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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    A senior Shiite clerics told us that al-Maliki is the prime minister of the Dawa Party, led Iraq to

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    A senior Shiite clerics told us that al-Maliki is the prime minister of the Dawa Party, led Iraq to  Empty A senior Shiite clerics told us that al-Maliki is the prime minister of the Dawa Party, led Iraq to

    Post by Rocky Thu 10 Jul 2014, 6:59 am

    A senior Shiite clerics told us that al-Maliki is the prime minister of the Dawa Party, led Iraq to ruin

    10/07/2014 (0:01 pm)

    Ali Khudhairi *

    Certificate U.S. official: al-Maliki and Lena power and then turned to everyone (2-2)


    "Publishes the long second section of the certificate prolonged by one of the makers of American policy in Iraq, he worked for years in the corridors of the Green Zone and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, and resigned as mentioned, a month after getting Nuri al-Maliki on his second term. And long as does not adopt many of the descriptions or judgments contained in this article, but it is considered one of the leading securities U.S. that have been disclosed in a new Iraq. They accommodate most prominent joints of the controversy over the approach al-Maliki, and provide important details about the way they look through the Americans at things, and how do they differ, and the factors that impose opinion The final decision within the institutions of conflict. "

    After that helped bring him to power in 2006, I I urged in 2010 to his departure, and I felt guilty, and I press against my friend Abu Isra, but the issue were not personal interests are vital to the United States was on the line, and thousands of American lives and Iraqi lost in vain, and spent trillions of dollars To help protect our national security and not for man or one party. He must protect the constitutional process, and we need a seasoned leader, unified, with the mentality of the economic rebuilding of Iraq after the crush al-Maliki - which focuses on security - militias and al-Qaeda.

    In talks with visitors from the White House in the presence of the ambassador and military commanders, and other colleagues, I suggested that the successor to al-Maliki, Vice President Adel Abdul-Mahdi. Former Baathist, a moderate Islamist Shiite, economist who studied in France and previously served as minister of finance, and has had excellent relations with the Shiites and Sunnis and Kurds, as well as Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    In the first of September 2010 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Baghdad to attend a ceremony to change the leadership of the U.S. troops from Gen. Ray Odierno to Gen. Lloyd Austin. That night, during a dinner at the residence of Ambassador annexation Biden and his staff and the generals and senior officials of the embassy, ​​provided concise and passionate arguments against al-Maliki, and the need to respect the constitutional process, but the vice president said that al-Maliki is the only option. I was not the only official who objected to al-Maliki, has objected to it before my return to Baghdad Deputy Ambassador Robert Ford, and Odierno, and British Ambassador Sir John Jenkins and Turkish Ambassador Murat Aoglic, but we run into all the White House and Ambassador Christopher Hill and biggest supporters of the owners of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State later Brett Macgork. Now, with parking along Austin also al-Maliki, has stayed in trouble because the Iraqi leaders were divided and unable to agree on al-Maliki or a replacement.

    Jaddalna not very important, because the most powerful man in Iraq and the Middle East - Gen. Qassem Soleimani commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards - was on the verge of resolving the crisis instead of us. During the days of Biden's visit to Baghdad, Iraq summoned Soleimani leaders to Tehran. Soleimani said to them, "Sterkkm Americans someday, we will stay always your neighbors." After urging Iraqis to work together rival, dictated them Soleimani results on behalf of Iran's supreme leader, which is to keep al-Maliki as prime minister, and Jalal Talabani, President of the Republic, more importantly, to make the U.S. military leaves the country the end of 2011. Soleimani said that the Iraqi leaders who cooperate will benefit from the cover of the Iranian political and cash, but the desire of those who oppose the Islamic state will suffer from serious consequences.

    The option of Washington

    I decided not to let the Iranian generals, killed many U.S. troops, dictating the end of the game for the United States in Iraq. In October, I was sought from Gen. Jeffrey Ki take steps to avoid this consequence. I said that Iran had intended to force the United States out of Iraq humiliated, and that the divisive sectarian government in Baghdad headed by Maliki certainly will lead to another civil war and then to a comprehensive regional conflict.

    This can be avoided if Iran is our deterrent through the formation of a unity government headed by a national alternative such as Abdul-Mahdi. I acknowledged that it would be very difficult, but the presence of 50 000 fighters are still on the ground, the United States was to remain a strong player. The alternative was for the Andhara strategically in Iraq and the Middle East. The intensity of my surprise, it was the Ambassador and senior White House officials share my fears, asking for support of the president and vice president and senior national security officials in the administration.

    After he despaired of avoiding disaster, I have used the ability of the political to arrange a meeting of Jeffrey and Anthony Pellnkn - Biden adviser for national security - and a senior Iraqi assistants with senior Iraqi clerics. Said one of the clerics of the Shia that he believed that Iyad Allawi, who served as interim prime minister in 2004 - 2005, and Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who were leaders Shiite only able to unify Iraq, and added that al-Maliki is the prime minister of the Dawa Party, not the Prime Minister of Iraq, and he is leading Iraq to ruin.

