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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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An Iranian message behind the Erbil attack: There is no safe place in Iraq to host the Americans


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An Iranian message behind the Erbil attack: There is no safe place in Iraq to host the Americans Empty An Iranian message behind the Erbil attack: There is no safe place in Iraq to host the Americans

Post by rocky on Fri 02 Oct 2020, 8:03 am

[size=32]An Iranian message behind the Erbil attack: There is no safe place in Iraq to host the Americans

- 10 Hours Elapsed
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The Erbil attack put the Popular Mobilization militia in trouble after claiming to belong to the Prime Ministry and implementing its instructions, as it appeared as the main implementer of Iranian instructions to escalate with the United States on the ground of Iraq, while Iraqi sources talk about the intention of those militias to repeat the scenario of attacking the US embassy in Baghdad.
Baghdad - The Kurdistan Region of Iraq accused the Popular Mobilization Forces of launching a missile attack on Erbil airport on Wednesday, which did not cause any human or material losses, in a development that reflects the level of great tension in the region, against the background of the conflict between Washington and Tehran.
Observers say that Iran is seeking, through outlaw militias, to prove that all Iraqi lands are not fit to host American diplomats or soldiers, including the city of Erbil, the capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in the north of the country, where security stability is at its best. Relative to other regions.
There was talk of an American plan to move from Baghdad to Erbil, after the Iranian militias increased the frequency of their attacks on the Washington embassy in the Iraqi capital, amid warnings of “a great Iranian action” as the presidential elections in the United States approached.
And the United States warned Thursday that it will not tolerate the attacks launched by pro-Iranian factions on US interests in Iraq, threatening retaliation, amid the Iraqi government's fears of a possible US withdrawal.
"We cannot tolerate threats against our own citizens and our military stationed abroad," said Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East David Schenker. We will not hesitate to take measures, if necessary, to protect our personnel, ”without formally confirming the threat to close the United States embassy in Baghdad.
Indeed, bloggers close to the Iraqi militias affiliated with Iran circulated information about plans related to storming the US embassy in Baghdad and detaining those who could be detained, which could pose a formidable challenge to Donald Trump's administration and confuse papers for the future of his second term.
Diplomatic sources said that the US embassy had already transferred a number of its mission in Baghdad to Erbil temporarily, pending the completion of the assessment of the security situation in the Iraqi capital.
Indeed, the United States has a strong presence in Erbil, as a combat group of the American army is camped at Harir base near the city's airport, while the Washington consulate there is an effective diplomatic center.
However, Iranian militias continued to push towards the limit, directing their missiles on Wednesday to Erbil, in a message indicating that Tehran's hand can reach any part of Iraq.
The Ministry of Interior of the Kurdish Regional Government said that Erbil airport was attacked on Wednesday evening with six missiles launched from a position controlled by the Popular Mobilization Forces in Nineveh Governorate.
She added that she "is investigating the details to obtain more information." While confirming that she is "fully prepared to face any aggression," she called on the federal government in Baghdad to "take the necessary measures."
The region’s interior linked the perpetrators of the attack with a specific faction within the Popular Mobilization Forces, accused of being involved in committing numerous violations against the Sunni population in Nineveh Governorate.
The Ministry of Interior said that the rockets were launched from an area controlled by the No. 30 Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces. Faleh al-Fayyad, head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, had directed the removal of Waad al-Qaddo, who calls himself “Abu Jaafar al-Shabaki,” from the position of commander of the 30th Brigade in the crowd, after his involvement in serious violations was proven, and his name appeared on the US sanctions list.
This is the first time that an official entity has linked a known faction in the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) to missile attacks against Iraqi sites hosting US forces.
The involvement of Iranian militias in this attack was confirmed by information and pictures of the missiles that were launched towards Erbil, which were published by accounts and channels supporting the Popular Mobilization Forces in the social media.
These accounts and channels published pictures of the rockets before they were fired at Erbil, calling on the Kurdish population in the region to stay away from the sites hosting US forces.
The former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance in the federal government, Hoshyar Zebari, a prominent politician in the Kurdistan region, said that the missile attacks that occurred in Erbil were carried out by the same parties targeting the US embassy in Baghdad.
Zebari found in the missile attacks on Erbil, "another escalation of destabilization of security in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, by the same groups that attack the US embassy in Baghdad and its military convoys." In a development that reflects the frank counting of the camps inside Iraq, the federal government under the leadership of Mustafa Al-Kazemi joined efforts to condemn the missile attacks on Erbil, placing them in the category of "terrorist operations."
The Joint Operations Command, the highest authority representing the federal government in Baghdad, said that a “terrorist group” attacked “Erbil Governorate with a number of missiles using a modified Kia wheel carrying a launcher, and these missiles landed northwest of Erbil near a number of villages, including two rockets near Hassan camp. Shami for the displaced, ”and pointed out that these missiles were launched“ from Tarjila Valley in the Hamdaniya district in Nineveh Governorate, ”where the 30th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces are stationed. The leadership did not indicate any significant losses, confirming the issuance of "directives to arrest the commander of the force responsible for the area from which the missiles were launched."
Observers say that the Al-Kazemi government, backed by the Kurdish and Sunni political forces, is making every effort to absorb the increasing Iranian pressure on US interests in Iraq.
Tehran believes that directing a heavy blow to the interests of the United States in Iraq, ahead of the US presidential elections, may confuse President Trump's calculations and cut him through the second term.
Political sources familiar with the file of foreign and Arab missions that may leave Baghdad, due to the ongoing Iranian attacks on diplomatic headquarters, say that the United States may limit the movement of its employees and soldiers on Iraqi soil, in preparation for attacks against militia leaders.
A scenario of this kind would contribute to the descent of the Iraqi situation into chaos, in a country suffering from complex political, economic and health crises.
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