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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Banking contracts with international companies


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Banking contracts with international companies

Post by rocky on Thu 30 Oct 2014, 4:05 am

Banking contracts with international companies

10/30/2014 06:39
Concluded yesterday evening events Baghdad International Fair Bdorth 41 amid attend strikingly different and distinct companies represented twenty Arab and foreign countries. 

The general director of the General Company for Trade and commercial services in the closing ceremony, which was attended by representatives of states and government ministries and departments to the private sector companies by: "This exhibition cycle marked by success being coincided with the victory over terrorism in the rock cliff and expression of courage in the face of challenges and conditions What made the show compete with European exhibitions in terms of organization and posts. " 

He noted in his speech the way that I attended (morning) yesterday that the exhibition came to share their experiences and to encourage investment and to achieve development, despite visits scarce government officials during this session, but he also, but we fought this experiment festival turnout for Aitakerr only once a year. 

During the closing distribution shields and certificates discretion of the participating countries ceremony, where it came from first place the State of Japan followed in second place Kuwait, while Germany came in third place, where he was evaluated by a special committee in the General Company for Trade and Commercial Services Division of the Ministry of Commerce. 

This was followed by the distribution of certificates and shields estimated between government ministries and institutions participating in the exhibition, while the ceremony was concluded with the distribution of certificates and shields among the media and the security agencies chock which contributed to the success of the exhibition Bdorth 41. 

And saw the Baghdad International Fair iconic presence of the banking sector, both public and private, where banks Rafidain and Rasheed Iraqi Trade Bank participated, along with many of the private banks in the 41 session of the exhibition. 

The participation of local banks to introduce its potential and willingness to cooperate with companies and the application of the government program, which recommended the opening up to the world and the development of the economic sector. 

Among the 41 TBI government banks to participate in the Baghdad International Fair in its (TBI), who confirmed his participation for the fifth year in a row, where he witnessed the bank wing turnout of foreign companies and businessmen, local and foreign, to increase the prospects of cooperation between the two parties is to open letters of credit and letters of security, as well as the issuing bank card (Visa Card).

According to the media department at the Pavilion bank "morning" that there is a great desire by foreign and domestic companies to deal with the bank, the public as the company for cars and Canon Inc. (Canon) Japanese and other Turkish and Iranian and European companies, in order to increase their investments in Iraq. 

Founded TBI wholly-owned by the Iraqi government in July 2003 to facilitate Iraq's international trade and the reconstruction of Iraq after the work the UN oil-for-food program ends. Work of the bank has grown rapidly to become an effective institution with great credibility, as the bank was able within a short period of time to establish relationships with a global network consisting of 134 major banks - including major international banks Union to cover so 63 city in 39 countries. Which gave the bank an extension (dimension) and a global competitive advantage and the ability to provide a variety of services. 

He added that the bank is working on spreading the culture of banking dealings mail between citizens through card (Visa) in shopping and payment of financial dues such as salaries monetary, financial and trading other, where he managed the citizen of his money exchange this card from any country in the world to the existence of more than 25 million ATM spread where. 

And calls for the bank to handle citizen of this card in order to keep his money from damage, theft and fraud, especially that it is working in accordance with the protection of high-quality system, in addition to the easy to carry while traveling or shopping. 

The majority of private banks participated in this session, as has been years since the definition of their services provided to individuals and various companies. 

In this regard, an official said wing National Bank of Iraq Laos Abdullah: that our participation in this year aims to take advantage of the presence of international companies in Iraq in order to define potential bank facilities and services offered as well as the launch of various loans to the public and a private car purchase loans. 

Asked (morning) on ​​the participation of banks in the exhibition, and the way to compete with each other and especially it's working under the umbrella of the central bank and the same controls Abdullah explained that the competition with the rest of the banks are through interest rates and types of loans and banking facilities for its customers and other prices. 

He stressed that the participation this year was characterized as came in unusual circumstances represented to confront the challenges and terrorist attacks Daash which weighed somewhat on the size of the participation of States which are sensed compared to last year, indicating that the Al-Ahli Bank of Iraq aims through its participation in the 41st session of the Baghdad International Fair to define the audience directly kinds of banking services offered through the distribution of leaflets and catalogs folders that show commercial bank activity on the local and regional level. 

The 41st session of the Baghdad International Fair was held under the slogan (41 session of the Baghdad International Fair port for trade and investment between Iraq and the world).

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