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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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A dangerous US report reveals the names of Iranian-backed Iraqi figures who killed the demonstrators


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reveals - A dangerous US report reveals the names of Iranian-backed Iraqi figures who killed the demonstrators Empty A dangerous US report reveals the names of Iranian-backed Iraqi figures who killed the demonstrators

Post by rocky on Thu 13 Feb 2020, 3:49 am

[size=32]A dangerous US report reveals the names of Iranian-backed Iraqi figures who killed the demonstrators.[/size]
 Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 12:33 pm (74 views)
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Baghdad / Sky Press 

A dangerous American report reveals the names of Iranian-backed Iraqi figures who were behind the killing of the demonstrators.

What is this report? Who is behind him ?!

According to an interview with Al-Hurra channel with the chief researcher in American foreign policy at the Harsten Institute for Studies "Michael Brigant" .. who announced a US report written by the international coalition, in which he revealed the names of prominent Iraqi personalities in the political and local affairs who have extensive and direct relations with Iran, It also has to do with the killing of demonstrators in Iraq.

Who are these characters ?!

Most of the names are Hadi Al-Amri, Qais Al-Khazali, Shebl Al-Zaidi, Abu Jihad Al-Hashemi, Moqtada Al-Sadr, and others.

What is America's position ?!

When asked about that, which is: What is your assessment of the report of the international alliance, and what will the form of US cooperation in dealing with Iraq be in the current and future stage, from the position of the State Department on the excesses of militias against the demonstrators ?!

He answered by saying: The international community knows them all and the military leaders in America know them also, as well as the American government now realizes that these are directly linked to Iran.

And America should focus on these 7_10 people and tell them enough, and if they are considered terrorists, there are military options and we must help the Iraqi government to stop them. 

The Iraqi government's position on that ?!

According to Brigitte, “The killing of the demonstrators is something the Iraqi government should confront to send and send their armed forces.”

He added: "But we look at the Iraqi government now and see nothing, and do not take what is happening seriously. They do not care about their citizens and demonstrators and they do not care to kill the demonstrators, they just want the protesters to stop."

The position of the international community on that ?!

Brigitte commented on this and said: "The international community must act and act and stop saying that Muqtada al-Sadr is a national leader hostile to Iran. This saying is wrong. He is very close to Iran, and receives money from it and from Saudi Arabia as well, and he often listens to Qom and Nasrallah in Lebanon ".

He also added: "Therefore we must not say that he is a patriotic person, but rather focus on his actions. He killed Americans and Iraqis and does not necessarily agree with Khazali, as there is a large and large struggle for power, and the Iraqi government must consider all these militias to be illegal and unnecessary."

The Al-Fateh Party is illegal ..

In his meeting with Al-Hurra TV, Brigant declared that "the Al-Fateh party should be illegal, because it is a party linked by its leader to Iran and Soleimani, so it is worth not to have a voice in parliament, and this matter is unacceptable in the Iraqi government, and America does not agree to any role for this party remaining." In Parliament. "

Al-Maliki is their main supporter.

Brigitte revealed that "Al-Maliki is behind these people, it is true that he is in the shadows now, but they are under his auspices, especially when he was prime minister who strengthened their presence, especially Khazali and Hadi Al-Amri.

What is their punishment? Is there an American military option coming to Iraq? !!

When asked by "Brigent" about this, which is how these people will be punished, especially since these opinions and reports by America are just recommendations, and considering "the alliance of conquest", it is a large alliance and has wide seats in Parliament, and it allied with other people and nominated "Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi", And America has blessed and supported that nomination in the end ?? So how will they be punished, and how will the military option that you mentioned that America will use against them in the end be used ??!

He answered that by saying, firstly, "Al-Fateh Party violated Iraqi law when its leaders ordered the killing of demonstrators, which is a violation of the constitution and the law of terrorism, so it is considered an illegal and supportive party to terrorism."

As for "regarding the military option: the people I mentioned are considered terrorists, and there are groups that are considered terrorists as well, so Iran will not protect them or retaliate against them, because it did not retaliate against Soleimani, so they are hiding either in Iran, Lebanon or Iraq, and they come to Iraq and talk and who Then they go to the tent. "


Al-Sadr has lost its popularity ...

When asked about it, which is: Will you think that there is a role that remains for Muqtada al-Sadr after what happened, and is his popular popularity remaining in the next stage, or has he lost that ??

He answered that "he is now in Iran, and Iran tells him how it is appropriate to act, so he is a non-patriotic person. He sometimes welcomes the demonstrators, and at other times he kills or disavows them. America knows who he is, and how he changes his position constantly so whoever follows him questions why It is like this. "

He also added, "He changes his position according to receiving funds from a country, but he continued in the end to Iran."


The chest is not trusted ..

Brigitte said that Sadr is "an unreliable figure even by Iran, because Iran trusts and loves Qais Khazali more than him, so that Iran has given the file of Iraqi militias to Nasrallah in Lebanon."

Source: According to the Al-Hurra satellite channel.

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