    But all these pressures were for nothing. In November the White House settled on Strutijeth disastrous in Iraq. Where will ignore the constitutional process and the election results, the United States and will shed all its support to the owners, and will try to appeal to Washington Talabani to step down and the installation of Allawi instead of him Katrdah for the coalition in Iraq. The next day appealed Pellnkn and Jeffrey Austin and my colleagues in the embassy and my superiors in Central Command Mathis and Allen again, and warned them that we make the mistake of historic dimensions. Argued that al-Maliki will continue the integration of power and liquidation of political rivals; Talabani will not step down, and never having fought Saddam for decades and receiving office; year and revolt again if they found out that we have not kept our promises to stand by their side after the defeat of the Awakening of the base. Mathis and Allen sympathy with me, but the supporters of al-Maliki did not change their attitudes. Sent me Ambassador to Jordan for a meeting with senior leaders of the Iraqi Sunnis, with a message saying that they have to join the Maliki government. Their response was as I expected, they said that they would join the government in the glands but they will not allow Iran and its proxies by virtue of Iraq, and will not live under the authority of Shiite religious will not accept the ongoing marginalization under al-Maliki, after that they send weapons to al-Qaida through the Awakening, now want their share in Iraq The new, not to be treated as second class citizens, and warned that if this does not happen, they will take up arms again.

    This was followed by the plight of others, Talabani has refused pleas to step down and the White House turned to Iran in order to survive. And began to al-Maliki, under the guidance of Tehran, to form a government of some Iraqis favorite with Iran, It became the Hadi al-Ameri - the commander of the Badr Corps - the minister of transportation and control of the air and sea ports and wild sensitive strategically; became Khodair al vice president, and later became acting president; well Abu Mahdi became the architect, of the Dawa Party and the mastermind of the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait in 1983, an adviser to Maliki and his neighbor in the Green Zone. Was the release of hundreds and perhaps thousands of Sadrist detainees. Maliki has also abolish the Department of Iran's intelligence service, hang the Iraqi government's ability to monitor and control the enemy next door.

    Quickly turned America's policy toward Iraq to a state of disrepair. Because of anger, which was considered an American betrayal, split the Iraqi List, on ethnic lines - sectarian, and claimed the leaders are rushing to government positions for fear of being excluded from the quota system profitable. Instead of Istgrkoa 30 days in an attempt to form a government - as stipulated in the Iraqi constitution - has settled Sunni Arab leaders to positions look impressive little powers.

    Between Iraq and al-Maliki, Saddam's Iraq

    Within a short period, the state-Maliki police Excluding mostly about politics and halted U.S. tanks outside their homes before their arrest within hours after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in December 2011, where he has sought to arrest his rival, Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, and from then sentenced him to death in absentia. Came a year after the overthrow of Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi.

    Maliki has not ever set two ministers of interior and defense agreed upon in Parliament, not even intelligence chief, and instead limited to those positions do. It also reneged on all the promises given by the share power with his political rivals after Parliament voted in late 2010 to return to power again. Maliki also reneged on its commitments given by the United States, and as directed by Iran and did not move forcefully end of 2011, to renew the security agreement that would have allowed U.S. combat forces to remain in Iraq. He also did not loose the link to his office the Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, the entity that used to bypass the military chain of command by forcing leaders to raise their reports to him, did not give up control of the forces to fight terrorism and the forces of Swat trained by the United States, using them Kqguat guard empire . He also did not dismantle the intelligence agencies and secret prisons and torture facilities used as a tool to beat his rivals, did not adhere to the law imposes limits on the mandate of the ruling, calling on the courts to make judgments consistent with what he wants. Well not yet issued a new comprehensive amnesty was a help to quell the unrest fueled by the Sunni and Shiite factions that were violent gradually integrated into the political process.

    In short, Iraq, al-Maliki and the Dawa Party of Iraq, it seems very similar to Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the Baath Iraq, but Saddam, at least, helped to contain Iran - strategic enemy of the United States without Washington can spend a trillion dollars to support it.

    There is no longer a democracy if one man and one party is linked to relations with Iran, controls the judiciary, police, army and intelligence service and on oil revenues and the Treasury and the Central Bank. Under such circumstances, it is very likely that the renewed civil war, ethnic sectarianism in Iraq, but that it is certain.

    Submitted my resignation in protest against the December 31, 2010. Today, after the U.S. engagement in Iraq, again, I feel that the moral obligation to explain the case that brought us to this impasse. Crisis gripping Iraq and the Middle East today was unexpected. By looking in the other direction, and supporting and arming al-Maliki, President Obama has caused a lengthened and widened the conflict begun by President Bush without prudence.

    Today Iraq is a failed state, and with the countries of the Middle East split on ethnic lines - sectarian, it is likely to come out of America as one of the biggest losers in the new sectarian war between Sunnis and Shiites, with the collapse of its allies and the extremists planning the events of September the other.

    Americans are supporters of al-Maliki enthusiasts may have ignored the warnings, and did not intervene in 2010 at a time when the Iranian general decides the fate of Iraq. Ironically, these same officials are rushing to save the day Iraq, but at the same time refuse to publicly denounce violations of al-Maliki and Ejehzonh weapons that can be used to fuel the war against his political rivals.

    * Works Khudhairi president and CEO of Dragoman and its partners in Dubai. Was the U.S. official who has spent the longest period in Iraq from 2003 to 2009;, where he served as special assistant to the five ambassadors and senior adviser to three presidents of the U.S. Central Command, and served in 2011 as executive director of Exxon Mobil and negotiate the company's entry into the Kurdistan region.

     for: "The Washington Post"

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