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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Special text to meet Al-Maliki with John Kerry, us


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    Special text to meet Al-Maliki with John Kerry, us Empty Special text to meet Al-Maliki with John Kerry, us

    Post by rocky Mon 30 Jun 2014, 7:21 pm

    Special text to meet Al-Maliki with John Kerry, us


    Baghdad-Iraq press-30 June: unique/Iraq press published the text of the minutes of a meeting u.s. Secretary of State John Kerry with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during a meeting in Baghdad on 23 June, and Todd/Iraq press that indicate the paragraphs were deleted from the official record.

    The full text of the record:

    Minutes of meeting Prime Minister Nouri with Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United States of America Mr. John Kerry and his party

    He welcomed his Excellency Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki by guest His Excellency the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United States, John Kerry and his party, saying: it is our pleasure and our visit to Iraq you
    To bring directly to the threat of terrorism facing Iraq and the region and the world and to listen to the details of the efforts of the Iraqi armed forces and security forces to stop all this phenomenon

    Serious threats to the security, stability and integrity of Iraq and the region. We expect this visit will be a deeper understanding of the problem that we face, we'll be honest with you as you knew us. In this

    Submitted will not go into details because I am sure that the distinguished your Ambassador explained to you in full detail, we coordinate with him and show him on the course of events.

    John Kerry: how are you!

    Prime Minister: thankfully okay.

    John Kerry:

    Thank you for welcoming us, as I said, we are fully aware of what is happening now in Iraq and follow its workings very precisely and very attentively, welankhvikm that we are very concerned about what happened and gets

    The Earth. Our and your converge in the fight against terrorism and not to allow extremist forces to succeed and impose their will on any part of the world and in this region in particular, and we are determined to

    Don't let terrorist forces in control of Iraq and the Elimination of the nascent democracy in a country that has suffered greatly over the decades we have you for that great sacrifices.

    But I would like to point out, frankly, far from diplomatic words. Some of the policy under the pressure of events since the end of the year had fuelled feelings of a task of

    Iraqi society and I mean here the year they felt and feel that their role and contribution to the construction of Iraq has weakened and marginalized socially, politically and economically. We are with Iraq's territorial integrity and sovereignty

    And peace, security and equality for all of Iraqi people to the various components and make every effort to maintain security and stability. To achieve this requires of you and of political forces in Iraq

    Exceptional efforts to unite and reject political differences among yourselves for the future of your country and your people. And require you to personally stay away from the practices of some of the policies that contributed to fuelling position

    And the differences between the components of the Iraqi people on ethnic and sectarian.

    We are convinced, through ongoing dialogues with the leaders of the parties to the political process, that the Iraqi people now have the chance to overcome these crises and convulsions to choose leadership is willing but finding none

    And to share power with other components, this leadership must be approved by all political parties and accepted by the Iraqi people, and have the ability to eject Iraq from this crisis and find solutions

    The root of the current political and military crisis in. .. Want to assure you that we will not pick or choose who rules the country, but we are worried about the discontent of the Kurds and the Sunnis and some Shiites of the current leadership in Iraq and we

    We will be happy to choose the Iraqi leadership is ready to to anyone I examine and share power with other parties as stated. We are in direct contact with other political parties and this is what proposition

    Us. I will be meeting with leaders of some of those parties then I visit Erbil for prophylaxis of Mr. Massoud Barzani to hear from him directly, his assessment of the current situation and opinion on the formation of the next Government.

    Prime Minister:

    Thank you Minister to this clarification. I want to assure you that I and my colleagues have done and strive, and personally I still worked to get Iraqi politicians to Word for the people

    Iraq and the consolidation of security and stability and its construction and reconstruction, but there are some political forces, for special purposes, fabricate crises and arouse sensitivities for far from the interests of Iraq and its people.

    You referredSome practices and policies that fuelled the situation, I understand the intention of the Minister. but see in this Hall, is this evidence we lantba such policies they representAlmost all Iraqi sectarian and ethnic components.

    Those who promote such biased allegations have special agendas and possibly moved from abroad. we are working on the grave of those agendas forIraq and its unity and we are far away from sectarian approach but there are sectarian expiatory accuse us of sectarianism to discredit us and our policies that serve all segments of Iraqi society.

    As you know, Minister, that the elections held at the end of April were fair and transparent elections and has won our 94 seats in Parliament and that the largest bloc candidate for fiber formingThe new Government constitutional question should be adhered to.

    ……. ……………………… ………………………….


    …………………… ……….. ……………………..


