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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Parliament is considering a television circuit to vote on the new government


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Parliament - Parliament is considering a television circuit to vote on the new government Empty Parliament is considering a television circuit to vote on the new government

Post by rocky on Wed 08 Apr 2020, 6:51 am

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[size=52]Parliament is considering a television circuit to vote on the new government[/size]

[size=45]The Presidency of the Council of Representatives is studying the possibility of holding a parliamentary session devoted to granting confidence to the government of the Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi this week, provided that the participation of representatives through the television department. Khadija Ali, the rapporteur of the House of Representatives, said in a statement to (Al-Mada) that "calling for a session of the House of Representatives in order to vote on the government of Adnan Al-Zarfi needs to send the CVs of the ministerial cabinet from the person in charge (48) hours before the Presidency of the Council."
[size=45]The Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi completed the preparation of his ministerial cabinet consisting of between 22 to 23 ministries in consultation between his private office and his advisers in cooperation with the political blocs that nominated three candidates for each ministry. Ali adds that "the repercussions of the Virus Corna epidemic may prompt the parliament to hold the session in the parliament building or through the internet, such as the television circuit or other methods." ”[/size]
[size=45]In previous statements, the Prime Minister-designate assured that he will form a national government that derives its legitimacy from the House of Representatives after consulting with the parliamentary blocs to meet the demands of the street, while he refused to apologize for the mandate, a request submitted by some Shiite blocs, the most prominent of which is the conquest.[/size]
[size=45]For his part, Yonadam Kanna, head of the Rafidain Parliamentary Bloc, told Al-Mada that "a session of the House of Representatives is supposed to be held to accept or reject the government in charge," noting that "there are a lot of obstacles that have been put in place to impede the healing of Parliament."[/size]
[size=45]The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, commissioned the head of the Al-Nasr coalition bloc, Adnan Al-Zarfi, to form the government on the sixteenth of last March, which generated a reaction by the blocs in the building coalition, which considered the mandate unconstitutional.[/size]
[size=45]Kanna talked about the obstacles to the completion of the quorum of the parliament session and said that "a number of deputies outside Iraq and there is difficulty in their arrival in the capital." He continued, "In addition to the dispute within the Shiite house over the candidate for prime minister."[/size]
[size=45]And the media department in the House of Representatives announced last Saturday that the Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi had sent his government program to the Presidency of the House of Representatives in order to review it and to set the date for a session to grant confidence.[/size]
[size=45]Christian MP believes that "inviting the parliament to hold a session to pass the Zorfi government or not is a constitutional issue that is imperative," adding that "political consensus is the last call for the presidency of the parliament to determine the dates of the upcoming parliamentary session."[/size]
[size=45]The problem was further complicated by the agreement of five Shiite blocs to nominate the head of the intelligence service, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, at the meeting she held at the home of the head of the Al-Fath Alliance, Hadi al-Amiri.[/size]
[size=45]Kanna continues, "The agreement between the Shiite components on a single candidate will help to hold a session of parliament, and in contrast, the Presidency of the Parliament will be obligated to call for a session," surprisingly, by some parties that rejected Al-Kazemi in previous periods to push him today as their candidate.[/size]
[size=45]Earlier, the Seven Committee formed by the Shiite forces proposed the name of Mustafa Al-Kazemi as a candidate for the presidency of the Council of Ministers, but there are Shiite parties who rejected this nomination accusing Al-Kazemi, in cooperation with the American intelligence, in the assassination of the deputy head of the crowd, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, near Baghdad Airport.[/size]
[size=45]Representative Yonadam Kanna asks: “Is Al-Kazemi’s proposition the removal or removal of Adnan Al-Zarfi or is there conviction among the Shiite forces of Al-Kazemi?” Pointing out that “removing Al-Zarfi and then Al-Kazemi requires a series of meetings and new time periods in light of the economic and health deterioration.”[/size]
[size=45]Meanwhile, an informed parliamentary source said in a statement to Al-Mada that “the options are open, there is a possibility for convening the meeting or assigning Mustafa Al-Kazemi”, pointing out that “in the event that a person other than Al-Zrafi is not nominated to head the government, the parliament will continue to hold the session and vote on his government.” .[/size]
[size=45]And the source, who refused to reveal his identity, stated that "there is a strong and open scenario that the President of the Republic will withdraw the nomination of Al-Zarfi and assign Al-Kazimi to form the government," noting that the options are open to several scenarios.[/size]
[size=45]He continues that, "In the next few days, things will unfold and it will become clear which scenarios will be adopted by the political blocs and President of the Republic Barham Saleh."[/size]
[size=45]In a related context, the representative of the al-Hikma stream, Ali al-Aboudi, believed that the Sunni and Kurdish MPs would not attend the voting session on the passage of the taxpayer Adnan al-Zarfi, in the event that it was held.[/size]
[size=45]Al-Aboudi said that "the session of granting confidence to al-Zrafi will be similar to the session of Muhammad Allawi's vote," noting that "Sunnis and Kurds will not attend the session of giving confidence to al-Zrafi."[/size]
[size=45]He added, "If the MPs rebellion against the leaders holds, Zerfi will pass." Al-Aboudi continued, "We objected to the mechanism mandated by Al-Zarfi, and we are not personally against him, as he possesses experience and strength."[/size]
[size=45]To that, the MP from the Kurdistan National Union bloc, Shirvan Mirza, said that “the Kurdish forces have no objection or red lines to any candidate for prime minister agreed upon by the Shiite forces as a matter of entitlement to the component,” noting that “any dialogues we will have with the commissioner Agreed upon within the Shiite house will be through the doors of its respect for the constitution, its governmental approach, and the rights of the components.[/size]
[size=45]Mirza added, “The current Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, still has problems with most of the Shiite forces that reject him, and they represent almost six Shi’ite blocs rejecting him.” He pointed out that “the struggles within the Shiite house over the right of the largest bloc and the presentation of the agreed candidate have affected Significantly to resolve the file of the Prime Minister throughout the previous period and until the moment.[/size]
[size=45]He continued, "Al-Zrafi until the moment is the official candidate for the position. Therefore, the presentation of any new candidate should take place through two methods, the first of which is his apology for assignment, and the second is to leave the option to parliament not to vote on granting him confidence, whether by voting by refusal or boycotting the session, as happened with Former commissioner Muhammad Allawi.[/size]

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Parliament - Parliament is considering a television circuit to vote on the new government Empty Re: Parliament is considering a television circuit to vote on the new government

Post by lesley.beter on Wed 08 Apr 2020, 6:42 pm

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