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Is Sadr sparking new demonstrations against the government of Mahdi?


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Is Sadr sparking new demonstrations against the government of Mahdi? Empty Is Sadr sparking new demonstrations against the government of Mahdi?

Post by rocky on Fri 20 Sep 2019, 3:21 am

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Is Sadr sparking new demonstrations against the government of Mahdi?

Kalkamsh Press / Baghdad 
After a series of statements and positions issued by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, in recent weeks, and which have been harsh criticism of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, as well as statements by leaders and members of a coalition under his leadership, leaking information from Najaf, as well as within the political circles in Baghdad, That Sadr may launch demonstrations against the government in the next phase, not to overthrow, but to push them to take many decisions, or help them find an excuse before other political blocs to take.
The choice of demonstrations by Sadr's supporters, which appeared to be the most widely circulated in recent days in response to the government's backtracking on promises made in the government's program about a year ago, remains uncertain, as Abdul Mahdi moves to get another year before talking about success or failure. His government, according to deputies affiliated with the Supreme Council.
The newspaper quoted the "new Arab", a leader close to Sadr, did not name him, saying that "the latter will go to the street soon in demonstrations to pressure the government to push it to carry out reforms within the ministerial institution and outside," explaining that "it is now dependent on what Abdul will pledge Mahdi in the coming period, and what he will do. ”
"The demonstrations will be to pressure the government to end the deep state within the judiciary and the High Elections Commission and the security and military establishment, and other joints are still in a state of obstruction and delayed because of them," the leader stressed, pointing out that "the demonstrations also aimed to pressure the parliament to proceed with legislation pending laws for years , And may turn into sit-ins. ”
He revealed, "the movement of Abdul-Mahdi to these data to stop any popular movement, and give him another deadline for another year to implement his government program."
Commenting on the possibility of supporters of Sadr in new demonstrations, the head of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies, confident Hashemi, that "the only person who is really able to move the street and take out millions of demonstrations is the leader of the Sadr trend," pointing out that "honeymoon between the latter and the government is over, and that "Sadr made a lot of decisions but retracted them because of pressure."
Hashemi said that "the presence of Sadr in Iran, after a long absence, shows that the Iranians will not accept to abandon their ally Abdul Mahdi, the Iranian side will not allow the withdrawal of confidence from Abdul Mahdi or overthrow a government."
Hashemi stressed that "the Iranians sacrificed Iraqi Shiite figures are very important, headed by Nuri al-Maliki, in order not to be Muqtada al-Sadr outside the Shiite house," saying that "the threat of the leader of the Sadr to overthrow the government through popular demonstrations or other will be postponed because of the Iranian pressure is too great Therefore, especially since he did not go to Tehran in a long time, and his presence there is an indication that the Iranians will take steps in this direction. ”
On the other hand, the former leader of the Sadrist movement, former head of the parliamentary bloc former, Bahaa al-Araji, to the new Arab, "that" through my knowledge of the leader of the Sadrist movement and work with him closely, I can say that his compass that determines his movements is the Iraqi street, and the scale here is Services, reform, constitutional and national institution building, and the preservation of Iraq's sovereignty, especially since the prime minister pledged to Sadr before approving his candidacy to present a government program he seeks to achieve during the four years of his tenure, while Sadr's requirement was to conduct a review after the end of the first year of government work. To evaluate Eng Azza from this program and the satisfaction of the people.
Araji added: "If the flaw in the application and non-fulfillment of obligations, it will be in a solution and does not support this government, and vice versa," pointing out that "Sadr's recent and repeated tweets serve as a warning to the government to implement its obligations in accordance with the timelines of the government program."
He added: "Certainly, a review will take place after the end of the year, and will be the decision of Sadr according to the results, if it is unsatisfactory will lift his hand from the support of the government, and if the constitutional steps to change the government, there will be popular steps, and above all pretending to achieve change."
He stressed, "Experiments have proved that Sadr is the only one who can move the street, as it is used as a means to pressure the government and political blocs to achieve the objectives, a legitimate means in accordance with the Constitution," saying that "the success of the demonstrations or not depends on the response of the political blocs to the demands of the people."
"I believe that if we reach this stage, the prime minister will definitely resign, and through my knowledge and communication with him, he is not clinging to power," he said.
However, al-Araji said, “Regional and internal developments do not bear any government change for many reasons, the most important of which is the difficulty of selecting and agreeing on an alternative, which leaves us with a government vacuum that may be prolonged due to breaking the will, and therefore we are facing chaos, especially in light of the growth of some armed factions and their desire to To be a substitute for state institutions, as well as the decline in the security file in some provinces liberated from ISIL, not to mention the financial and economic situation.
Based on these data, Araji said that "resorting to the reshuffle through the change of failed ministers and support the government is the best way, considering that the blocs themselves will choose the alternative prime minister in case of change, while experience has shown that these blocks look at their party interests before Therefore, the alternative, if they can agree, will not be better than the current prime minister. ”

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