Baghdad / Iraq News Network - Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Jamal Ahmad Kujer revealed, on Saturday, the extent of corruption in the state's public revenues, while he confirmed the presence of ministries that the government does not know the number of its employees. Koger said, in a press interview, that "there is a great corruption in the outlets Borders and threshold revenue, and the Ports Authority said that closing one port would cost the state losses of 6 billion dollars while it says that the resources from all ports at the level of Iraq annually amount to 10 billion dollars. ”Cougar added:“ If we restructure the border ports it will be possible to bridge a large percentage Of deficit because a lot of money will enter the country. ” Pointing out that “sacred thresholds also provide great revenues around $ 7 billion that do not enter the state’s treasury but are under the control of Sistani's son, but in return the state spent on it without talking about the fate of what is being obtained from it.” And he continued, “Oil prices are not fixed and the state is planning Very worrying, as there are no non-oil revenues, and relying on oil only is incorrect, and it exposes the country's fate to disasters, pointing out that "canceling the investment budget to reduce spending means starting the slow death of the state." A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee stressed the need to "transfer salaries to the card Smart to get to know employees who give up More than a salary to withhold it, ”stressing that“ there are ministries in the country that do not know the number of their employees due to flabby. ”Earlier, the deputy of the Construction Alliance, Hussein Arab, called the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, which acknowledged the existence of violations and problems in the outlets, to“ combat sharing and acquisition The gangs are illegally executing the outlets. ”Arabs added, in a press interview that“ the revenues of the Kurdistan outlets do not yet come within the state treasury, ”stressing that“ the inclusion of those outlets to the federal authority is subject to political understandings between Baghdad and Erbil, and to the Minister of Finance Fouad Hussein, Determine his position on those violations. "