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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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KTFA News Monday Afternoon links, comments 4-27-2020


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 KTFA News Monday Afternoon links, comments 4-27-2020 Empty KTFA News Monday Afternoon links, comments 4-27-2020

Post by rocky on Mon 27 Apr 2020, 6:19 pm

[size=30] KTFA News Monday Afternoon links, comments 4-27-2020[/size]

Frank26:  4-27-20 —8, 9 AND 10.
KTFA CC Monday Night at 7pm est
Delta will be joining us. We will be talking about things, for example the CEO of the ISX who prepared the ISX to receive a new rate. We went over in in depth M, W and Sat. 
The meeting with the CBI and the Fab4 –they got the rate. (the Fab 4...the IMF, World Bank, U.S. Treasury, and the President of the United States of America...????)
THE ISX is ready to receive the rate. And not only is the ISX going to receive the rate from the CBI and those meetings, but it will be so powerful it will go beyond the Iraqi Stock Exchange. And the International world knows this and is well prepared.
So why did the ISX not go international…..we all know why right…..they need an international rate.
Tonight we will show you a trail of bread crumbs to follow…..make sure you do .
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Don961:  The US Treasury Secretary expects things to return to normal and the economy to recover by next summer
4 Hours ago
US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchen expected that the economic conditions in his country will return to normal during the coming summer.
Mnuchen explained in a statement that small business projects will resume work during the coming May and June, which raises expectations regarding the acceleration of the American economic recovery with the coming July and August, noting that the repercussions of the emergence of the Corona epidemic and its widespread spread, did not result in an economic crisis in the country However, it caused the disruption of a number of sectors, which are now recovering from the crisis.  link
Samson:  Oil prices drop due to concerns of excess supply and storage capacity
27th April, 2020
Oil prices fell on Monday, amid signs that global storage capacity was rapidly filling up, raising concerns that production cuts would not come fast enough to make up for the collapse in demand from the Corona pandemic
The losses led the US oil futures, which fell more than two dollars a barrel due to concerns that the storage capacity at the Cushing Center in Oklahoma may reach the maximum capacity
US crude inventories rose to 518.6 million barrels in the week ending April 17, nearing an all-time record high of 535 million barrels recorded in 2017
And US West Texas Intermediate crude futures for June fell $ 2.05, or 12.1 percent, to $ 14.89 a barrel by 0638 GMT, while Brent crude fell $ 1.08, or 5 percent, to $ 20.36 a barrel. The June contract for Brent expires on Thursday
And futures trading on oil recorded losses for the third week in a row last week, and decreased in eight of the previous nine weeks. Brent ended the week down nearly 24 percent, and West Texas crude lost 7 percent
About 70 percent of the storage capacity was filled at the Cushing Center, a US Texas West crude delivery point, by mid-April. Traders say the available energy is already rented  
Producers may not cut production fast enough or with sufficient volume to support prices, especially when global economic output is expected to decrease by two percent this year, which is worse than what happened during the financial crisis, while demand for crude collapsed by 30 percent due to the pandemic
In light of seeking to reduce production quickly, the number of oil drilling rigs operating in the United States fell to the lowest level since July 2016, and the total number of oil and gas rigs in Canada fell to the lowest level since 2000, according to Baker Hughes data LINK

Samson:  Governor of the Central Bank: Iraq suffers from anomalous rates of loan repayment
09:25 - 27/04/2020
The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, revealed on Monday that the rate of default in the repayment of loans to banks exceeds 20 percent, considering them to be "abnormal" rates in the world.

The relationship said in a statement reported by the newspaper "Al-Sabah" and seen by him / the information, that "Iraq suffers from a phenomenon of defaulting on loan payments, which leads to banks' reservation on the lending process in general."

He added, "The loan default rate exceeds 20 percent, and this is a record and anomalous rate compared to Iraq and the rest of the world, where the default rate does not exceed 1 or 2 percent."

The relationship explained, “Iraq when it reaches this level, it makes the banks and the lending agencies hesitate a lot and ask for more guarantees.
Noting that “the solution to this problem lies in the fact that there is thinking by specialists, and that the government addresses one way or another to find a treatment for this matter, because it is one of the phenomena The public that makes banks reluctant to provide loans.”   LINK

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