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What happens in Iraq if we isolate the Kurds from it? That malicious paper that destroyed Iraq and i


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What happens in Iraq if we isolate the Kurds from it? That malicious paper that destroyed Iraq and i Empty What happens in Iraq if we isolate the Kurds from it? That malicious paper that destroyed Iraq and i

Post by rocky on Fri 28 Feb 2020, 1:42 am

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"Forced them to separate, before forcing us to fight."
Salem Latif Al-Anbuge
The Kurdish leaders were in the past and are still present enemies of Iraq and its people! They were the pernicious paper used by the Americans, Israel and the West whenever the Iraqis breathed a sigh of relief and secured a national government that seeks to serve Iraq and its people and draw a safe and happy future for it and preserve its wealth and works to invest it in the reconstruction of the country and the happiness of the slaves so that external forces move on Kurdish leaders starting from Mullah Mustafa Barzani, the first criminal and the reason What is important in killing the Kurds and the Arabs alike when it acts by rebellion and confronting these national governments and obstructing their projects and impeding their progress, as happened in known periods of history in Iraq, killing soldiers and other families and insulting them is an evil of insult, even though they are They are forced and dissatisfied to fight the Kurds as a people belonging to Iraq, whose Kurdish leaders do not recognize their belonging to Iraq .. Where their followers and agents burned the flag of Iraq and raised the flag of Israel on many occasions and without apology from the authorities there !!.
The last of those who confronted the Kurds and their endless aspirations was "Saddam Hussein" who tried to freeze them for a period of time so that he could prepare a blow to their leaders and their intransigence in which the Americans and the English and those behind them support Israel !! And provide them with weapons, experts and training; until the time came zero to discipline and overflowing in them "Saddam Hussein" and "Ali chemical" !! They surveyed the market and the necks until these innocent people were affected by this action, and it came to hitting them with known chemical weapons and displacing their innocent people in the mountains and valleys. After this hideous crime, the historical puppet leaders and their sons protected their people’s killers from the Saddamists, the Ba’athists and their thieves who stole the remaining wealth of Iraq and took refuge in them! Kurdish leaders began to accuse the Iraqi people and members of the "warden" army and spread the spirit of hatred between Arabs and Kurds that the Arabs were the ones who persecuted the Kurds and not the governments and leaders who fought them and killed them !! And the Kurds opened their "hosts" to the killers of the Kurdish people.
After 2003, the Kurds began imposing their conditions and many demands on Iraqi governments and deepening their interference in their policies with arbitrary dictates in which the Americans, the British, and Israel supported them by their agents and mercenaries in Iraqi governments, relying on all these violations of the "Iraqi constitution" - the illegal - !! Where he laid his foundations and goals, "Paul Bremer" means the Americans ... as they like and ensures the presence of the Kurds and believes in whatever they wish, taking advantage of the weakness of the problem governments after 2003 because of the large number of clients and traitors !! The interests of the Kurds were realized easily and conveniently, and each time they raised the ceiling of their demands and conditions and obtained them easily .. Today, these days, they raised the ceiling of their demands, taking advantage of the Iraqi government, weakening and besieging them, and demanded a share of 20% of the budget and four ministers and the return of the "army" to the disputed areas and the pursuit For inclusion in the region in the future and under the guidance of the Zionist experts !! ? The ambitions of the Kurds in the disputed areas are the same as the aspirations of the Zionists in annexing new lands from the West Bank and Gaza !! With the support and approval of America and NATO !!
Conclusion: the Kurds or the northern region is no longer a province headed by “Masoud Barzani” !! It is a full government and it has ministers who do all that the state requires! They even have ambassadors abroad and have an independent parliament; they do not allow the employment of any Arab, Turkmen, or others; entry points to Kurdistan; they are border ports between one country and another; they acquire oil, border ports, and airports; they are supported and recognized by America, Britain, and Israel; they demand a share of Budget more than they deserve and steal the oil they extract on their lands! And they receive the salaries of the "army", which has long fought against the army of Iraq and threatened the interests of its people and demanded its presence in the Arab regions, which they consider to be Kurdish regions according to the maps prepared by them "Israel" to expand their influence in the land of Iraq! Even if they had a Kurd living in Basra, they would say that "Basra" is Kurdish !!? In this way, they deal with the Iraqis and their governments !!.
{{Force them to separate; before they force us to fight}} because they are Iraqis! It is an imminent danger and the source of all the problems of Iraq. Let the Kurdish leaders and the Paul Bremer constitution go to hell. They must move to the mountains again and build a separation wall because they are contaminated with the “Zionists” virus and the Americans and the malicious colonial alliance forces .. that isolating Kurdistan and separating it from Iraq is the solution to all The problems of Iraq, as its separation and isolation are safer, more beneficial, and profitable for Iraq and its people; and that its existence is a continuation of extortion, exploitation, and the threat of wars and devastation that has been going on for seventy years and does not benefit understanding with them because they have become slaves to America, England and Israel !! ..

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