    ………………………………. ……………. ……………


    (This paragraph is omitted from the record).

    John Kerry:

    (Mr. Al-Maliki). (Never addresses him as his post), let me be frank with you. we don't want to interfere in the Affairs of Iraq and the sectarian and political differences and ethnic, but we have a moral obligation to the people

    All Iraq and before the American people and the world after 2003 this commitment is to strengthen and support the Iraqi people's aspirations to freedom, democracy and prosperity and we are committed to it to beExtensive and continuous support and effective, Iraqi leaders must take the necessary steps of aglthakik those aspirations and laghamtha Iraqi society not her separation and if so by leadersIraqis, this support would be effective and continuing as I have. as stated by you as an important moment for the future of Iraq and Iraq's leaders must urgently must unite and agree on the formation of the GovernmentNational unity Government of national salvation and stand together in unity against extremists.

    As you know, President Obama under intense pressure from Congress to members of Congress informed of widespread sectarian practices and preference over the other and range fatwas enticing and engagingThe civilians of the fighting will be in the interest of the Iraqi people and not in the interest of States in the region. our would be restricted if such policies.

    The continuation of these policies will not be in the interests of the peopleIraq either short-term or long-term. that abandoned and discarded, as the entrance to unite the efforts of Iraqi politicians to form a Government of national unity with the exact meaning and without exclusion.

    WhatWatch him now on the Iraqi scene, we believe, are the results of those policies is not prudent. we are with you every nuance of our allies and friends and we want the people of Iraq and secure classBasis.

    Prime Minister:

    The Minister agree with you on some points, disagree on others.

    First: you know that since the 2008 elections make every effort to unite the Iraqi people, without distinction of race, caste and religion. but we did not leave the terrorists any room to complete our mission and full-timeTo build Iraq but they eating us with bombs and explosive belts. the policy that we, and you are fully aware of heithiatha, the goal is the implementation of what we agreed to in lkaeatna with u.s. officialsIn coordination with your ambassadors in Baghdad and the fight against terrorism. we need an urgent political and military support from your friendly. terrorists are getting significant support from some neighbouring countries, and you

    You know who I mean if this continued support we would be stymied this may lead to interference with other neighbors in Iraq and this would cause us great damage and extends the confrontation.

    Second, the United States, as an ally and friend of Iraq and made great sacrifices to free Iraq from dictatorship, to help us in these critical times to fight the common threat the

    Terrorism terrorist force daash want to impose their will and their approach to Iraq and the region, by force of arms. It is the duty of all peace-loving States, democratic and friendly country in them,

    Help and support Iraq to root out terrorism and infidels. And who stands behind them from the Baathist criminals.

    John Kerry:

    Yes, we are with you in fighting terrorism everywhere and not in Iraq alone and we paid for that great sacrifices. As I told you at the outset that I'd be frank. Yes the daash terrorist organization but

    And even extremist terrorism, but confirmed, accurate information from our sources that the armed rebels are not all from daash nor takfirist organizations there are other groups of gunmen

    Moderate and not the satisfaction as you say, backed by tribesmen in Western Arabic and some fought with us against Al-Qaida in 2006 and 2007, they demand the lifting of their suffering and marginalization

    And exclusion, because of their suffering, we believe is a result of the exercise of certain imprudent policies.

    The United States is committed to help Iraq, but first want to see the formation of a national unity Government quickly with more political parties and especially the alsnhwalakrad and abandon policies

    As President Obama has no intention of intervening militarily, I mean sending combat troops to counter the militants and that internal affairs should they treat him for yourselves, at the same time are not excluding other options

    May require the need to resort to it as the evolution of the situation. We are really impressed by the speed of the collapse of Iraqi forces in Mosul, cities that followed. We continue to examine and assess the situation of all

    Its aspects. especially American weapons but rebels and how to behave in it. How do you explain the collapse of the army so quickly?

    Reported intervention by neighbouring States in Iraqi Affairs. I know who you mean, we are in constant contact with Iraq's neighbours, particularly Saudi Arabia and Turkey, two mso'ltan wemndabttan have assured us

    Impartiality and that they are fighting terrorism and fight it. But our grave concern is the growing Iranian influence in Iraqi Affairs. We don't believe that its intervention will benefit Iraq and the area yield would inflame the situation

    Thedath. Maybe I'll visit some countries in the region, permitting my circumstances so I will certainly be raising it with them in more detail and in any case there is a high coordination between us and them in this regard.

