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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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KTFA and Bix Weir comments and links Sunday Afternoon 1-26-2020


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 KTFA and Bix Weir comments and links Sunday Afternoon 1-26-2020 Empty KTFA and Bix Weir comments and links Sunday Afternoon 1-26-2020

Post by rocky on Mon 27 Jan 2020, 3:14 am

[size=30] KTFA and Bix Weir comments and links Sunday Afternoon 1-26-2020[/size]
Saturday UPDATE for January 25, 2020
Saturday reports:
The CBI staff members allegedly caught stealing money from the auctions and supporting Iranian factions.
Iraqi TV is broadcasting the scandal and that other countries are now concerned about Iran stealing resources from Iraq. Citizens are angry with the CBI.
Saleh is returning from Rome and will meet with blocs to announce the new Prime Minister.
Protestors are in the streets chanting that Sadr has betrayed them by his supporting of Iran.
Iraqi TV broadcasts that the new PM will announced on Sunday.
Parliament announces a short recess in order to get the budget passed, citing that the Prime Minister situation is resolved.
Iraqi TV alleging that past PM Mahdi is a key figure in the killings of the protestors.
7 more protestors were recently killed bringing the total reported deaths to 600 since October 2019.
4 private banks run by militia-controlled interests continue to use the dollar auctions to secure money for Iran.
The Qi card payment system was compromised with fake government employees receiving millions of dollars each month. #wearethepeople
Jambie67:  So, it has now been made public that some CBI staff have been stealing money from the auctions and the auctions are securing money for Iran? If there was ever a valid reason to cease the auctions, this is it! The people are all aware, now. #stoptheauctions   Perhaps revealing that the auctions are a cancer to Iraq was the reason they weren't stopped before. Now is the time!
Red:  if the Iranians are benifiting from the auctions by stealing the money, WHO is the loser in thes funds ?
Elmerf123456:  Who can say for sure, But it appears to be business as usual in Iraq. Time for a true wake up call and real change. Hang on..the pot holes aren't shallow apparently. I may be wrong but it appears to me this is is a big part as to why Abadi was not re-elected. He seemed to be a good man to me and was for the people. I'm not sure anything of corruptness pointed to him but yet the regime who is corrupt did not want him in their way. JMHO!

Coco:  In Iraq today - Look to the next 72 hours for the announcement of Prime Minister (Wednesday, January 29, 2020).
USMC being signed by President Trump on Wednesday, January 29,2020.
President Trump is expected to be acquitted the end of this week (Friday, January 31, 2020).
Post # 84 Samson - Iraq - "The internal system of the parliament requires that the holiday be on February 3 (Monday), after the extension of Parliament's work on January 3."
Today there were auctions for Thursday, January 30th and I expect auctions for January 31st tomorrow.  (What if Trump is stopping the auctions and use of the USD effective January 31st???)
Here in the U.S. we have Super Bowl LIV, February 2, 2020 (02-02-2020)
Just sayin!  Next weekend is looking very interesting to me....
Josie:  we also have the SOTU address coming up!!!!!
Don961:  World debt is expected to rise to more than $ 257 trillion
The International Finance Institute predicts that the global debt size - which includes household, government and corporate loans - will rise to more than $ 257 trillion in the first quarter of 2020.

And the size of the global debt set a new record, after rising by 9 trillion dollars, bringing the total to nearly 253 trillion dollars, during the first nine months of 2019, according to the International Finance Institute, at this rate the global debt rate relative to Global GDP increased to 322%, narrowly above 2016, which saw the highest recorded level of global debt rise.

