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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Criticism of Trump after being discharged from hospital for some time to greet his supporters


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Criticism of Trump after being discharged from hospital for some time to greet his supporters Empty Criticism of Trump after being discharged from hospital for some time to greet his supporters

Post by rocky on Mon 05 Oct 2020, 6:28 am

Criticism of Trump after being discharged from hospital for some time to greet his supporters

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Criticism of Trump after being discharged from hospital for some time to greet his supporters Afp-8rf2bk-442x320
{International: Al Furat News} US President Donald Trump angered the medical teams when he went out to greet his supporters in front of the hospital where he was being treated for the new, rapidly spreading and dangerous Corona virus.
And he was wearing the muzzle when he waved his hand from inside his armored car during the brief tour in front of Walter Reed Military Center near Washington, which apparently came to regain control over talking about his health, which is improving, after the end of the week and confusing statements from his doctors.
The surprise round came as Trump's doctors declared they were satisfied with his improved condition and hinted at the possibility that he would be allowed to leave on Monday.
But experts complained that his discharge from the hospital violates the public health measures imposed by his government, which require patients to isolate themselves while they are still receiving treatment and transmit the virus, and endanger the special device assigned to protect it.
Trump, who has often been criticized for flouting public health guidelines and spreading misleading information about the epidemic, posted a video before the tour on Twitter in which he said he had "learned a lot about Covid-19" in his struggle with the virus in the hospital.
He continued, "It is the real school. It is not a school for reading books. I realized that, and I understood it, and this matter is very interesting."
But health experts have rushed to the media and social media to criticize the "campaign," which they said showed he had learned nothing at all.
"Everyone who was in the car during that unnecessary presidential" round "of releases, said the chief disaster expert at George Washington University," now has to be quarantined for 14 days. "
"They might get sick, they might die. For a political show. They received an order from Trump to put their lives at risk to make a show. This is crazy."
White House spokesman Gad Deer said "appropriate" precautions have been taken to protect Trump and his support team, including protective gear.
"The step has received approval from the medical team as it is safe," he added.
However, the head of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, Zeke Emanuel, and the face that has become known on television, described Trump's tour as "flawed."
He wrote on Twitter, "Putting his own protection agents in the same car with a Covid-19 patient, with its windows closed as well, unnecessarily exposed them to the risk of infection. And for what? A public relations campaign."
Confusing messages
Trump's move came hours after his medical team announced that he "continues to improve" and may be able to return to the White House, which is equipped to treat and isolate the president, as soon as Monday.
The president had been airlifted to Walter Reed on Friday, and his temperature was high after a "rapid progression" of the disease and a drop in the oxygen level to a point of concern, according to his doctor, Sean Connelly, during a briefing on Sunday.

Conley admitted Sunday that he had not revealed that he needed to supply him with oxygen, to present an "optimistic" picture.
He gave an optimistic account of Trump's improvement on Saturday, but Chief White House official Mark Meadows told reporters immediately after that that the president's condition was "very worrisome" and that he was "still not on a clear path towards a full recovery"
a focus in the White House and
with his battle entering The election month in front of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, Trump's illness and his hospitalization kept him from what he excels at most, which is to campaign.
Meanwhile, Biden, who announced Sunday that his last Corona test was negative, will start his week with a trip Monday to the important and swinging state of Florida.
But Trump and his advisers did everything they could to prove continuity.
His deputy campaign manager Jason Miller told ABC on Sunday that he had spoken to Trump for half an hour on Saturday, and that the president was "making jokes."
But the generation is mounting about the chances that Trump has exposed many people to Covid-19 even after a senior aide tested positive.
A timeline displayed by his consultants and doctors indicates that he met with more than 30 donors on Thursday in Bedminster, New Jersey, even after Hope Hicks was diagnosed with the virus and a few hours before he announced the positive result of his test.
More than 200 people attended the fundraising event, while contact tracing in New Jersey looks at the possibility that thousands of people have been exposed to the virus.
These developments came within a week that revealed that a poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal and NBC in the two days following the sharp debate with Biden, but before news of Trump's illness, Biden had a 53 percent lead by 39 percent among registered voters.
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