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New Iranian missiles into Iraq and "mysterious" denial of the Popular Mobilization about the bombing


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New Iranian missiles into Iraq and "mysterious" denial of the Popular Mobilization about the bombing Empty New Iranian missiles into Iraq and "mysterious" denial of the Popular Mobilization about the bombing

Post by rocky on Mon 23 Sep 2019, 3:51 am

[size=32]New Iranian missiles into Iraq and "mysterious" denial of the Popular Mobilization about the bombing of one of its headquarters

- Two Hours Have Passed
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The Popular Mobilization denied that any of its headquarters inside Iraq was attacked on Sunday (September 22nd), several hours after reports of the destruction of the headquarters of the headquarters of this force in the western province of Anbar.
This news was not enough to push the crowd to issue a denial, but it took a recent attack in a second place in the same province, but hundreds of miles from the first, and later the head of the Popular Mobilization Movement, Jawad Kadhim al-Rubaie explained that “the news raised in this regard Untrue. ”
The policy of silence
Although al-Rubaie admitted hearing an explosion near a headquarters of the Popular Mobilization in the far west of the country, near the Syrian border, he talked about not knowing the source and type of the bombing. There is no targeting by drones. ”
Concern in Baghdad of Israeli raids… Iraqi armed factions maneuver to protect their headquarters
This denial seemed vague, if there is no military force, other than the crowd, in the abandoned position identified by al-Rubaie, which raised many questions, especially with the notification of residents in nearby areas, About the sound of serial explosions. At a time when it is not possible to ascertain the truth of the Rubaie Declaration, the Iraqi government continues the policy of silence, whenever it is exposed to the file of the Popular Mobilization and bombing its headquarters inside and outside Iraqi territory.
Clash of influence within the crowd
Amid this atmosphere, observers say that the Popular Mobilization has invested in controversy over the fact that its camps have been raided by the Israeli, in the past two months, to strengthen its internal popularity, by appearing as the target, although he did not officially deny or confirm the involvement of Tel Aviv in this file, which means that There are strong reasons for the recent denial.
Informed sources explain this, noting the recent widening of the dispute between the PMU chairman, Faleh al-Fayyad, and his deputy, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, who was recently dismissed from his post to take a lesser position within the body. The sources confirm that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh al-Fayyad, are angry with the engineer, who hastened to link attacks on the headquarters of the crowd, Israel and the United States, without providing evidence to his allegations.
The sources added that al-Fayyas took advantage of a new mandate from Abdul Mahdi to relocate most of the influence within the Popular Mobilization in his office, at least in the part of the administration and payment of funds and armaments contracts, although the engineer remained responsible for the management of the operations and the movement of forces.
Exclusion of Engineer
Mustafa Nasser, an Iraqi journalist who follows the file of the Iraqi armed groups loyal to Iran, says that the new mandate, obtained by Fayyad, allows confining "strategic decisions and administrative and financial decisions to the president of the Commission exclusively," pointing out that the engineer who switched from deputy to Fayyad to "President The staff "in the Popular Mobilization, will be" responsible for training operations, intelligence and personnel only, and will not be able to issue any book, statement or position concerning the crowd. "
Nasser said the move represented a "forcible removal of the engineer, who rejected the previous orientation of the crowd structure approved by the cabinet a few months ago, and insisted that he be the first decision-maker, especially when he issued an offensive statement against US forces in Iraq and the creation of a special air force." By the popular crowd.
New Iranian missiles
The tensions come amid reports of a large shipment of Iranian missiles, with different ranges, to Iraq, across the eastern border between the two countries. According to intelligence sources, Iran has exploited the reopening of a border crossing with Iraq, which had been closed for months, to bring shipments of missiles into Diyala province, east of the country, to be distributed in other provinces.
Iraqi sources do not rule out that these shipments came to compensate for Iranian weapons that have been attacked in recent weeks in Iraq and Syria. The coming weeks.
Independent Arab

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