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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Delta and KTFA Members Articles with links, comments Wednesday PM 4-1-2020


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Delta and KTFA Members Articles with links, comments Wednesday PM 4-1-2020 Empty Delta and KTFA Members Articles with links, comments Wednesday PM 4-1-2020

Post by rocky on Thu 02 Apr 2020, 3:01 am

[size=30]Delta and KTFA Members Articles with links, comments Wednesday PM 4-1-2020[/size]
DELTA:  FROM SOCIAL MEDIA FAMILY... .... The problem is big and obviously the central inability to pump amounts as it was in the past to pressure the price where the holidays were open and pumped because he was able but now what is pumping the monthly imports of the country concludes by 5 days if it is pumping at the same old level...
All the exchange and prices of the dollar are unrealistic, better to wait until the stock exchange OPEN officially there is no point in buying now. Even banks will open credits and external transfers very soon. And it's been instructed.

Don961:  Trump: The next two weeks will be very difficult for the United States
Corona News 04/20 2020 00:54 459 Editor: as   
Baghdad today - follow up
US President Donald Trump, friends, said the next two weeks would be very difficult for the United States.
"The next two weeks will be very difficult for the United States when it comes to dealing with corona," Trump said in a press statement.
The data of the World Health Organization, that the number of people infected with Corona virus in the world exceeded 750 thousand people.
According to the organization's data, the number of injured reached 750 thousand and 890 people, while the number of deaths reached 36 thousand and 405 cases.
During the last 24 hours 57,610 injuries were recorded, and 3,301 deaths .
Data indicate that the largest number of injuries recorded in Europe is 423,946 cases, or 56.4% of all cases worldwide.
Africa is still the continent with the lowest prevalence of the virus, with 3786 people or 0.5% of the total number in the world.   LINK
Don961:  Trump calls for the approval of infrastructure spending billions of two trillion dollars
 March 31, 2020 09:31 PM
Mubasher - Ahmed Shawky : US President Donald Trump called on Congress to approve a $ 2 trillion package to support infrastructure in the United States
The US President said in a tweet via "Twitter", today, Tuesday: "Since the US interest rates are at zero, this is the time to pass the infrastructure bill that has been awaited for decades"
The US president pointed out that the financial package should be very large, worth two trillion dollars and focus only on jobs and rebuilding infrastructure
Trump called for this legislation to be included in the next bill currently being considered by lawmakers to respond to the Corona crisis, which is referred to as "the fourth stage".
Last week, the US President signed the largest stimulus package in US history, worth $ 2.2 trillion, to support the economy affected by the Corona epidemic.    LINK
Samson:  Oil prices are the worst quarterly performance in history
1st April, 2020
Oil prices ended Tuesday's trading, recording its biggest quarterly loss ever, as Brent and US crude contracted in March due to the stalemate that hit the global economy due to corona.
The failure of OPEC + countries to reach an agreement on production cuts also contributed to the decline in black gold prices. The two crude lost about two-thirds of their value during the past three months, and most of the declines came last March in light of the decline in global demand for fuel due to travel restrictions imposed due to corona. Major dealers and banks expect demand for crude to decrease between 20% and 30% this April, with weak economic activity in the world.

Michael Tran, managing director of energy strategy at RBC Capital Markets, said, "The unprecedented pace of demand crashes forced refineries, worldwide, to cut production, leaving barrels from the United States to the North Sea to Asia looking, to no avail." About Maui." The markets received some support from the statements of US President Donald Trump, who said at a press conference yesterday that the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia will work together to deal with the collapse in oil prices.

On the trading front, a barrel of Brent mix was traded today at 08:13 Moscow time, at $ 22.74, a 0.09% decrease from the previous settlement price, while US crude fell by 0.88% to $ 20.30 a barrel.  LINK

Samson:  Zain Cash launches the electronic wallet filling service through the two international MasterCard and Visa cards
1st April, 2020
Zain Cash is distinguished again by launching the first service of its kind in Iraq in the field of electronic financial transactions, as it launched the service of filling its electronic portfolio through any Master Card or Visa Card with ease, speed and safety.
This service will allow all card holders and account holders in banks the ability to perform many important digital services such as transferring money, paying bills and charging the balance in addition to providing them with the opportunity to purchase many international electronic cards such as Google Play, iTunes, Playstation and many others, and Zain Cash users will be able to From filling their portfolios starting from 250 dinars and up to a maximum of 500,000 dinars per movement with a free commission through the application at any time and any place without the need to make time and effort to go to the agent to deposit funds using any of the cards mentioned.

The launch of this service coincides with the continued spread of the Corona virus at the global and local levels, as Zain Cash strives to facilitate the financial dealings of citizens and a commitment to stay in their homes to preserve their health, as this service provides the mobilization of the wallet without the need to leave the house or make any effort in movement and Encouraging the use of an electronic wallet instead of cash to prevent infection.

The CEO of Zain Cash Iraq, Yazan Al-Tamimi, expressed his overwhelming happiness to launch this service that charts the beginning of a new stage in financial connectivity between banks and digital financial portfolios and keep pace with the development in the world of digital transactions and provide all advanced electronic financial services so that our valued customers in all governorates of Iraq will have the best experience Al-Tamimi added that this service is expected to attract many individuals and companies who are eagerly and eagerly awaiting this service for the time and effort it will save them, especially in the current period.

** Zain Cash from Zain is the electronic wallet that provides customers with the opportunity to convert cash to electronic money, which allows them to facilitate and electronic payment, when transferring money or paying bills, cash transactions, digital purchases and many other benefits and services, all through Mobile phone device.   LINK
Walkingstick:  Save the Iraqi dinar" .. The deterioration of the currency by the rise of the dollar will destroy the poor first ... and the solution with the "Central Bank"
Wednesday 01 April 2020
Baghdad / Sky Press
The US dollar recorded a rise, as it reached in some areas to 126 thousand dinars against the 100 Iraqi dollars, while questions were raised about the role of the central bank in that.
And the local media reported, the high dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar, while some regions recorded 126 thousand dinars in front of a class of 100 US dollars, after it was 123 thousand dinars, when the markets opened.
Media outlets reported that "the rise in the price of the dollar is due to the crisis in the spread of corona and the closure of the central bank."
Security and political expert Fadel Abu Ragheef wrote in a tweet:
Begins with the deterioration of the dollar's rise, "considering that" the security, social and living situation is linked to the economic situation, and the central bank must immediately and by urgent action to pump more dollars to control the rise of the reprehensible dollar. "
He emphasized that "the poor are the first to be affected by the Iraqi dinar, the matter must be addressed immediately."

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