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Job market in Iraq


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Job market in Iraq Empty Job market in Iraq

Post by rocky on Sun 20 Oct 2019, 5:13 am

Job market in Iraq
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Kalkamsh Press / Baghdad
An Iraqi official in Baghdad talked about the details of investigations by the government's Anti-Corruption Council headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, noting that the criterion of how much money pays outweighs other considerations for a job in Iraq, such as political, religious, sectarian and party affiliation and kinship. Administrator.
“In pursuing job appointments, most of them were found to have adopted the standard of money, rather than partisan and sectarian quotas and even kinship that had previously been adopted.
He continued, "There are usually special networks for jobs in ministries and bodies, and consists of the relatives of the minister or his deputy and officials in his office, and others are at the lower level, which handles the process of receiving funds and taking documents," pointing out that "the process of receiving money to what is known as sponsor, as The person who wants the job shall put the money at a third party who shall not receive the payment until after the issuance of the administrative order to appoint him to the job.
The official stressed that "the government under the pressure of demonstrations, is seeking to dismantle the Mafia jobs in government institutions, which have turned into serious networks of corruption active in many areas, and reach those who do not deserve and the search for competencies," saying that "the superiority of money over patronage and favoritism is sufficient evidence that even political sectarianism In Iraq it is just a cover under which corruption and damage to public money are made. ”
For his part, Ahmed al-Saati, a member of the "rights" Iraqi (non-governmental) and is concerned with the affairs of fighting corruption in the country, that it went beyond jobs to the system of "contracts and daily wages."
According to al-Saati, “the germ of corruption in Iraq has become smarter, evolved from previous years of escaping the censor, and has taken many means to continue, but in terms of its characters and sponsors are clear, and these have not changed as parties and personalities active since 2003.”
He said that "the Ministry of Interior inspector is the most active in tracking job networks," pointing out that "it was found through all those who were investigated by the concerned, that the criterion of the job is what the applicant has the money, and not his sect or party or even close to this or The ministers, some of them benefited from this, while others do not know what is going on in their offices.
Commenting on the same issue, said member of the Iraqi civil trend, Saad Abbas Al-Kahli, in an interview with the newspaper "New Arab", that "the distribution of grades during the past years exclusively within the parties of power, negatively reflected on the performance of institutions, and each ministry has become a party to a particular party Closely. ” He explained that "the elements of the parties realized after all those years, that the party does not last for them as much money, so they began to deal with the sale of grades to secure their future, and do not care who the buyer, whether from the party or from outside," saying that "this trend, which reflects the extent of corruption “It also has a good face, being somewhat limiting partisan influence and opening the door to new energies that enter institutions from outside the parties.”
Parliamentary officials are held responsible for controlling the job grades and selling them to the simple citizen who is entitled to it. An official at the Ministry of Education, in an interview with the "new Arab", said that "Parliament has not done its censorship duty, to uncover the large corruption operations run in the institutions of the state in general." He stressed that "Parliament must form committees to follow the appointment processes from the beginning until distribution, and the Commission on Integrity to follow the obscenity of senior officials in state departments," stressing that "curtailing the partisan role is a good thing, but Iraq will not recover from this influence if not He gets rid of party whales and corruption whales. ”
Party influencers in state circles exploited the need for ordinary citizens for job grades to sell to them. "I was forced to pay a mediator close to the director general of a directorate of the Ministry of Education, $ 14,000, to get the job grade," said Amjad al-Ali, a teacher who took a job a few days ago after paying a sum of money. He stressed: "I am not affiliated to any party or political party, and I borrowed most of the money to buy the job, and I got it after 12 years of graduating from university."
Iraq suffers from the dominance of a number of parties over its constituencies and capabilities, causing the loss of the rights of other classes of society, which have been marginalized and robbed of their rights to education and appointment.

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