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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Banks violate the conditions of currency sale and transparency calls for the implementation of the i


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Banks violate the conditions of currency sale and transparency calls for the implementation of the i Empty Banks violate the conditions of currency sale and transparency calls for the implementation of the i

Post by rocky on Sun Apr 19, 2020 6:59 pm

[size=32][rtl]Banks violate the conditions of currency sale and transparency calls for the implementation of the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq[/rtl]

April 19, 2020

[rtl]New instructions on the epidemiological situation in Iraq
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Baghdad -abdalhasin Ghazal and Amer   Twiridja
The Transparency Association in Iraq called on the Central Bank of Iraq to apply its instructions to all banks without exceptions   It raises the question of unjustified measures
The association said in a statement today that the central bank had previously committed to not allow branches of foreign banks In Iraq to participate in the window of buying and selling currency, and he committed himself to not allowing any bank to enter the window of sale what currency did not raise its capital to 250 billion dinars.
The Association stated that it has been monitoring for some time since some banks entered the window of buying and selling amid the bank's silence Central is an act that violates the law and regulations, while these banks that enter the window are not available On the required conditions, especially those related to increasing its capital or being branches of non-national banks .. and called The Association of the Central Bank to clarify its position on these violations and to stop manipulation of Vacuum period experienced by Iraq under the management of the caretaker government
On Sunday, resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi confirmed that within a short period of time it would be launched The emergency grant and the deletion of those who do not meet the requirements, while acknowledging the existence of security and economic challenges facing Iraq.
Said Abdul - Mahdi , in his speech during his meeting with the Supreme National Committee for Health and Safety, vassal - time - that " every day we have a battle with Daesh and our victims and kill many terrorists and capturing From them and prevent them from carrying out terrorist operations 
He added that " oil prices   may have collapsed and there are financial difficulties facing us , however , Iraq is shocking " .
He noted that " within a short period of emergency grant will be deleted from the launch and the conditions are not available " .
He added that   " Iraq 's actions were an early and good results achieved in the face of Corona virus " . The Higher Committee held a national health and safety /Fighting the Corona Virus pandemic, its fifth meeting, today, Sunday, headed by the resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi Through a television circuit, I discussed the visions presented regarding the implementation of the mechanisms of imposing curfews during the holy month of Ramadan , And support staff working in health institutions, and use health financing wages to cope with the epidemic, and the recommendations of the record Consultative meeting on hotel use for quarantine And complete the discussion of the issues and proposals presented at the fourth meeting and issues prepared for the agenda. The Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety and decided, in a statement following :
- be roaming at seven in the evening to six in the morning ban starting on Tuesday , 21 - 4 - 2020 until Friday 22nd - 5 - 2020 with coverage on Friday And every Saturday, Saturday, the complete comprehensive ban, with the same exceptions and previous procedures, and the continuation of the excluded groups Previously doing business including furnaces and pharmacies.
- Continue to prevent gatherings of more than three people.
- Allowing restaurants to provide delivery service exclusively   , and it is not allowed to open reception halls for customers in them.
- Allow the practice of business and the opening of shops, factories and factories during daylight hours at times of lifting the ban and by limiting Minimum of employees, pledging to implement health protection measures and not to gather.
- Continue to close schools and universities, places of worship, cafes, sports fields, malls and wedding halls and prevent the establishment of Al-Fatiha councils Solace and gatherings.
- Allowing the continuation of work in governmental institutions with a minimum number of workers, and strictly necessary, provided that it does not exceed a percentage 25% ؜.
- Preventing the operation of large transport vehicles with more than four people, and allowing taxis The salon   works   .
- Preventing external and internal travel and movement between governorates, and the Supreme Committee for Health and Safety may exclude specific groups according to necessity
- large movement of trucks are ( three tons ) and more than seven pm to six in the morning .
- Everyone should wear masks outside the home without exception and take legal measures against violators.
- the health and regulatory inspection teams and security authorities to follow up the implementation of the instructions and take the necessary measures.
- conservatives to impose conditions or additional restrictions or continue to ban mass roaming in their provinces or regions Specific of them according to the developments of the epidemiological situation locally, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Environment and not to grant exceptions An additional or easing of the ban, contrary to the directives of the National Health and Safety Committee.
The Supreme Committee also decided to assess the situation periodically based on developments in the epidemiological situation

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