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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad


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    President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad Empty President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad

    Post by rocky Thu 30 Oct 2014, 6:04 am

    President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad

    10/30/2014 11:29:00

    Fuad Masum

    Network conducted a "Rudaw" media, a dialogue with the President of the Republic Dr. Fuad Masum text comes in:

    Rudaw: The head of the Government of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, at a meeting of the United Nations, told reporters: Iraq intelligence apparatus detect an attack against the Metro New York and Paris, you were on your perusal of this threat?

    Fuad Masum: I was familiar with the situation, but not in detail, and we discussed the matter and made sure that he must take every Daash threats seriously, and in any place whatsoever.

    Rudaw: Do you think that a serious threat States must deal with him seriously?

    Fuad Masum: in my opinion, will deal with this threat very seriously, and from now on, they can control the conditions of their country, and suspected places, which is the subject of fear.

    Rudaw: There is an armed group under the name of the Islamic state has become a major threat to Iraq and the entire region, and the Iraqi government are now considered part of the international coalition led by America against Daash, do you think that the strategy that has taken America to eliminate Daash Stratejp that correct? Note that Europe Stdafhm claiming it in the beginning, and then spend them?

    Fuad Masum: the elimination of al Daash needs a long time and it will not end up in a short time, but it can weaken them through military strikes against them in Iraq and Syria, but it can be Daash secret organizations and sleeper cells and many branches in many places, so it should be monitored to get to the roots everywhere. "

    Rudaw: You say that Daash her secret organizations, and the President of the United States Barack Obama also said that it can not eliminate Daash final through military strikes, for this purpose we need a wide government in Iraq and with the participation of Sunni and Kurdish community in order to feel the that they are part of the government, do you So you think that the form government under the chairmanship of Haider al-Abadi?

    Fuad Masum: formed the government, and has been the formulation of the government's program, and more importantly, is that the government proceed with its business, and government agencies begin to work with each other, such as conducting a meeting last Thursday to three Vice-President of the Republic, which was very important for me, and it was an important step, where issued a joint statement, is scheduled to join our speech and our position. This was the beginning, and there are attempts to fill all ministries where some bags remained without a minister so far, and did not he after the end of Eid al-Adha holiday will end all the problems of Iraq, and at the same time, we must know that Daash not only in Iraq, but is in Syria and places Others, too, so we need time to eliminate it.

    Rudaw: Is there any hope that the situation in Iraq is different from the era of the reign of al-Abadi al-Maliki?

    Fuad Masum: surely choose Abadi was to form a government of national unity, so we have to monitor their work.

    Rudaw: At a time when elected Abadi, remember that you to not accept the election of al-Maliki as prime minister, and now is one of the three-Maliki Noapk, how is the relationship between you now?

    Fuad Masum: Maliki the fact that Vice-President of the Republic is different from being a prime minister, as the head of government has broad powers, especially when it becomes commander of the armed forces, and this power can do whatever he likes, but he is currently one of the three Nawabi, and has no validity or absolute power and I think he was also aware of the mistakes committed during his rule.

    Rudaw: You say he did not have the power, why do you think before the post-Maliki does not have the authority of the state?

    Fuad Masum: that Nouri al-Maliki today is the president of a political force (state law) which is a large bloc in parliament, and this shows that he did not want to miss the centers of power, and always wants to be in front and have the status and participation in the political process.

    Rudaw: Is it true that al-Maliki before the position of Vice President of the Republic, in order to secure immunity so as not to be punished for his mistakes during his reign?

    Fuad Masum: that al-Maliki had enjoyed parliamentary immunity, because he was a member of Parliament, but Parliament will not remain outside him that immunity.

    Relations between Iraq and neighboring countries

    Rudaw: After the fall of the Baathist regime in Iraq, relations between Iraq and Turkey are good, and a year after the war in Iraq, flourished relations between Turkey and the Kurdistan region. Do you think that the relations between Turkey and the Iraqi government will be improved to better under the new Iraqi government?

    Fuad Masum: I hope to get better, especially now, because the issue Daash list, where he made statements against Turkey by issuing Daash, is also involved in all the meetings on this issue, which is one of the countries that have decided to participate in the war against Daash.

    Rudaw: But the strained relations between Turkey and Iraq, dating back to the pre-emergence Daash, what you will give you into believing that the improvement in relations?

    Fuad Masum: In some cases, the reason for the differences between the two countries dates back to the people, and for the strained Turkish-Iraqi relations were on a personal level.

    Rudaw: Are you referring to al-Maliki and Erdogan?

    Fuad Masum: Yes, now the situation is variable, on the one hand there is a new Iraqi government does not have any problem with Abadi, and also organize Daash form a significant threat to Iraq, at the same time it poses a threat to the entire region, and thus pose a threat to Turkey as well.

    Rudaw: Daash organization constitutes a threat to Turkey itself, and we know that one of the reasons for non-participation of Turkey in the international coalition against Daash was because of the 49 diplomats and the issue is now liberated. After you met the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is Ahsstm he wants to participate in the international coalition against Daash?

