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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Allawi's government ... between the jaws of pliers ... !!!!


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Allawi's government ... between the jaws of pliers ... !!!! Empty Allawi's government ... between the jaws of pliers ... !!!!

Post by rocky on Fri 21 Feb 2020, 3:46 am

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Turkish Hammoud
We had hoped that the snow wave that swept most of the provinces of Iraq would be good and blessing and could contribute to washing the hearts of the opponents of the politicians with their various sectarian, national or sectarian affiliations, to allow the commissioner, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, to form a national government away from the abhorrent quotas that left us with nothing but the woes, destruction and corruption that we gnaw State institutions have turned them into partisan fiefdoms, and the country's ministries have become spoils shared by the rulers, and we are still looking for good. The continuation of the huge public pressure may be a great motivation for the political ritual to form a government that melts the snows of quotas and disputes and extinguishes the street fire Flamed and meets the aspirations and demands of the demonstrators ... ???
The political blockage is still standing, the ambiguity still surrounds the movements, the street is boiling, the blood has not stopped, the ends are wide open and everyone is looking to his prey as he looks for opportunities to pounce on them, let alone what is rumored about the emergence of the phenomenon of auctions of buying and selling positions and according to these data, the Transparency Association in Iraq called on the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to review the behavior of some advisors and mediators after the availability of information on serious financial deals carried out by people claiming to be from the staff in charge of forming the new ministry. Hastened the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council to declare an urgent investigation into these allegations, accompanied by the intersection between the political blocs, which has become clear for the positions and will thus be a very difficult task in the formation of his government
Despite his assertion on his official website on Twitter, where he said, “We are close to achieving a historic achievement by completing an independent ministerial cabinet from the competent and impartial without the intervention of any political party, and we will put the names of this cabin during the current week, God willing, away from rumors and leaks, and we hope members will respond The House of Representatives and voting on them in order to start implementing the demands of the people. ”And his words are considered by some as a political pressure message on some parties and forces that are trying to impose their candidates on it ... !!!
Allawi’s individual moves without consultations to choose his cabinet are provoked by most political blocs and made everyone move away from him. Public statements began as if the majority were preparing to overthrow him and those opposing blocs began to hesitate again as a tone that the man does not represent the rising street, accompanied by
His promises which he made during his assignment need a miracle to translate them into reality and the strong winds will inevitably warn them, and he refused to pretend to him, and therefore these conflicts will hinder the formation of his government, and he is now between the jaws of the protesters ’pincers on the one hand and the political blocs that will not give up their gains on the other hand, so pressure has become great What happened with Abdel-Mahdi is repeated today with Allawi, and expectations indicate that labor will be difficult in passing his government because it is restricted and handcuffed by all the blocs and everyone who sings on his nights away from the interest of the country and the people and Allawi remains betting on the rising street in order to stand by his side and support him in his difficult mission . !!!

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