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Business incubators guide young people to successful projects


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Business incubators guide young people to successful projects Empty Business incubators guide young people to successful projects

Post by rocky on Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:27 pm

Business incubators guide young people to successful projects

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Baghdad/ Farah al-Bat 
The Ministry of Planning is working in coordination with civil society organizations to strengthen the capacity of the private sector and provide more jobs for young people, while an economist emphasizes the importance of government support for entrepreneurship and investment in the country, through business incubators that guide young people properly.
"The private sector cannot succeed without government support and joint efforts to achieve the goals that the state aspires to, including creating jobs and eliminating unemployment," said economist Ahmed Masal.
Young energies
"Iraq is one of the countries rich in young people's capacities that exceed the elderly, and these energies must be invested properly and directed towards the labor market to make the process of restoring the private sector in the country," he said. 
Planning Minister Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi discussed with representatives of civil society organizations and businessmen in Iraq ways to strengthen private sector capacity and provide more jobs for young people.
Real efforts
Al-Dulaimi explained that the Ministry of Planning's development vision is based on the youth energies and promising Iraqi expertise. 
"The ministry has made efforts in establishing the Supreme Council for the Development of the Private Sector, which will have independent representation in the Council of Ministers and the Economic Affairs Committee, so that their voices will be heard and participate in the making and guidance of economic decisions and policies," he said. 
He stressed that his ministry "will provide the appropriate conditions for social initiatives aimed at employing young people and developing their abilities, noting the efforts of the Ministry of Planning technically in the youth employment project in cooperation with national authorities and relevant authorities in the international community."
Development vision
On the other hand, businessmen praised 
The representatives of the organizations saw the Ministry of Planning's vision in developing youth capacities and providing the right conditions for them, especially in light of the youth demands witnessed in Iraq, stressing the importance of the measures adopted by the Ministry of Planning in increasing employment opportunities in the public and private sectors."
For his part, he urged the competent authorities to develop development plans that include integrating young people into the labor market, and the need to guide them to find jobs in the private sector, and this is achieved in cooperation with government agencies and community organizations.
He pointed out that this process is achieved by the right investment in the young energies of the output of universities 
Vocational institutes and schools, and train them to be skilled and productive workers in the labor market, and some of these young energies can move towards entrepreneurship and open their own businesses."
Business incubators
He stressed the need to provide business incubators within civil society organizations that attract young people who want to make their own businesses and projects, and direct them properly towards the real steps of small and micro enterprises, where the success of this trend requires a number of data, first and foremost, financial support, which is not complicated and can be implemented by our banking system, as well as calendar supervision by the concerned authorities, to be a real supporter of these
For projects.' He called for "taking advantage of successful global experiences in this area, where there are small industries by young and middle-aged groups, supporting and feeding major strategic industries in major global economies."

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