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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Parliament will discuss about the international coalition Jaafari and al-Jubouri confirms Abadi prom

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    Parliament will discuss about the international coalition Jaafari and al-Jubouri confirms Abadi prom Empty Parliament will discuss about the international coalition Jaafari and al-Jubouri confirms Abadi prom

    Post by Rocky Fri 17 Oct 2014, 9:35 am

    Parliament will discuss about the international coalition Jaafari and al-Jubouri confirms Abadi promised to provide security ministers session Saturday [Expanded] 

    NewsOctober 16, 2014 20:23 

    Lifting of the House of Representatives to its regular day next Saturday.

    According to a statement of the Council that "the House of Representatives hosted minutes held today under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 216 deputies, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to discuss Iraq policy on the international coalition and the results of international conferences."

    At the outset of the meeting decided to postpone Jubouri sworn members of the House of Representatives who were holding government positions and replacements for who occupied ministerial positions that are invoked every bench on Saturday.

    This was followed by al-Jubouri, a statement mourned the MP Ahmed Ali al-Khafaji, who was martyred at the hands of terrorists, enemies of Iraq and humanity, adding that the assassination of al-Khafaji, an extension of the operations that stand deduced from the will of the people and impose on everyone to live up to the level of responsibility in the face of terrorism, which does not target only the people but the political process as a whole.

    The last confirmed by the Speaker of the House that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi promised to provide the names of the candidates for the security ministries during a session of the House of Representatives on Saturday.

    Then hosted the House of Representatives Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss Iraq policy regarding the results of the international coalition and international conferences.

    Jaafari said in his speech during the hosting passion for coordination and communication between the legislative and executive authority, referring to attending meetings in Jeddah, Paris and New York, which represented a broad look to Iraq to deliver a message from the government to turn the page on the past with regional countries.

    And between the Foreign Minister said Iraq is being subjected to a terrorist attack fierce led to the difficult humanitarian conditions and the implications of many different levels, noting that our message during the conference which was attended by Iraq to regional countries were emphasizing the formation of a government of national unity, shared by all, pointing out that the Jeddah Conference was an opportunity task to arrange the conditions of the countries in the face of terrorist Daash were held numerous meetings with the foreign ministers of participants, including Turkish Foreign Minister and the Saudi foreign minister, who stressed his country's determination to strengthen relations with Iraq and open a new page in addition to the opening of the Saudi embassy in Baghdad.

    He said al-Jaafari said Iraq tried to engage Iran in dialogue, regional and international face of terrorism, but the opportunity did not arise in spite of the presence of Iran players active on the ground pointing to get Iraq through his participation in a conference on international support and regional scale to fight the terrorists and prevent the flow of citizens of Arab countries and foreign to Iraq, noting that many of the heads of state and foreign ministers expressed their desire to visit Iraq and strengthen ties with him.

    In the interventions of the House of Representatives asked MP Mohammad Naji about the possibility of the presence of American forces in Iraq or Washington to determine the timeframe for the war on terror.

    He called Zia al-Asadi to know the mechanics of the Foreign Ministry to deal with the enemy and friendly countries and how to deal with money and wealth which was looted in the past.

    The deputy asked Kharbit student grants from the fact the United States to give them assurances about the legal immunity in case of murdered Iraqis and the nature of the source of funding for the international campaign.

    He called Hoshyar Abdullah to make a brief presentation on the mechanism of the agreement concluded by Iraq with the international coalition.

    For his part, MP Mansour Baaja asked about the issue of the presence of room operations in Iraq and the nature of the preparations for the political, economic and financial agreements with the alliance.

    She called MP Nawal F commitment to the need to the United States security agreement with Iraq, asking for bombing targets which are exposed Iraqi forces and the popular crowd.

    MP Arshad Salhi know the government strategy on the possibility of the presence of Western forces in Iraq in the future.

    She called MP Hanan al to distribute copies of the government's message on the approval of the use of the West in air strikes to Daash strongholds.

    The deputy proposed Kanna government military operations in the border areas of Mnatdfq terrorists.

    For its part, stressed the MP high Nassif on the need to have a role in the House of Representatives to grant approval to launch attacks on strongholds of international terrorism.

