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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump and the Iraqi President agree to continue the security partnership that includes ISIS combat


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Trump and the Iraqi President agree to continue the security partnership that includes ISIS combat Empty Trump and the Iraqi President agree to continue the security partnership that includes ISIS combat

Post by rocky on Fri 24 Jan 2020, 2:49 am

[size=32][rtl]Trump and the Iraqi President agree to continue the security partnership that includes ISIS combat[/rtl]

January 22, 2020

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Davos (Switzerland - AFP)
Baghdad - Basra - time
US President Donald Trump and his Iraqi counterpart, Barham Salih, agreed during the Wednesday meeting in Davos to the need to preserve On an American military role in Iraq, according to what the White House emphasized in a statement. And this after a sensation caused by Shiite forces in Parliament to demand the removal of US forces from Iraq   yet the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani .ujae statement in the   US , " the two presidents agreed on the importance of continuing the partnership Economic and security between the United States and Iraq, including the fight against the Islamic State ” The statement said that "President Trump reaffirmed the commitment of the United States of Iraq that enjoys sovereignty, stability and prosperity " . After they were at the forefront of " resistance " against the American occupation of the country after the invasion of the year 2003 and inflicted army The Americans have taken a heavy toll, and the Sunnis of Iraq are now the most worried and opposed to the withdrawal of Americans from the country who are looking To them as a balance in the face of growing Iranian influence. Political analyst Hisham al - Hashemi told the French press that Sunni fears today fall under the "Lack of confidence in the Shiite political partner who tends to meet Iran's agenda in Iraq at the expense of the interests of the rest components and even the Arab Shiite opposition account " .
Tensions between Washington and Tehran escalated recently on Iraqi soil, as the United States assassinated the Iranian general The influential Qasim Soleimani in Baghdad, which required a response from Iran, which bombed ballistic missiles a military base An Iraqi woman hosts American soldiers. In an angry response to the American strike, the Iraqi parliament held a session on January January current voice in which the government 's mandate to end the presence of foreign troops in the country, including about 5,200 US troops. The Kurdish representatives and the majority of the Sunni representatives boycotted the session, although Shiite factions considered at the time that whoever is absent is " Traitor "Supports the American presence. Ahead of the vote, Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, a Sunni and former governor of the western Anbar province, issued an enthusiastic appeal to the deputies. To review the decision. He said that " the decision that we are taking now, you may not be able to change it after an hour from now. The United States does not interest me. Iran does not interest me, nothing matters to me as much as Iraq . Both the United States and Iran have a long history in Iraq and close ties with the ruling elite. Today, Tehran has wide influence through the PMF, which has been included in the official military forces, and which has become its wing The politician with the largest representation in Parliament. While Washington supported the Iraqi forces in their war against the Islamic State with air operations, training, and armament. The growing influence of Iran from the balance of the United States lost that led invasion in 2003 to overthrow the regime Saddam Hussein, the Sunni who suppressed the Shiites during his rule. It mobilized this invasion in the country who founded the factions at the time " resistance "Against US forces, before the outbreak of an Iraqi sectarian war between 2006 and 2007 claimed the lives of thousands. But Sunnis today find themselves on the other side of the equation. Between the expansion of Iranian influence and the survival of the American forces, the second option is the best for them. The deputy for the northern Nineveh Governorate, Ahmed Al-Jarba, raised a series of questions during the parliament’s voting session, saying  After the decision is issued, are our neighbors our friends and not our masters? Or will we hand over the country’s decision to the neighboring countries? " , In reference to Iran. He called on the government to withdraw Jarba factions that are trying to "Blackmail Sunni provinces and replace them with military sectors " . After the Iraqi authorities regained control of the Sunni provinces that fell to ISIS, fears arose The Sunnah. These areas have seen considerable damage due to the battles against the jihadists , who took control in 2014 on what About a third of the area of ​​Iraq.
Sunni province?
The popular crowd and the international coalition led by Washington during those battles were in the same trench against the Islamic State . Thousands of coalition forces remain deployed in about six Iraqi military bases, all in the regions Sunni or Kurdish. However, the crowd also sought to reinforce its presence in those areas, which increased the sensitivity the year. Says US military commander in Iraq , he told AFP on condition of anonymity that " works existence As a deterrent in those areas ” He adds "The smaller our presence, the more actors can pursue their own interests ... Shiite, Sunni, Yazidis, various clans. These units will attack some of them against perceived threats 
This lack of confidence comes at a very sensitive time, as the Shiite-majority areas of southern Iraq have been witnessing since The most famous wave of anti-government protests, and against Iranian influence. The Sunni areas remained far from this movement, fearing that they would be criticized on sectarian grounds, which led them to The silence is also about the American-Iranian tension.
He says many of the Sunni tribal leaders who, after facing the invasion, joined the fight " al - Qaeda " with the support of the United States within the so - called " Awakening " , which was formed in 2006 , They received threats from armed factions.
One of them told AFP , " We have warned us to stand with the occupier again " .
Hashemi believes that " the United States for years, Kurds and minorities is an officer with the rhythm of the political party balances Shiite-dominated parliament and government 
Analysts believe that if the Iraqi government decides to proceed with the decision to end the presence of foreign forces, it may seek Sunnis to an autonomous region, similar to the northern Iraqi Kurdistan region.
And see a former Iraqi army officer Birthdays flood that " clear that there is a fear of a Sunni next, which pushed them to think again in the formation of the region in order to protect their areas " .

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