    The Kurds are very concerned about the developments on the ground, I will be visiting Arbil after our meeting and met with President Massoud Barzani to direct what he heard. So I will meet with some Sunni leaders

    And others to inform all aspects of the topic as I mentioned to you earlier.

    I assure you that the best solution to this serious situation which threatens the territorial integrity of Iraq and its future is to resolve the political differences between the parties to the political process and speed the formation of a national unity Government, especially

    After democratic elections held at the end of April.

    We are very concerned about the u.s. armed, however, weapons and of their possible use for the purposes of defending Iraq or attack some of our friends in the region.

    Choosing the leading figure brings all Iraqi parties critical issue at this stage.

    President Obama has decided to send 300 military adviser for coordination with you, they're going to voters in combat operations and limited their work to advise and develop military plans in coordination with the

    Iraqi military leaders.

    Prime Minister:

    We will not tolerate any external interference in our affairs, but we coordinate with our friends and allies to tackle terrorism and the repercussions of the terrorist attacks. Please talk of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop support

    Terrorists in Iraq as they did in Syria have reported Iran's intervention in our affairs, let me explain to you. Iran is a friend and neighbor, we should establish distinguished relations with it for the security of the region

    And peace and not fear for its part in this regard. They want to help Iraq and the Iraqi people.

    The army in Mosul was the result of a lack of commitment of some leaders orders first effects of external interference of certain neighbouring States II plot involving certain politicians

    Parties in the political process.

    John Kerry:

    I would like to assure you that the United States will be very concerned about any direct Iranian military intervention in Iraq, and we have information that there are certain combat units or Iranian consultative work

    Iraq also noted there is a sectarian freight in Iran to volunteer to fight in Iraq. This work will be relaxing and stimulates the other States in the region to take steps of their own to protect the security of their countries

    And their people. This will adversely affect our efforts to calm the cramping in the region.

    Prime Minister:

    I would like the Minister to point out to you ...

    John Kerry: Let me complete my talk and then say that your at.

    Prime Minister:

    Sorry to interrupt, please.

    John Kerry:

    We do not talk at random, but with accurate information. The Iranian intervention this will propel us to other options for this input area in uncomfortable but deeply disturbing. To adjust the

    In such cases the necessary and wise to steer clear of Iraq's neighbours of the direct and indirect intervention in the conflict. We have made clear our concerns to the Iranian side at the Vienna meeting we

    We know that Iran is a responsible country will understand the concern and dimensions.

    Prime Minister:

    To defend holy sites at the heart of the duties of the Shiites everywhere. It is not a sectarian freight but proactive readiness to prevent banned that is not forgiven.

    John Kerry:

    Do you have intelligence that insurgents or terrorists group daash intend to attack on the holy shrines have?

    Prime Minister:

    The Organization of sectarian and terrorist organization daash branch of Al-Qaeda and you know how I blew up the shrine of imams of the military in 2006. We believe that air strikes on positions of the Islamic State

    In Iraq, the Levant (daash) would be very useful and would limit their advance towards the capital and stationing in the cities that they entered. And stop them from advancing toward Baghdad and Karbala and Najaf.

    John Kerry:

    That incident was what Ouen killed hundreds of [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]?? that lattkerr never also please don't they wake bloody history because it would be in everyone's interest, including Iran. The

    Air strikes of insurgents including a very sensitive subject daash should be taking a lot of precautions to ensure that these strikes don't hurt civilians to a one-sided impression we

    Attack and civilians.

    Thank you for this interview and I said to you that the United States will stand by the Iraqi people and their determination to stop terrorist organizations, primarily the daash as constituting a danger to Iraq

    And the region and the world that Washington is committed to the strategic framework agreement with Iraq, particularly security cooperation and armaments and is prepared to reflect that and this are not unilaterally but that the agreement

    On the solution of political disputes between you and between Sunnis and Kurds will enhance our position in defending the Iraqi people and take steps to ensure against expansion daash.

    Prime Minister:

    We trust our friends and allies the Americans, thank you for this visit, Frank and useful discussions we have had and we hope that translate what you do on the ground. And they walk by the side of us, we will

    Dictate our duty. And God willing, we will form a new Government early next month at a meeting of the new Parliament and choose a new President for the Republic.

    John Kerry:

    See you very optimistic.

    Prime Minister:

    So politics and life experiences have taught us.

    John Kerry:

    Many thanks, optimism is a good thing but the reality better.

    The meeting was attended by Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Mr. Saadoun al-dulaimi said Defence Minister and Ambassador the Ambassador United States Jones steward in Baghdad.  TYVC

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