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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Consensus on the possibility of activating production and achieving development


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Consensus on the possibility of activating production and achieving development Empty Consensus on the possibility of activating production and achieving development

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Nov 2019, 12:45 pm

Consensus on the possibility of activating production and achieving development

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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Baghdad/ Hussein Thaghb - Farah al-Bat 
A number of economic specialists agreed on the possibility of activating the reality of production, creating jobs and starting the phase of sustainable development, which requires concerted national effort to create an ideal working environment that is far from complex and confusing, and which harmonizes the demands of demonstrators seeking opportunities to boost the economy of the Iraqi family.
"Creating jobs in Iraq is not complicated, given the urgent need for projects throughout Iraq, which can accommodate all the workers seeking jobs, promote the Iraqi family economy, and this represents the most prominent demands of the demonstrators, as well as the possibility of establishing strategic projects that are permanent and are the focus of a real start to sustainable development that can be achieved in a country like Iraq that is the owner of all its components," said Hadi Hindas, a member of the Baghdad Economic Forum.
Housing sector
He pointed out that the reality of economic reform requires that we start from now on towards creating an ideal working environment, to implement projects away from all the complexities that accompanied the previous phase, and to be granted new investment opportunities in different sectors, especially the housing sector, which is in need of effort. "The country needs to implement the three million housing units, and here we can start implementing housing complexes in and around cities and make the competition stronger among all away from monopoly, and offer competitive prices in parallel with the prices of neighbouring countries." He noted that "the agricultural industry sectors can be activated in real time by supporting the local product by controlling the imported quantities, which must be appropriate to the needs of the local market, after the production capacity and levels of national production are counted, and therefore the import rates of import sought for all materials are determined, and the entry of raw materials into the industry must be facilitated according to a clear and understandable mechanism that does not confuse the delivery to the plant in order to support the production process."
"Real development must begin with the amendment and legislation of the laws supporting it," said finance expert Thamer al-Azzawi.
"Iraq needs a revolution of legislation that supports reform plans, and is truly in keeping with current conditions," he said, adding that "investment laws, private sector support, a real transition to a multi-resource economy and the elimination of bureaucracy are the most important pillars of the development process."
He pointed out the need to "get rid of quotas and hold the corrupt accountable, so that confidence is given to the Iraqi market and attract capital."
Al-Azzawi criticized the trends and calls to rely on the government effort only by providing career grades and others, explaining that these solutions are temporary, and will not solve the problem at its root.
"The solution lies in steps that begin with legislation or amending laws, thereby involving the private sector, introducing investments, privatization, providing the right conditions for employment, as well as public-private partnership, and investing energy and oil imports properly," he said.
Al-Azzawi also explained that real reforms create a promising market in the country, creating many jobs, allowing for the emergence of very small youth projects that support the local market and the family economy.
International methods
"The expansion of production is very important in the current circumstances, and here it is necessary to combine the national effort to make the production wheel spin and in a scalable form and develop its joints, and that the need for projects besides human wealth In the absence of financing, we can go to future implementation or sovereignly secured investments, or choose other methods that achieve the highest economic feasibility of the country."
"The popular movement in the country is seeking jobs and reforming the economic reality, which cannot be described as impossible, as Iraq is able to change the shape of the national economy and achieve sustainable development in a phased way, and we can rise quickly when there is the will to do so and open the doors of work supported by the investment environment attracting local, regional and international efforts," he said.
Industrial experiments
"The country's industrial experiments in the cement, mineral water and juice industry have proven that local capacities are capable of rapidly improving the productive side, and integrated agricultural projects can absorb large labour and provide local markets," he said. It needs products, and can even develop a plan to market production to markets outside the country, especially since good agricultural land is available in most areas of the country, and one of the specialized institutions confirmed that arable agricultural land in Iraq, which is currently available, can enter The production phase covers the need of five times the population of Iraq."

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