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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Country retreat center on the ease of doing business because of bureaucracy and Government banks con

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Country retreat center on the ease of doing business because of bureaucracy and Government banks con

Post by Hkp1 on Wed 27 Feb 2013, 6:49 pm


Country retreat center on the ease of doing business because of bureaucracy and Government banks control

Baghdad/tributary Cactus

count the country's decline in the World Bank report on the practice of
reconstruction activities to ease the bureaucracy in government
departments, as well as the control of the State banks by 95% of
financial exchange in the country.

The Economist said it "remains
jeweler absurd public banks controlled 95% of the financial exchange in
the country and the remaining 5% are traded through the private sector,
this process led to the incorrect undo Iraq in World Bank activities.

to (term), "said that" economic activity in the country does not
reflect the productive activity as it is consumerist, so we can say that
the Central Bank take the greatest weight in an attempt to maintain the
local currency's exchange rate affects the overall performance of the
Bank's cash reserves.

He noted that monetary policy could not
comply with fiscal policy in advance of economic activity, production
trends did not create different orientations of the oil sector. "

the Economist, said Bassem Jamil Anton, "the bureaucracy in government
departments is the basis for the development of Iraq at the bottom of
the ladder of doing business", adding that "the banking system in all
countries of the world is out to find the customer even earned while in
Iraq prompts him identity, civil status and nationality certificate and
ration card and housing with someone also ensures that new client to
open an account.

"These transactions and the routine and bribes
given to each degree, and the investment environment is the sum of
points, through it is standard", stating "imposed on devices in the
State departments to avoid the shortcomings of Iraq site rises to higher
levels by sitting with transparency and discuss ways to improve the
investment environment in Iraq."

He had been doing business
report issued by the World Bank, the occupation of Iraq is ranked 165 in
the ease of doing business among 185 countries for 2012 that was ranked
163 for 2011.

The report, which quoted the Buratha "Iraq keep
rank in regards to/start the project and obtain credit and contract
execution and insolvency situations.

"That Iraq dropped two places in
the area of property registration and four degrees in the field of
construction permits and protection of investors, while dropped to six
degrees in the field of taxation.

The report said Iraq offered two places in the area of cross-border trade and one rank in the area of access to electricity.

report is a summary of business data with data for the previous year,
and that doing business project provides objective measures of
Government actions and legislation governing business activities and
enforcement over 185 countries.

See the project, which was
inaugurated in 2002, the local small and medium-sized enterprises, and
measures the Government action applied over their entire life cycle.

also provides measurable standards for reform; and a source for
academics, journalists, and private-sector researchers and others
interested in the latest developments in the business environment of
each country.

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