    Fuad Masum: During our meeting we discussed this issue, and said that he would help Iraq to eliminate Daash, also stressed his desire that relations between Turkey and Iraq is improving well.

    Rudaw: if relations between Ankara and Baghdad have improved, would you be at the expense of relations between Ankara and Erbil?

    Fuad Masum: I do not think, because all relationships have their own space, for example, relations between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey is not based on the expense of Iraq, and Iraq's relations and Turkey also is not based on the Kurds account, Relations of the Kurdistan region with Turkey are trade relations and economic, but with Iraq wider .

    Rudaw: KRG oil policy in particular, there are some problems with Baghdad over oil, where annoyed Baghdad from Ankara for allowing the export of the Kurdistan region's oil through its territory, how do you think the possibility of treating this matter easily between Baghdad and Ankara?

    Fuad Masum: The problem is not between Baghdad and Turkey, but an internal problem in Iraq, and we must go back to the Constitution, and that we proceed to the oil and gas law according to the Constitution, when the legislation of the oil and gas law, will not remain any problem between Erbil and Baghdad.

    Rudaw: Do you think it will improve relations between Baghdad and Erbil?

    Fuad Masum: Without a doubt, because the two sides need each other, all in the field, Baghdad has need us economically, and we need them, and Baghdad need to Arbil, from the political point of view, as we are the Kurds need to Baghdad from the economic point of view and respects the other.

    Rudaw: But some Kurdish officials believe that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was one of the architects of the Kurdistan region budget cut, is there hope for the normalization of relations between Erbil and Baghdad?

    Fuad Masum: do not Haider al-Abadi authority in non-budget exchange, because he was not a minister, had no decision in his hand, as it was the only head of the Finance Committee in the previous Parliament, and the decisions were issued a majority, but at that time upheld the majority Maliki's decision to Kurdistan, and we tried frequently come to a conclusion, but without interest.

    Rudaw: You want to say that the decision to cut the budget of the Kurdistan region was not the will of Abadi?

    Fuad Masum: I think that the Abadi wants to address the problems, before he was assigned to form a government, I spoke to him and confirmed that he wants to resolve all outstanding problems between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad.

    Rudaw: As stated in the Constitution, the president of the Republic is the welding of the Constitution, I want to ask you do you cut your view, the provincial budget was a violation of the Constitution?

    Fuad Masum: When this problem occurs, you are a member of parliament, and tried a lot and met with Nouri al-Maliki, a few times, but as I said a complex issue has become between Arbil and Baghdad, For the owners of the issue was personal, and I tried too much processed, but to no avail.

    Rudaw: Do you think that it was a violation of the Iraqi constitution?

    Fuad Masum: Without a doubt.

    Rudaw: Are you trying to solve them as president of the Republic?

    Fuad Masum: I'm trying so hard during my authority as president of the Republic, because it is important to maintain the unity of the Iraqi territory and to solve the problems of Iraq.

    Relations between America and Iraq, Iraq and Iran

    Rudaw: America has accused the government of Iran after the Iraq war, it constitutes sabotage in Iraq factor, and was re-charge in the era of George W. Bush and Obama, but note now that America and Iran in the same trench against Daash, do you think that America and Iran share common interests in Iraq ?

    Fuad Masum: They need to reconsider their policies, in order to reach a solution, because the existing problem now will not stay in Iran and America limits only, but will spread more, Iran is want to solve all the problems, America also does not want to antagonize a large country like Iran in the region. I think it will improve relations between them, I have talked with US Secretary of State on this subject, said: "We do not want to create problems for Iran and change the Iranian regime is not our responsibility, but there is one thing between us, but a nuclear dossier of Iran, if we reach a solution and we have agreed to nuclear file will not keep us any problem with Iran.

    Rudaw: a conference in Paris on Daash your Excellency and you are located, and said that Iran's participation was very important in this conference, do you do you think it was important to involve Iran in the international coalition?

    Fuad Masum: surely must involve Iran in the coalition formally and show role with other countries to hit Daash and eliminate it, because as I have said repeatedly we have nearly a thousand kilometers from the border with Iran, and can not be put in a corner and marginalize, and we must recognize that in day when gunmen attacked and seized Daash Sinjar district and other areas, Iran has sent humanitarian aid and weapons into the region.

    Rudaw: Do you think that America's intervention so quickly was fear of the Kurds under the domination of Iran, as is the case in Iraq?

    Fuad Masum: Do not fear of the Kurds under the domination of Iran, but was worried over the presence of Daash in the region, means American intervention was not out of fear of Iran, was the fear of progress Daash and the seizure of large areas, and prove his strength.

    Rudaw: Do you think that all the conflicts that have occurred or took place in the Middle East, especially in the Arab Spring showed Iran as a victorious America like in the area?

