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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The disclosure of the US forces' deployment of a second air defense system alongside the Patriot


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forces - The disclosure of the US forces' deployment of a second air defense system alongside the Patriot Empty The disclosure of the US forces' deployment of a second air defense system alongside the Patriot

Post by rocky on Sat 11 Apr 2020, 6:17 am

The disclosure of the US forces' deployment of a second air defense system alongside the Patriot

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Baghdad / ... The American magazine "defensenews" website reported that the United States has deployed a C-RAM air defense system in addition to the Patriot system, which it published in two bases inside Iraq, namely "Ain al-Assad" in Anbar, and "Harir" in Kurdistan.

The site stated in a report that highlighted the American presence in Iraq, that the new C-RAM system was published by the US Department of Defense in more than one region in Iraq, to ​​address mortars, missiles and artillery.

He added, "The Pentagon has deployed additional air defense systems to Iraq to better protect American forces from missile and missile attacks by the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies," he said, noting that "the Pentagon is merging forces into larger, more protected bases, which will save Lives and maintains the American combat power needed to respond to any additional aggression. "

"The Patriot systems provide a ground-based air defense capability against a variety of threats, including aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles such as those launched last January, and that the Patriot includes a launcher and radar to track targets, and a manned control station," the website said. And power generator. "

Regarding the Americans' exit from Iraq, the website stressed, "The expulsion of American forces from Iraq represents a major strategic goal for the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Tehran has used its exceptional influence in Baghdad to press for an American departure regardless of the interests of the Iraqi people," according to the site.

He noted that "although the Patriot systems are completely defensive, the Islamic Republic responded to their deployment by indicating that the United States was engaged in provoking war, which could lead to instability and disasters."

He continued: "Accordingly, the US Department of Defense also deployed anti-missile, artillery, and mortar systems in some locations in Iraq," noting that "the Pentagon usually relies on these systems to defend Patriot batteries, but C-RAM systems can also protect individuals from Missile attacks. "

He continued, "Until recently, American forces were deployed throughout Iraq, in many large and small bases - making it difficult to protect each of them from missile attacks."

And on the attacks that affected some bases hosting American forces, the American website explained, "These attacks confirm the importance of the American army's efforts to develop and deploy the capabilities of the next generation of indirect fire protection, which can better defend American service personnel from missile attacks." "The army should also explore the acceleration of the deployment of Iron Dome systems that they have already purchased," he added.

And he added, "The Pentagon has cleared several bases in Iraq, reinforced the forces on larger and better bases, is protected and will benefit from the protection provided by the Patriots and C-RAM systems."

The website quoted Pentagon officials as saying that "the fundamental transformations and troop movements are the result of success against ISIS and were planned for a long time, not in response to recent missile attacks," noting that "some forces will leave Iraq, others will return to other bases in the country" "

He emphasized, "The strengthening of US forces in bases protected by Patriot and C-RAM systems will provide Americans with better protection, and this is a positive step, but it is likely to be insufficient."

The site considered, "It is unlikely that Tehran will stop its use of unequal terrorist attacks that have emerged prominently in the regime's foreign policy since 1979," noting that "economic crises and coronaviruses in Tehran may encourage the regime to take desperate measures and multiply these." Politics, and this will likely include additional aggression against US diplomats and service members in Iraq and elsewhere. "

The site stressed that "the Pentagon and its coalition partners in Iraq must make it clear to Baghdad that it has a responsibility to prevent attacks, if Baghdad is unwilling or unable to provide this protection, then US service members must have all the necessary tools at their disposal to defend Themselves and punish additional aggression. "

The US Department of Defense confirmed, last week, that it had deployed the Patriot air and missile defense systems in Iraq, noting that the two batteries went to Ein al-Assad Air Base and Erbil Air Force Base - three months after Tehran targeted those bases with ballistic missile attacks. Finished 2

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