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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Promises of good times and treasury in the bad


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Promises of good times and treasury in the bad Empty Promises of good times and treasury in the bad

Post by rocky on Fri 08 May 2020, 9:38 am

[size=35][size=35]Promises of good times and treasury in the bad[/size]
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08-05-2020 | 10:02
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[size=18]Once countries go through economic crises, they accelerate to tighten belts on stomachs and make austerity policies to cross this stage, but economic crises in Iraq differ from their counterparts in other countries, so the belt is borne by the retired and the junior employee before others, so that his cheap salary, which does not constitute anything accordingly, is manipulated The difficult life that we currently live with no care for such a segment.

In light of the rumors that appeared to reduce the retirees ’salaries, and after waiting for several days, all retirees were surprised that their salaries were postponed to another notice after the previous government’s decision to suspend all exchange operations as a result of low oil prices and to transfer the study of the subject to the current government to take the necessary measures to do so.

As the office of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan Al-Kaabi announced today, Friday, that the latter agreed with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to release the salaries of retirees tomorrow, Saturday.

Muhammad Hamid, a 76-year-old man, said in an interview with Alsumaria News: "We have served in state departments for more than 35 years, and therefore we are supposed to be rewarded from our most basic rights, which is our salaries, not to deprive us of them on the pretext of bankruptcy of the state," asking, "Where are our oil imports on Over the years? It has become like a mirage where nothing has been lived and no services have been provided to us as citizens. "

Abu Muhammad, who is 73 years old, has suffered from chronic illnesses as a result of exhausting the painful years of work. A month of us. "

Abu Muhammed adds that "the pension fund is funded from monthly pension payments from employees and has nothing to do with oil prices. This means that it is a trust when the government recovers it after the end of his job service."

The General Retirement Authority had announced in March 2019 that the number of retirees before the year 2003 was 600 thousand retirees, while today there are 3 million and 250 thousand retirees distributed in the provinces of Iraq.

Financial expert: Retired salaries are saved

at the time that the retirement authority confirmed that the delay in the payment of retired salaries came due to low oil prices. "These salaries that the pensioner receives have nothing to do with oil prices because he saved them since he was in the job."

Saeed said, "It is the government's duty to pay these salaries monthly and without deduction, because otherwise it is considered theft of the funds of this group of society."

And he adds that "previous governments have failed to free Iraq from the neck of the rentier economy because of their wrong policy and lack of utilization of oil imports to diversify the economy and direct these imports towards operational budgets, in addition to corruption in projects that were most fake."


For his part, the economist Dergham Muhammad Ali considered the process of stopping the payment of pensioners ’salaries or reducing them as a" legal violation ".

Mohamed Ali adds in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the pension fund is a self-financing institution from the stands and deductions, and because of violating the unfair laws on it such as the Rafha law and the retirement of political prisoners and other groups that did not contribute or a single penny in this fund and take more than its shareholders, a defect occurred in the pension fund It shall be borne by the Iraqi legislator, the Iraqi public prosecutor, and successive Iraqi governments. "

He points out that "any reduction in pensioners' salaries is a violation of the law and the delay in the payment of their salaries must be questioned by the resigned government, which mismanaged the crisis at a time when liquidity is scarce and committed a major sin by posting the salary payment due to the next government."

The Ministry of Finance had confirmed earlier that the salaries of all state employees are fully insured, while Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, said earlier that there are financial measures to secure the salaries of employees followed by the government, including the pressure of spending and the postponement of some unimportant projects.

It is reported that, despite the increases in pensioners ’salaries since 2003 until now, these pensioners did not meet the pensioners’ need in light of the high prices in the markets, which prompted many retirees to demand a review of their pensions.

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