iraq is trying to withdraw the fuse of war at any cost, and this is to maintain the sovereignty and independence of Iraq and establish the best relations with everyone. 

• Iraq is the only country in the world that has good relations with everyone except Israel, we have excellent relations with Turkey despite its differences with some countries and we have good relations with Iran despite the Iranian-American dispute and we have excellent relations with the Gulf States and we have good relations with Syria as a country and other powers on The land is different with the state except Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS and terrorists. We have good relations with Qatar and the UAE. 

• The current crisis in the region is not a new one today, but is the result of the accumulation of major crises associated with the conflict in Iraq and the conflict in Syria and the conflict in the Gulf and the war in Yemen, which is not a unilateral issue recently occurred with the firing of a missile or not to launch it or where it came from. In the area.

• Iraq has issued an official statement that nothing proceeds from its territory, and can not be a place or an instrument of aggression against any neighboring country, whether Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran or any neighboring country, and this is a constitutional position expressed.
• We got statements from the western parties, including the United States of America, and during a telephone conversation with the US Secretary of State, Mr. Pompeo, and they confirmed that their information indicates that the missiles that landed in Saudi Arabia did not launch from Iraq. This is without evidence, and the problem in the region is bigger and bigger than the event itself.The event itself puts us on the brink of war.We hope that we will not get to the war, but we will reach a disturbing edge for all so that they turn to search and dialogue instead of collision.It is easy to start a war but it is difficult to stop it.

• If Iraq becomes a battleground, the whole region and the world will ignite, because the same factors that have made Iraq a solution arena is easy to make it a battleground of great conflict.

• Iraq 's contacts with Saudi Arabia are ongoing either through embassies, side - by - side meetings or security agencies, but the prime minister has not been in contact with Saudi Arabia.

• The decision to war in the region will be difficult and everyone is cautious, because everyone knows that the outbreak of the war will be painful and harsh for those who make their decision because the region is small and the means of fighting differed a lot.

• Everyone is keen to maintain the best relations with the Iraqi state and not to go to the proxy war, as is happening in other countries because the role of Iraq is the vision of others that Iraq is a lung breathing and shared in common things and collision in it leads to bad things.

• We issued a decision to ban foreign flights over Iraqi territory only with specific approval and everyone respected our decision.

• We are taking basic steps in laying down arms in the hands of the state, and the reason for this is the cooperation of other parties and their vision to be in their interest with the state and under its umbrella.

• All that is decided by the parliament will be respected by the government, and the parliament is a legislative and supervisory authority.

• The Turkish President told us that the presence of Turkish troops in Bashiqa is illegal and did not give Iraq any approval for the presence of these forces, and other foreign forces are all approvals from the Iraqi government and we are in constant discussion with Turkey to remove this incorrect position. 

 € الاتفاق The agreement with Siemens in Germany has had obvious effects during this summer, which achieved a significant percentage of the progress in electric power, unlike last summer.

• China is the second economy in the world and has a large liquidity and high degrees of technology and technology, and Iraq was the first to sign the draft Silk Road Agreement, and our motto during our trip to China is the link between the Far East and the Near East. 

• We have dozens of joint projects with China on issues of armament, oil and others.

• Can not provide services to the citizen without infrastructure, when an investor comes and does not find the infrastructure to serve it will be frustrating him and the government projects will also stop.

• We have a fund between Iraq and China covered by oil because we export to China oil, and therefore there are good guarantees between us, it is in the interest of China to deal with Iraq.

We will return from China with positive results and enter into a speedy reform of infrastructure.

• The problem in Iraq is an administrative problem rather than a financial problem. We inherited the bureaucracy.

• We reject the sectarian dimension in the file of the so-called "missing or absentees", and there is no component does not have a large number of missing from his family, and we have to cooperate in reaching their fate, and any party, whatever is able to guide us to the means to detect them we will be thankful to him, and we are working on Detecting the fate of missing Kuwaitis since 1990. We uncovered a cemetery in which some Kuwaiti individuals are present. Those who say that they have places, lists or prisons are simple.

• Our general orientation is towards the return of the displaced people, not to prevent them from returning. Most of those who do not wish to return are in Kurdistan. 

• We have more than 30 thousand Iraqi families in the Hul camp, most of them are ISIS families. sleeping.

• I address the brothers in the House of Representatives that the implementation of the competence of the executive authority and the executive should not exceed the powers of the legislative authority and the legislative authority also should not exceed the powers of the executive.

• The authorities and their powers must be put in the right place for each competence and if we do not put each authority's powers, we will interfere and will hinder each other.

• The state needs major reform after what we have inherited from the accumulations, and we need two work at the same time: get rid of paperwork related to the daily transactions of the people that open the door to corruption, as well as change departments. 

• We want to give powers to the reconstruction council to rid it of obstacles and bureaucracy and without going through the obstacles of the state. 

• Everyone is willing to reform the state, but everyone defends his position in the state and believes that he will lose his position if we go to an alternative route.

• When we lifted the concrete barriers from the streets and cities, all the provinces began to lift them as well because the good year is the way to attract the state to the sites of reform.

• Political blocs are trying to go the right paths, but there are a number of deputies want to get out of this thing and act alone, and suffer a lot of political blocs of some of its members to take decisions. 

• The resignation of the Minister of Health is his third resignation, and we reject, and we have noticed the popular reaction to his request to remain in solidarity with the Minister of Health, and we have rejected his resignation and decided to give him a vacation. Professionals are therefore attacked and this is not true, and everyone has to be jointly responsible because the country belongs to all.

• We conducted an assessment in the National Security Council of all what happened on the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization, including improving the Iraqi air defense, and there are delegations going to various countries to see the possibility of improving the Iraqi air defense system. 

• Israel may be the one who attacked Amerli and the Qaim, but we do not have material evidence, but we have an understanding, even if we were a revolutionary organization, we did a certain action, but we as a state does not have material evidence of this action is it a drag or implicate Iraq or trying to create a balance between Israel and the Popular Mobilization, and that We wanted to go to the Security Council.

There are parties that have an interest in attacking the PMF and the Iraqi state.

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