Baghdad / Iraq News Network - Al-Fateh Alliance counted, on Saturday, the actions of the President of the Republic to choose a candidate for prime minister in consultation with the blocs away from the selection of the largest bloc in excess of the constitution. The representative of Al-Fath Walid Al-Sahlani said in a press interview, Political blocs to agree on the candidate for prime minister by mutual consent of the political blocs. ”He added that“ the step that the President of the Republic is taking is incorrect and a violation of the constitution. ”He pointed out that“ the presidential candidate must come out of the larger bloc and present it to the President of the Republic. ”He stated that“ the building coalition is still It is the largest mass and a choice of sprinkler The premiership should be presented by a kiss. ”The Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, had earlier offered an apology to the President of the Republic for forming a government.