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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Protect bank customers


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Protect bank customers

Post by rocky on Sun 01 Jun 2014, 7:14 am

Protect bank customers 

- Saudi الأحد, June 1, 2014 (01:0 - GMT)

In recent years, the expansion of the movement observed banking activity, and the spread of the idea of ​​borrowing between people of the commercial banks has significantly by virtue of the complexity of the conditions of life and population expansion, and price inflation is mischievous and salaries weak so irresistible. It is best not to limit the relationship between banks and their customers in terms of borrowing, banking activity is expanding in terms of the vogue of electronic transactions, and the prevalence of the use of credit cards to keep up the culture of foreign tourism, and other problems that do not put up shop here. And the focus in this article on the legal aspect that draws the limits of the relationship between the bank and the customer, and taking into account the knowledge of the rights of the parties, and that the bank's customer on the degree of awareness in the «banking law», which is a branch of the Commercial Code.

And be following up on all that was issued from the regulations and principles, in order to protect oneself from the disasters that took place where a lot of people by virtue of lack of sufficient awareness before entering into any contract and consult a specialist trust, and that the client is the weakest in exchange for the bank. The concerned party supervision and control of financial institutions which are licensed by SAMA, and under the supervision of banks, insurance companies and finance companies, including companies lease and mortgage companies and exchange companies and credit information companies.

Of the strategic objectives set forth in the organization «the principles of the protection of bank customers», to protect the client and receiving a fair treatment and transparent sincerity and honesty, as well as receiving a financial services and products easily and conveniently, and cost effective and high quality.

Issued Client Protection Principles 2013. Stipulates the 10 principles, which are «treated fairly and equitably, and disclosure and transparency, education and financial education, and behavior and work ethic, and protection against fraud, and protect the privacy of information, and address complaints, competition, and third parties, and conflicts of interest». Must bank customers to know their responsibilities and see the «principles of the protection of bank customers» that dealt with it, and refer them briefly «client must be honest during the presentation of information, and read all the information provided by the bank and understand, ask questions, and learn how to make a complaint, and the use of the service or the product under the terms and conditions, and lack of exposure to risk, and provide demand for products and services adapted to the needs of, and reporting the bank regarding the operations of irregular and non-disclosure of bank information, consult the bank in case the face of financial difficulties, and update the information, and e-mail, and caution when granting official agency to carry out financial transactions, and not to sign the forms are incomplete and others ».

The principles of the protection of bank customers dealt with the general provisions, including, banks should take into account humanitarian cases when dealing with clients who have financial difficulties emergency.

And the bank providing advice to clients who have financial difficulties and try to help them to overcome these difficulties before proceeding with legal action against them. Nor should the bank in all cases, bias against customers when handling, sale or use of any product or service.

As well as the responsibilities of the banks comply with the instructions in regards to the institution received the complaint and the complainant to provide the reference number is sent to the President of his mobile phone to be used in the follow-up to his complaint. This requires setting up a mechanism in place to make a complaint and clear the bank building and Avrah all, and included in the site-mail exchange, and provide a written copy them if they wish to obtain.

In case of dissatisfaction with the complainant on the outcome of his complaint and his desire to escalate to a higher level the bank or to a third party, on the banks to provide the complainant mechanism used and directed to the appropriate body in this regard, can the complainant to submit a complaint to the Department of Consumer Protection in the institution of the road foundation's Web site or through a toll-free number 8,001,256,666. as that of the client to provide his lawsuit against the bank to the Commission for the Settlement of Banking Disputes involved into cases where the bank is a party or to be a lawsuit related to the work of the bank, according to the provisions of Article III of the Royal Decree No. 729/8 and the date of 10-7 -1 407 e. In summary, under the current circumstances remaining banks have a great responsibility towards the society and its members, which is in it - any efforts - quasi-absent, and this necessitates the processing delay and to contribute to the advancement of human beings from all the social aspects.

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