    The MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, to clarify the method of dealing with the mechanism of oil stolen from Iraq by Daash.

    I suggest MP Abbas al-Bayati, the call for Akdajtmaa of foreign ministers of neighboring countries to indicate their positions and stood for by Iraq.

    In turn questioned MP Ali Net for the future of relations between Iraq - Saudi Arabia and the fact that their desire to open a new page with Iraq.

    He said MP Ammar Tohme that the majority of the countries participating in the international coalition has fueled the elements of extremism in the region, which imposes the need for practical steps to remove concerns considered any international action to try to redraw the map of the region, including the drying up of terrorism and prevent the flow of terrorists.

    As MP Rubaie said legal cover to the presence of foreign troops in Iraq, the sky is the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the United Nations in the month of June.

    And Tsalt MP angham Alhmosa Amkanehalthalv for international control Iraq's borders and prevent the entry of Daash him.

    And inquire MP Abdul Bari Zebari Information and Foreign Ministry about the fate of women Alaesideat Iraqi women have been trafficked out of the country.

    MP Abdul Karim Abtan has called for clarification of the fact that granting immunity to American troops or foreign.

    MP Jamal Panthers Foreign Minister review the strategy of the ministry the next four years.

    The MP called Hamdiya Husseini to reveal the countries that support Daash financially and logistically demanding the Foreign Ministry to deal with the statements of Western leaders that give moral support for the organization.

    For its part, called the MP Najiba Najib to know the plans that have been agreed upon in the international coalition to train and equip the armed forces.

    The MP Sadiq al-Rikabi the absence of a security cooperation agreement between Iraq and the United States, but there is an agreement concerning the withdrawal of troops, calling on the Foreign Ministry to form a special committee to follow up the implementation of UN Security Council resolution to halt Mnhgueta ideological or financial or political terrorists.

    MP morning and inquired about the nature of al-Tamimi, military and financial support and political support for Iraq by the nations of the world.

    In response to inquiries by the House of Representatives said Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Foreign Minister said Iraq is responsible for the formation of an international coalition that gathered to counter the threat Daash, stressing the government's refusal cutter presence of ground forces foreign to enter Iraq, but to secure air cover for the armed forces, noting that it is easy to determine the timeframe for the elimination Daash on regaining the support of a regional development capabilities.

    He stressed that the United States has vowed to end the presence Daash and re-edit the cities captured by pointing out that the cost of military operations will be the responsibility of the countries participating in the air campaign because Iraq is not ready to pay any amount.

    And between al-Jaafari said Iraq has focused on the issue of cooperation with the international coalition to coordinate fully in the need to preserve the country's sovereignty and not to build military bases or to resort to the policy of axes in the region, stressing that the government does not wish to create animosities, but establishing relations of friendship and in accordance with the interests and the fight against the dangers and work to restore our rights, stressing The need for Iraq to provide weapons to counter the threat Daash, noting not claim any country to send troops or military equipment to Iraq and dealing with foreign countries militarily is in accordance with the conditions, including coordination with the Iraqi forces and provide air support her and not the bombing of civilian targets and not to target population and keeping national sovereignty and focus on humanitarian support to the displaced.

    The foreign minister said that relations with Saudi Arabia bear the weight of the previous stage but the initiative and Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal, the willingness of his country to open a new page was a good omen to improve relations within the strategy of openness to the world, indicating that the Turkish role positive but still not strong and at a standstill, even in light of its participation in all conferences positions and anti-terrorism, noting that the hard work to build the security forces would be insufficient to abandon its support of foreign countries, stressing that the legal immunity granted in accordance with the law is passed in parliament has not been granted to any foreign forces

    He said the strategy of the ministry based on a policy to solve problems or frozen with countries pointing to the lack of the possibility of dispensing with air cover praising the role of popular mobilization in the face of Daash, explaining that all international positions affirm the actions of Daash to completed to link to Islam, saying that the issue of the captivity of Iraqi women effects Shake in the international community, stressing not be allowed to fly international coalition to launch attacks without formal approval from Iraq. "

    At the conclusion of hosting praised House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the response and the Foreign Minister to come before the House of Representatives

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