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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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KTFA Members "News and Views" Tuesday Morning 10-22-19


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KTFA Members "News and Views" Tuesday Morning 10-22-19 Empty KTFA Members "News and Views" Tuesday Morning 10-22-19

Post by rocky on Wed 23 Oct 2019, 3:34 am

[size=30]KTFA Members "News and Views" Tuesday Morning 10-22-19[/size]

ChrisC:  So, if an '08 style banking collapse happens, which we are most assuredly at the doorstep of, you think Trump or Congress will say here is 20 Trillion to resolve the issue, see you in another decade for 200 Trillion? 
Understand that we are not talking about millions or billions to settle their debt.  We should all pray that they don't choose to do that because we will be on the hook for debt that we can't imagine. 
What I hope is that they fail, Trump steps in and nationalizes them, we go to the bank and the only one crying is the banksters.  
BillA:  It would be political suicide if the banking system collapsed right at this time and IMO they all know it including President Trump.   You should also choose your bank wisely. Look for a bank with little to 0 Derivative debt.
StephenMac63After a bit of research I actually found a list of such banks. The enclosed link is for United States banks only. If you notice the top-of-the-list is Chase...yeah, thats trillion with a capital T.
As you scroll down you will see banks with less and less derivatives, you go down to about half way to start seeing banks with no derivatives.
This list was compiled June 30, 2019 so the information is pretty fresh. Happy Hunting.
You would have to scroll to number 1343 to see banks with no derivatives.
MoeApollo:  Neophyte to finance question here lol So, in the event there's a crash of any kind, is it wise to say one's money would be safe in these types of banks?  
StephenMac63:  Logic would suggest that you could be better protected with monies in a bank with no derivatives. Its usually when a large portion of the banking industry "over-extends" itself is when they get into trouble, especially when a large portion is in risk, such as real estate. If there are banks that extend too much and the real estate market crashes, the banks in this example will also have trouble.
Many reasons for bank failure, ie, market downturn, mismanagement but much of it can be controlled with principles. Bank examiners come into play.
After seeing the list of all the banks with over extending, which is caused in part by being able to loan more than the deposits they have,id feel safer with a bank that doesnt make loans therefore reducing risks of failure.

Announcement on front page of their website
 “Dear customers.. we would like to inform you that our correspondent bank in US dollar currency is Citibank of New York through our account with the following details:
Citi bank N.A.
ROUTING: 021000089
Therefore, please make sure to use the above account details for all your incoming transfers to your accounts with the Bank of Baghdad "    LINK
Iobey777WOW!!!! IMO, Frank mentioned this bank in the CC!!!! BOOOM!!!
Frank26 and Monday Night KTFA CC Replay 10-21-19
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Don961:  Political expectations of unprecedented protests on 25 October
 Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Baghdad - Writings
The October 25 protests scheduled for Friday will not be as traditional as the previous one.
Assurances announced by political analyst Khaled al-Nasser in television statements, during which he explained that the upcoming demonstrations will be large and different from its predecessors.
Nasser said security measures reveal the scale and strength of the protests ahead, stressing that the Iraqi government would be in deep trouble if attacks on demonstrators were repeated.
He added that the government should resign after being assured that the Iraqi street rejects its presence in power.   link
Titus2Mom4:  wow. Please just do what needs to be done.
Samson:  US Defense Secretary arrives in Saudi Arabia on unannounced visit
2019/10/21 18:17 
US Defense Secretary Mark Esperer arrived in Saudi Arabia on Monday for an unannounced visit, according to Reuters news agency.   LINK

Don961:  A new generation of protesters is shaking the pillars of power in Iraq
- 10 Hours Have Passed
KTFA Members "News and Views" Tuesday Morning 10-22-19 .a+iraq+protest
BAGHDAD - Iraq's unprecedented protest movement, though severely repressed by the authorities, has the advantage of re-drawing attention to the shortcomings of the political process and the corruption of a regime that is beginning to feel the danger of its continuation and contemplating how to save it.
The popular circles are preparing to complete the march of protests until reaching radical solutions, where it is supposed to start popular demonstrations on the 25th of this month in Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces to demand better services and disclose the results of investigations into the killing of 108 demonstrators and wounding more than 6100 others in the first week of this month In Baghdad and other cities.
Calls and tweets spread through social networks in Iraq to prepare for these demonstrations, while the National Security Council called in an extraordinary session chaired by Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Adel Abdul Mahdi to speed up the processing of law enforcement forces recently formed by the Iraqi government to confront the demonstrators instead of the army Police used excessive force against demonstrators using live bullets, tear gas, sticks and batons, killing 108 protesters and wounding 6,100 others, including security personnel.
Iraqi politicians and lawmakers say Iraqi President Barham Saleh is on track to deal with popular demonstrations against the political system and corruption, far from plans by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and parliament speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi.
MP Hoshyar Qardagh (Kurdish), the Iraqi parliament's rapporteur, said in press statements on Monday that “more than 100 MPs in the Iraqi parliament submitted a request to the Presidency of the Parliament to hold the parliament session during the week instead of next Saturday as there is a large mobilization of demonstrations on the 25th of the month. Present.
He added that "everything the parliament will do in the interest of the Iraqi street and its tendencies to provide services and jobs and improve the economic reality in the country."
The Iraqi government launched a package of decisions to secure billions of dinars to meet the demands of the demonstrators through grants and loans and solve the problem of unemployment and provide thousands of jobs in the armed forces and security services and in other sectors.
The Iraqi government did not announce the results of the investigations conducted by a high committee headed by the Minister of Planning on the violence that accompanied the demonstrations after it had explicitly stated that security forces were not ordered to use live bullets to disperse demonstrators and that the excessive use of force was borne by the security leaders. .
MP Shirwan Mirza, a member of the Iraqi parliament, said, “The parliament is going to vote on a number of resolutions that contribute to calm the Iraqi street and the demonstrators. Urgent.
It was clear that the demonstrations, which began spontaneously earlier this month in Baghdad and spread rapidly in the central and southern provinces, in their bold slogans exceeded the idea of "internal reform" adopted by the Iraqi political system in favor of a broader idea up to the demand to bring down the entire political system.
Sources confirm that Abdul-Mahdi and Halbousi are effectively coordinating all procedural moves aimed at containing the anger of the demonstrators, which is cooled by Saleh, who believes that reform should reach the cornerstones of the political system.
The Arabs    link
Samson:  Nassif: The people have lost faith in the government and the demonstrating public is the same one who fought ISIS
22nd October, 2019
A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Alia Nassif, said on Monday that the demonstrating crowd was the same who went out to fight ISIS and managed to achieve victory, pointing out that the people waited for the government a lot but eventually lost confidence
Nassif said in a televised statement continued (information), that "the demonstrating public is the same who fought ISIS, and the people waited for the government to reward him for his sacrifices, but in the end has lost confidence in the government."
She added that "the government must restore the confidence of the people in the actual and rapid action, and the government must absorb the people and implement their demands." She explained that "the government targeted its audience with recent demonstrations, as courage was the only characteristic that lacks the current government." She pointed out that "Parliament stands in the back of the people will not stand by the back of certain people, and was free to Abdul Mahdi left the prime minister when he was prevented from completing his cabin."    LINK

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