Baghdad/Iraq News Network - The parliamentary finance committee will discuss on Sunday with the governor of the Central Bank the auction of currency and the issuance of a new Iraqi currency.Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Nermeen Marouf said in a press interview that "the parliamentary finance committee will host today the Governor of the Central Bank to discuss a number of important topics and issues, most notably the currency auction, the sale window, the printing of currency, the mechanism of work of the participating banks and other topics and issues within the tasks of the Central Bank." The feasibility, justifications and reasons for taking a decision by the Central Bank to print and issue a new denomination (20,000 dinars) and how much money will be issued from the new denomination and the mechanism of putting such a currency on the market".The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Makhif, revealed on Tuesday (September 27), that there is an intention to put forward a banknote denomination of 20,000 dinars.