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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Scientists discover a dangerous change in Corona


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Scientists discover a dangerous change in Corona Empty Scientists discover a dangerous change in Corona

Post by rocky on Wed 25 Mar 2020, 3:25 am

Scientists discover a dangerous change in Corona

Scientists discover a dangerous change in Corona 22222
{International: Euphrates News} Scientists in Iceland claimed to have found 40 mutations in the new Corona virus, which is causing panic in Europe, and have returned cases to people who had gone to a soccer match in England.
According to Icelandic scientists, the mutations were discovered by analyzing swabs from patients who had "Covid-19" in Iceland, where about 600 cases have been reported so far.
Using a genetic sequence, researchers in Iceland determined the number of mutations that have accumulated in the virus, which can also act as fingerprints of the virus to indicate where it originated in the world.
As a result, Icelandic scientists have been able to track the Corona virus and have found that its primary sources in 3 European countries are Austria and Italy, which are the epicenter of the outbreak in the old continent, and England.
The scientists pointed out that among the patients whose source was identified by the virus, 7 people went to attend a football match in England.
The mutation in viruses is a biological process that would allow the virus to attack the human body in the first place, according to the British Daily Mail.
The study of viruses using genomics helps to understand how they behave, which will help scientists fight the epidemic that is spreading very quickly.
According to reports, the Icelandic health authorities, along with the genetics company DeCode Genetics, have tested 9788 people for the new coronavirus, including anyone who has been diagnosed, as well as people with symptoms or those in high-risk groups of the virus. Sk.
In addition, about 5,000 volunteers who did not show any symptoms applied to join the study, and the results of 48 of them were already "positive".
Icelandic scientists have verified the complete genomic sequence, which has revealed evidence of how the virus and its transmission chain has evolved.
"We can see how viruses transform ... We have found 40 viral mutations of the island (Iceland). We found someone with a mixture of viruses. Some people had viruses before and after Mutations. "
He added that "the only infection that can be traced to one of the infected is the mutated virus," indicating that he was carrying two mutated types of the new Corona virus.
For his part, Dr. Derek Gatser, an infectious disease specialist at Lancaster University in England, said he was not surprised by the results, adding that it is to be expected, "as all viruses accumulate mutations, but few of them have major medical consequences."
He pointed out that the study "is of value in tracking the origins of infection chains. It seems that Iceland imported a few infections from other European countries."
The virologist from the University of Copenhagen's Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Alan Randrup Thomsen, said the results are "logical," adding that "what is interesting is that there are 40 different species that fall into 3 groups that can be traced back to specific sources of infection."
"As a virologist, it is very exciting to start seeing which pathways are infected. It is also something that we will see a lot in the aftermath of the epidemic (these types of studies) because we want to see how viruses evolve," he added.
The new Corona virus is known as a virus that can mutate violently, which is already indicated by other reports and studies in China. In a study published in early March, Chinese scientists said that the virus had mutated into at least two separate strains since the outbreak began in December.
The Peking University study indicated that the viral genome taken from 103 cases revealed common mutations in two locations on the genome, they called "L" and "S", and they claimed that about 70 percent of patients infected with the "L" strain, which is more aggressive and faster Prevalent from "S". is over
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