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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Al-Kalabi reveals the scenes of electricity contracts and terrifying numbers about the losses of the


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reveals - Al-Kalabi reveals the scenes of electricity contracts and terrifying numbers about the losses of the Empty Al-Kalabi reveals the scenes of electricity contracts and terrifying numbers about the losses of the

Post by rocky on Sun 26 Apr 2020, 2:01 am

Al-Kalabi reveals the scenes of electricity contracts and terrifying numbers about the losses of the oil licensing rounds (extended)

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{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Youssef Al-Kalabi, revealed the scenes of the Ministry of Electricity contracts, as well as terrifying numbers regarding losses in the oil licensing rounds, and other files related to the Ministry of Finance.
During his presence as a guest of the program (Fawk Al-Shatta), which was broadcast by the channel (Al-Farat Satellite)), Al-Kalabi said that "sometimes there are violations in which the law is slaughtered before the eyes that we see during our supervisory role, as well as a race between the blocs to buy deputies or attract them for political purposes." "My career with the victory coalition has been marred by many differences and politics in Iraq today, representing only the parties."
And that "there are respectable personalities who applied to participate in the elections and did not win because of the election law, which caused great injustice to many candidates."
Regarding the resigned government, Al-Kalabi saw that "it was formed in the same way as previous governments, and that the Shiite blocs at the beginning of the formation of the parliament, the fourth session, wanted to come out of the crucible of sectarian erosion."
Al-Kalabi asked about the eligibility of the Federal Court to decide the important laws, noting that he addressed the President of the Republic to present them to the medical examination to know their ability to decide the laws and their application, stressing the existence of "judges aged 70 and 90 years", pointing out that "all decisions of the Federal Court are considered An amendment to the constitution and most of its decisions were in violation of the law, calling for "reforming the judicial system in Iraq and that it be a priority for the blocs, and if it were not for the problematic interpretation of the larger bloc, we would not have reached a dead end in forming the government."
Regarding the apology of the former commissioner, Adnan Al-Zarfi, he indicated that "the consensus of the major political blocs forced Al-Zarfi to apologize despite the fact that he completed his ministerial cabinet," noting that "there are problems for many of the ministers whose taxpayer Mustafa Al-Kazemi seeks to re-establish them."
Regarding the government's resigned interrogations, between "7 interrogations were completed, 4 were scheduled, and 3 were ready to start, and the resignation of the government came," noting that "there are some ministers in the cabin of Abdul-Mahdi from the first day they came full of corruption."
Regarding extortion during interrogation operations, he stressed that "if an interrogation date is set, there is no use in extortion because interrogation differs from waving interrogation."
He pointed out that "we received the government program and the cabinet of Abdul-Mahdi minutes before voting on it, and this is contrary to the law because it must be studied and that there be a committee to study it to know its pros and cons."
And among the dogs that "the Kurdistan region contributed to the loss of Iraq 128 billion dollars regarding not obtaining oil money and there is a full report in this regard sent to the Prime Minister and specifically to the Prime Minister's office and disappeared and to this day we do not know where he went and until now the office did not answer us why did not act on The report and we issued a book to the public prosecutor to find out the reasons for his disappearance and the lack of response by the Prime Minister's Office. "
On Spyker's crime, Al-Kalabi said, "The people have not been fully informed of the merits of this crime, and we have asked the House of Representatives to form an investigation on it and a truth commission has not been issued against it."
 Al-Kalabi also touched on the issue of the regions development budget, pointing to the existence of "waste in Salah al-Din Governorate with a value of 420 billion dinars, and there are funds spent in the province and the Office of Financial Supervision writing reports, but there is no accountability in this regard."
During his talk about the Ministry of Electricity contracts file, Al-Kalabi said, "The daily wages have appealed to us that they are constantly working after their appointment and for a long period without salaries, and when we moved in this regard, we discovered that the Ministry of Electricity contracted with 100,000 employees instead of 6,000 allocated without financial cover, and until now there is no cover After her follow-up, we found that there are large bribes paid for these appointments, and we demanded to know what they relied on for contracts in this way without having funds for them and we told them that even if they left positions, the case will not end and there are courts and law that we will lure you in. Moa practices forehead. "
In the transition to the Ministry of Oil file and licensing rounds, Al-Kalabi stressed that "we spoke with the Minister of Oil Thamer Al-Ghadhban from the beginning of his work and supported him to get rid of corruption in the ministry. That we have started looking at the files on corruption in the Ministry of Oil and licensing rounds, and we have seen terrifying losses of nearly fifty billion dollars, which are Iraq’s losses in oil licensing rounds, because we are supposed to spend 40 billion dollars for the period from 2010 to 2019, but we have found that 90 billion dollars has been disbursed, in addition to that Oil licensing round The fifth is saturated with corruption, "pointing out that" if the oil minister remains, I will question him. "
In the final file of the Ministry of Finance, Al-Kalabi indicated that "the agreement of Baghdad and the region to deliver at least 250,000 barrels or more was incorrectly understood that the region should deliver only 250,000, but the law is clear that it is not less than this number."
Al-Kalabi continued, "When the director of financial control asked us to explain why the region does not send oil money, he said," I am not allowed to enter the region. They prevented me from entering the region and filed a lawsuit against them, "noting that" Finance Minister {Fouad Hussein} in the government of Abdul-Mahdi speaks As a Kurdish politician and not a federal minister, and when you spoke to him, he spoke in a political manner and not a finance minister, and he should be treated as a federal employee representing Iraq as a whole. "
He added that "the Minister of Finance claimed the existence of a letter from Abdul Mahdi urging him to disburse funds to the Kurdistan region without receiving any barrels of oil," noting that "6 trillion dinars were delivered to the region without receiving any barrels of oil or any revenues." is over
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