CNN reported that many countries, such as New Zealand, Switzerland and Norway, are raising all levels of their family debt, while the ratios of government debt to GDP in the United States of America and Australia have reached their highest levels ever. and in emerging markets, debt levels decreased, as the total "72 trillion dollars, but it has increased faster in recent years." The Institute of International Finance predicted that total world debt would exceed $ 257 trillion in the first quarter of 2020. LINK
Samson:  Al-Nassiri: We need a systematic movement for economic reform
26th January, 2020
The Economic and Banking Adviser to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Samir al-Nasiri, demanded, on Sunday, that there should be a systemic movement to draw a road map for economic reform carried out by the elites and economic, financial and banking competencies of Iraq and that the economic movement is based on several important economic pillars that adopt a new philosophy to manage the economy and achieve the central goal of By creating sustainable development, achieving diversification of resources, developing economic and human structures in order to properly build the national economy and building the introductions to the transition to a social market economy
He added in an interview with "Al-Iqtisad News", "We need serious work for the economic transformation and to look to the future and the available capabilities and with a realistic and ambitious road map that depends on managing and distributing public money in a transparent and fair way, provided that the beneficiary in the results and outputs of the people and that the citizen feels that his national economy, resources and resources are dedicated to ensuring A decent life, as stated in the articles of the permanent Iraqi constitution, in a way that creates prosperity for society
Al-Nusairi asserted, "The necessity of setting a new reform approach by our Iraqi experts and competencies, and it is okay to use the houses of solid international expertise, especially from countries that have successful experiences in economic construction in modern history, similar to us in some circumstances and problems, and can benefit from the experiences of Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and some Other countries that have adopted a social market economy system
Al-Nusairi pointed out, "The possibility of defining the road map to achieve an approach to economic reform in Iraq according to several data, the most important of which is the formation of the Supreme Council for Economic Reform to legislate a law binding the ministries to implement its decisions and has the power to follow-up, monitor, and evaluate, and is headed by and members of a group of governmental experts and the private economic and technocrats
He pointed out "the importance of developing policies and mechanisms to diversify the sources of financing the public budget and not relying on oil only," noting that "the directions of reform require moving to the central administration of the economy so that the principle of (centralization of planning and decentralization of implementation) is implemented, and this means that the Supreme Council for Economic Reform takes charge of Plans, policies and distribution of their implementation to specialized councils for reconstruction and investment and the implementation of development projects in the economic and human fields.
These councils are the Private Sector Council, the Construction Council, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, the Public Service Council, and the Product Support and Protection Council Local, as well as the achievement of sustainable economic development and create and create an investment climate for local and foreign investors and motivate, encourage and ensure that contractual rights to attract their capital and protect them from the pressures of spoilers
He said that "the axis of reform should include providing soft loans to finance small, medium and large projects and establishing a legal and institutional system for managing, developing and developing them, as well as issuing and amending the laws of the legal environment to regulate the economic process.
This means issuing new laws instead of laws issued in 2004 by the American civil governor Notorious Paul Bremer
Al-Nusairi stressed on "the necessity of activating investment in the agricultural, industrial, energy, tourism, services and housing sectors, as well as working to reform, develop and develop the banking sector through monetary policy applications and regulating the relationship and restrictions that govern financial and monetary policies, as well as the serious approach to reforming the tax, financial and customs system." Handling cases of failure to achieve the required growth rates in national income and exceeding the rise in unemployment and poverty rates   LINK
Jay:  That's nice, but what have you done for me lately. The same ol same ol. "WE NEED TO DO" this and that. Blah blah blah. Who cares. This guy is a very smart man and he was Shabibi's right hand guy. If he is talking it is with the CBI's approval. But I say...... So what. Words are cheap. Its time for action.
This article gets my "Not Impressed" vote.
Pete2001:  I love this article as he is referring to Paul Bremer and he was the architect of the Program Rate was he not? and Nusairi talks of new laws instead of those issued by Bremer in 2004, imo could imply eliminating PR

Bix Weir
DOW to Fall...til US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Clicks His Mouse!!
No. There are no "Free Markets" anymore. It's all rigged with computers and derivatives controlled out of the basement of the US Treasury Building and the NY Fed Trading Desk.
So Sad.

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