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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Delta, MilitiaMan and more, Articles with links,opinions Friday 1-10-2020


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Delta, MilitiaMan and more, Articles with links,opinions Friday 1-10-2020 Empty Delta, MilitiaMan and more, Articles with links,opinions Friday 1-10-2020

Post by rocky on Fri 10 Jan 2020, 11:02 am

[size=30]Delta, MilitiaMan and more, Articles with links,opinions Friday 1-10-2020[/size]
DELTA:  The finance comittee reveals the mechanism for paying Iraqi debts .. And the Central reveals its policy to control the exchange rate
Baghdad / Obelisk: The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, Thursday, January 9, 2020, a discussion of the mechanisms that must be followed to preserve Iraqi money, pay debts, and the financial situation in light of the tension in the region, during its hosting of the governor of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance and the head of the Financial Supervision Bureau.
A statement to the committee said that it hosted the governor of the Central Bank, the head of the Financial Supervision Bureau, the director general of the budget department in the Ministry of Finance and the assistant director general of the Iraqi Trade BankTBI , todiscuss the current events in light of the military escalation taking place in the region and its effects on the financial situation of the country and the monetary policy that must be followed To control the exchange rate of the currency in the Iraqi market. "
The statement added, "The Finance Committee heard the guests' presentation after they provided a detailed explanation of the mechanisms that must be followed to preserve Iraqi money inside and outside Iraq."
He continued, "The Governor of the Central Bank indicated that Iraq’s debts were scheduled and paid at the specified times, stressing at the same time that the political positions of Iraq affect, of course, its financial position, whether negatively or positively, and that follows the type of position and the consequent reaction."
The Finance Committee confirmed at the conclusion of the statement, it "seeks to permanently stave off danger from Iraqi money and correct the course of its monetary policy in light of the tension in the region and spare the country to fall into a deadlock that negatively affects its economy and development."

MilitiaMan:  Thank you Delta, I know when you post things of this caliber and it's timing, it is because it is very important. The fact that they are now openly talking about the tools (mechanisms) are in place to permanently correct the course of Iraq's monetary policy and stave of any danger in light of the tension we have seen militarily, is huge and very welcoming for us all.
In other words, in respect to the conditions they are now in, they are still moving forward and head on with the monetary policy to control the exchange rate.
Once they stop the auctions they will not have any other Multi Currency Practices (MCPs) to deal with. IMF requirement. They Dollar auctions can cease and then the neighbor will have an even more rough road ahead for themselves.
The dinar exchange rate will be devoid of them (mcp) when fully article 8 and out of sanctions and thus, the world can freely trade internationally in IQD.
We here from a source here at KTFA, that citizen in Iraq is hearing directly from a Bank in Baghdad and at the head of a large department level are now making the citizens aware of  the banks now having been populated with new small category notes and coins (fils), and are to be distributed at the citizen level soon.
This article above in my opinion supports that data, as tools or mechanisms if you will, are in fact in part a median of exchange to facilitate the transition from large to small on the street.. Small notes and coins are tools.. imo The delivery of them to the citizens will be a boost to the citizens psyche and pocket book by having purchasing power. 
The timing of this is so very clear to be in our faces now that they have to reinstate the IQD internationally. They have no choice in the matter, now. They not only spent money on new notes and coins, let lone they haven't time to print again what has been destroyed already.. A finer point that seems to have been overlooked in the glitch theory. lol imo
They will need the mechanisms out ASAP, as they will have a liquidity issue to deal with. We already saw some inflationary pressures over the last week.
 Those Charts from the CBI web site were not glitches that has been reported, and are in fact a representation of a massive reduction in money supply and a massive value movement to the commercial banks in country (commercial means all banks, per Delta translation.). That money that was destroyed in the videos were not worn and torn. They were good quality 25k notes in massive amounts. I watched the video!
Reports now show that the banks will get or have got new 50k and 100k notes to clean up more of what is left outstanding of the 25ks, 10ks, whereby, the large notes are not for public use , as in the 50k and 100k. The small categories notes will be used in place of the trip zero notes with much more value associated with them, as noted by the need for coins. The small and large notes will co exist with the remaining straggler notes for years to come. 
So I don't know about you all, but, I am smiling large!! You should all be too, as in light of the military actions we have witnessed, they are still moving ahead and finishing the delete the zeros project and apparently it is in full effect now. imo ~ MM

Don961:  "Ten January we will or will not be" .. Great calls for a million demonstration in Baghdad tomorrow, Friday
Baghdad: Yassin Iraq
Activists in the protests called for millions of demonstrations tomorrow, Friday, in Baghdad and the central and southern governorates.
Activists began rallying for the January 10 demonstrations some days ago, and some called them "retaliation demonstrations", referring to the retribution of the protesters' killers during the past three months.
Protesters in Tahrir Square held up banners calling to bring "head helmets, bottles of Pepsi and water" because, according to what they wrote, they expected "attacks by Iraqi government forces."   link
Samson:  The British Parliament finally approves the exit deal from the European Union
9th January, 2020
The British House of Commons approved, on Thursday, the final draft of the exit from the European Union. The British House of Commons voted on the "Brexit" agreement that Prime Minister Boris Johnson concluded with the European Union, three and a half years after faltering.

The text of the agreement was easily passed in the House, where Johnson has an overwhelming majority in Parliament since the legislative elections in December 2019, knowing that it will be referred to ratification by the House of Lords, and then issued by the Queen in semi-formalities. It remains for the European Parliament to ratify the agreement to become the United Kingdom, on January 31 at 23:00 (London and GMT time) the first member state to leave the European Union, and that date will include a page of the "political chaos" witnessed by Britain since the June 2016 referendum that happened Supporters of Britain's exit from the European Union received 52 percent of the vote. Within 3.5 years after the referendum, the British split over the matter, and Parliament rejected an agreement concluded by former Prime Minister Theresa May, without proposing an alternative scenario, which raised fears of a violent departure or abandonment of exit, and resolved the matter the arrival of Johnson, the enthusiastic supporter of "Brexit" to Al-Hakam and his wide electoral victory.

It is noteworthy that the "Brexit" agreement negotiated with Brussels includes the outlines of "divorce" in particular by guaranteeing the rights of citizens and settling the border dilemma inside Ireland, and specifically aims to ensure smooth passage to a future relationship between the two parties that still needs to be determined. In addition, a transitional period that will continue until the end of 2020 begins with the aim of enabling Brussels and London to prepare for the future relationship, during which the British will continue to apply European rules and benefit without the participation of European institutions and without the right to decide within them.    LINK

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