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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Ford produces 50,000 artificial respirators in cooperation with GE Healthcare to assist people livin


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Ford produces 50,000 artificial respirators in cooperation with GE Healthcare to assist people livin Empty Ford produces 50,000 artificial respirators in cooperation with GE Healthcare to assist people livin

Post by rocky on Wed 01 Apr 2020, 2:23 am

[size=41]Ford produces 50,000 artificial respirators in cooperation with GE Healthcare to assist people living with the Coronavirus

Ford produces 50,000 artificial respirators in cooperation with GE Healthcare to assist people livin EUf-3wAXsAAUe7T
Yassin Iraq: Follow-up
Ford Motor Company, in cooperation with General Electric Healthcare, announced today its intention to start producing artificial respirators in the state of Michigan with the aim of producing 50 thousand devices to meet the urgent need within the next 100 days and a production capacity of 30 thousand devices per month if necessary.
Ford will harness its manufacturing capabilities to speed up the production process, while GE Healthcare will provide its medical expertise and license the current design of the ventilator from Iron Corp, the small private company that specializes in manufacturing life-friendly high-tech breathing products. GE Healthcare has drawn Ford's attention to the importance of IronCorp design as part of the two companies ’efforts to produce ventilators at a faster rate and in large numbers to help healthcare providers treat people with the Covid-19 virus.
The GE / Airon Model AE artificial respirator is based on a design that uses air pressure and does not require any electrical current, allowing it to meet the needs of most people infected with the "Covid-19" virus. The production of this design can be expanded to meet the increasing demand for devices in the USA.
On this occasion, Jim Hackett, President and CEO of Ford said: “With its creative work and unremitting efforts, the experienced teams at Ford and“ GE Healthcare ”have succeeded in finding a way to produce ventilators in adequate quantities. By producing these devices here in Michigan and in cooperation with the Automobile, Space and Agriculture Workers' Federation in the United States of America, we can help health care workers save lives, and that is precisely a top priority for us. ”
Peter Navarro, White House defense production coordinator said: “The Ford and GE Healthcare team is working within the deadline set by President Donald Trump to accelerate the manufacturing of respiratory front-line ventilators in the war declared by President Trump’s administration. Corona Virus. Just as Ford last century transformed its auto production lines to produce tanks during World War II, the Ford team today works in cooperation with General Electric Healthcare to harness its distinctive engineering and manufacturing capabilities to help our country voluntarily address this urgent crisis. We commend these efforts, and we look forward to producing the first batch of respirators through the assembly line in Michigan in record time, and we will be there there to praise this outstanding achievement. ”
Initially, Ford will send its team to work alongside Iron to boost productivity in Florida, starting production at the Ford Rosneville Auto Parts Factory in Epsilanti, Michigan on April 20, and will work to reach its full production capacity to help meet growing demand.
The company expects to be able to produce 1,500 devices by the end of April, 12,000 by the end of May and 50,000 by the fourth of July, thus helping the US government achieve its goal of producing 100,000 artificial respirators in 100 days.
The Ford Rosneville plant will operate approximately around the clock to produce respirators, with 500 paid volunteer employees from the Auto, Space and Agriculture Workers Association of the United States of America working in three shifts. Today, Iron produces three pNeuton Model A artificial respirators in Melbourne, Florida. When the plant reaches its full production capabilities, Ford plans to manufacture 7200 Model AE licensed respirators from Iron weekly.
Rory Gamble, International President of the Automobile, Space and Agriculture Workers 'Federation in the United States, said: “Since the days of Rosie River, the symbol of American working women, members of the Automobile, Space and Agriculture Workers' Union have been quick to help during the difficult times we have gone through in our history. Ford's announcement today of Etihad employees working on the respirator industry at the Rosneville plant is part of this long tradition. We work closely with Ford to ensure that all CDC guidelines are followed, and we take utmost care inside the plant. There is no doubt that the Ford team and the union members deserve the high praise for taking this step in these difficult circumstances. ”
It is worth noting that Iron-licensed Model AE ventilator is the result of a second collaboration between Ford and “GE Healthcare” to produce artificial respirators. Last week, the two companies announced a separate plan to produce a simplified, new design for "ventilator" from "GE Healthcare". Teams of the two companies have boosted the production of R19 ventilators. The production of respirators will meet the growing demand for respirators across the United States to counter the "Covid-19" Cornna virus, and the devices have been designed across a unique system that meets the needs of time, production volume and patient care requirements.
On his part, Kiran Murphy, President and CEO of "General Healthcare" said: "We commend the efforts made by Ford to direct its manufacturing capabilities to manufacture the Model AE artificial respirators licensed for" Iron ", which will play an important role in the fight against the Corona virus. Our expertise in the healthcare sector, Ford's outstanding supply chain and production expertise, all contribute to meeting the unprecedented demand for medical equipment. We are proud of companies rushing to collaborate across an innovative business system to meet these challenging challenges. ”
GE Healthcare and Ford have consulted with healthcare professionals to determine the effectiveness of Model AE artificial respirators licensed to Iron Company to care for people infected with the Covid-19 virus. The design is expected to meet the needs of most patients who experience failure or difficulty breathing. The ventilator design is easy to install and setup, which is easy for healthcare providers to use. These devices can be used in emergency rooms, during special operations, in the intensive care unit, and in all patient locations.
In cooperation with the companies that support them, Ford will provide additional updates to these devices as work progresses on these special projects.

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