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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Menhaj Allawi and his new team flirt with "Sistani" and pledge to the following ..


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Menhaj Allawi and his new team flirt with "Sistani" and pledge to the following .. Empty Menhaj Allawi and his new team flirt with "Sistani" and pledge to the following ..

Post by rocky on Wed 26 Feb 2020, 2:52 am

[size=32]Menhaj Allawi and his new team flirt with "Sistani" and pledge to the following ..[/size]
 Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 10:29 am (190 views)
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Baghdad / Sky Press

The government curriculum formulated by Mohammed Allawi and his team is based on two main axes: 

The first axis includes a package of executive measures, the most prominent of which is the completion of building the constitutional and legal institutions necessary to organize the elections, and supporting them to take place at the earliest date determined by the Independent High Electoral Commission and Parliament, provided that it does not exceed one year, and work to provide a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere to participate in the elections, away from All illegal cases affecting the electoral process.

The platform also calls on Parliament to define the electoral districts clearly, as an essential and indispensable prelude to consultation with the commission and its supporters, to determine the deadline for early elections. In another matter, he stresses the necessity of forming a committee of experts from outside the powers of the authority, in charge of defining the steps required to be taken in order to fight corruption and achieve reform. It also stresses the importance of exposing those involved in assaulting and prosecuting peaceful demonstrators and security forces, releasing detainees after consulting with the competent authorities, in addition to caring for the armed forces and enabling them to enforce the law, removing combat forces from cities, ending manifestations of armaments in them, and confining arms to the state, As well as ending the phenomenon of aliens and punishing those responsible.

 This theme concludes with a call for hard work to provide a safe environment for the displaced to return to their homes and cities, on a voluntary basis.

As for the second axis, the curriculum addresses mechanisms for developing a number of productive sectors within the plan to strengthen the economy, by giving the private sector a key role in activating and reforming the economy, diversifying non-oil revenues by providing an attractive investment environment, and improving mechanisms that encourage the export of local products and tourism and developing facilities Religious and other tourism. He also pledges to adopt giant strategic projects, activate the economic agreements concluded (including the agreements signed with China), and support small and medium enterprises for their role in absorbing unemployment. In the field of agriculture and water, the program aims to achieve an increase in domestic production and its protection, to increase the participation rate of the agricultural sector in supporting the national economy, to ensure the flow of external water to Iraq, and to distribute resources internally in a fair manner. As for health and the environment, it looks forward to improving health and treatment services for citizens in the form of comprehensive and fair coverage, and on sound scientific foundations, improving the environmental reality and reducing the risks of pollution. In the electrical sector, it is obligated to increase the production of electric energy, maintain stability in supply during peak hours, redefine the policy of investing in production, and orientation towards investment in solar energy plants.

Examining the details of the program, it turns out that it is a translation of the road map that was previously drawn up by the supreme religious authority to resolve the crisis that has persisted since last October 1.

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