    Fuad Masum: Iran has its own weight in the region, and must be reckoned with, the issue is not in agreement on Iran's withdrawal from Syria or something like that, there are air raids inside Syrian territory against Daash, and this is important, and as we said before there's no limits normal between Syria and Iraq, while beat her in Iraq, the Daash can go to Syria, and should not be allowed to take its breath in Syria and that brings its ranks, as is evident, America hit Daash also urged the Friends of Syria that it will not become a party to the war in Syria, but focuses on Daash only. For this reason, some Arab countries aircraft participated in the air strikes on Daash-controlled areas. But the areas where Syrian forces there by air planes did not target.

    Rudaw: Is there is a will by the new officials in Baghdad, especially among the Shiite parties?

    Fuad Masum: Yes, they are also ready, and we talked on this subject and we have agreed.

    Rudaw: In the last period, we saw something very strange, especially after the militants organize Daash progress toward Erbil, where she Erbil often praising its policies and its relations with Turkey, that have strong relationships with them and it is the only alliance to Erbil oil exports through its territory to world markets, but After Daash progress towards Kurdistan, as I referred to your Excellency, Iran, contributed to and supported the provincial government, while Turkey did nothing as the head of the Office of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region, Fouad Hussein, do you think were the relations between Turkey and Erbil bigger and more of this?

    Fuad Masum: Tattabrtrkiya a big country and it has the power and influence in the region, so we must keep our relations with Turkey, and keep it with Iran, but not at the expense of each other. It is possible in many of the issues that we reach an agreement with Turkey, we can have one vision of it, Kaarac and Turkey, or as a region of Kurdistan and Turkey, but this does not mean that we have the same view in all matters.

    Rudaw: Turkey participated as against militants Daash, do you think that will share the development of relations between Turkey and the Kurdistan region or between Iraq and Turkey?

    Fuad Masum: in my opinion, will improve more relations, because Turkey and Iraq's relations are not built because of Kurdistan, it is true that they say that Kurdistan has a great role in the relations between Turkey and Iraq, but Iraq and Turkey a special relationship as two neighbors and must be preserved, and we must not think that Turkey supports You are everything you need or you are supported in all you want is.

    Rudaw: often criticizes the representatives of the Kurds in Baghdad, in general, the President, the Foreign Minister, and the deputies, they were not able to represent the Kurds, in your opinion as president of the Republic, do you consider yourself as an actor or as a response to someone who represents all of Iraq?

    Fuad Masum: Member of Parliament represents nationalism, and by those laws which proceed from Parliament is the defense of the Kurdistan region, it is true that the President of the Republic of Kurdish, but will not be calculated as a representative of the Kurds, and if intervened in things pertaining to the interests of the Kurds did not interfere where with respect to the provinces, there is no may in this way to be president of the republic, this includes with respect to the three presidencies and the rest of the cabinet as well.

    Rudaw: Nadiltm much for Kurdish nationalism against the former Iraqi regime, what do you feel now, you are the President of the Republic of Iraq?

    Fuad Masum: I am still continuing to struggle, if you see that this government will pursue a policy against the Kurds, should not shut up, and if I did not do something I will leave the post, and not for the Kurds only but for all of Iraq with all its sects and doctrines and ethnic groups and religions.

    Rudaw: It is often said that Mam Jalal figure was able to gather all the Iraqi parties, do you think that you will also able to collect those Iraqi parties?

    Fuad Masum: do my best in order to removed the differences between the Iraqi parties, and work to bring their views, because this benefits all Iraqis.

    Rudaw: How is your relationship with the President of Kurdistan?

    Fuad Masum: Without doubt anything will happen know by contacting the sovereignty and our continuous and strong.

    Rudaw: From the day that you became president of the Republic of how many times you contact with some?

    Fuad Masum: several times, has been blessed occasion of Eid al-Adha.

    Rudaw: to what extent that to experience a President of Kurdistan, your sense of the same, in that it is possible that Iraq could be different under the rule of al-Abadi, compared with the reign of al-Maliki?

    Fuad Masum: Haider al-Abadi new in power, has good ideas, having met several times with some, and expect to see after the formation of the government after the Eid steps taken, and had spoken with Mr. Massoud Barzani and support and also blessed him, and is likely to Arbil to visit soon .

    Rudaw: often asked this question and we would love to ask him, why do not you show the first lady of Iraq, especially in formal occasions?

    Fuad Masum: In my visit to America was with me, and participated in the table, which was organized for the heads of the ladies top, and We took pictures, and will be with me in UN meetings Kurdish clothes when the oldest of my speech at the United Nations.

    PUKmedia for Roudao

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    President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad Empty Re: President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad

    Post by wciappetta Thu 30 Oct 2014, 7:22 am

    There were a few "gotcha" type questions but he navigated it well. Concerning an oil law the conclusion is, we are going to do it and afterwards all issues with the Kurd's are solved.

    It's become a real priority now.

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    President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad Empty Re: President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad

    Post by lonelyintexas Thu 30 Oct 2014, 8:11 am

    Yes, looking forward to finally seeing a finished HCL.

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    President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad Empty Re: President infallible: oil and gas law will solve disputes Arbil and Baghdad

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