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The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: the country in front of a dilemma in preparing the 2014 budget and


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Saleh - The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: the country in front of a dilemma in preparing the 2014 budget and Empty The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: the country in front of a dilemma in preparing the 2014 budget and

Post by rocky on Fri 31 Oct 2014, 6:58 am

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh: the country in front of a dilemma in preparing the 2014 budget and we provide budget

October 31, 2014

Deputy Governor of the former Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Tuesday, that country before the trouble in the preparation of the current year's budget in 2014, because of the additional expenses "weak cash flows", and called for attention is now the year 2015 budget and to provide a "budget, not the budget," while a student adviser Speaker of Parliament for Energy Ali Fayad finding "serious" discussions with the Kurdistan region on the budget.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with the (long-Presse), said that "there are two limitations facing budget expenditures, the first entry and the presence of additional expenses incurred due to the security situation, including the popular crowd expenses, in addition to a lot of laws and decisions that carry financial burdens."

Saleh added that "the cash flows of the budget is the other was weak, and there was not enough her hedges, and faced declining oil prices, Fbermal oil lost during the last term 25% of the gains, and thus the loss of 25% of the oil revenues in the budget", pointing out that "There is scarcity in front of these financial commitments faced exchange for the Kurdistan region or other provinces, therefore, there is a dilemma in preparing the 2014 budget, and on this basis, the financial management of certain expenses in connection with the feminine to fit with the next financial resources."

He emphasized in favor of the need for "attention to the overall budget in 2015, as something based on, and we now tilt toward providing budget, not the budget, and the last means closing statements, which were from the collection of revenues and what has been the expenses progress in front of the House of Representatives for the purposes of the budget governance so that Parliament knows where to go, and any direction spent and this I think is going to happen. "For his part, the President of Parliament for energy adviser said on Dhari Fayad said in an interview to the (long-Presse)," The task of the budget through all the required state-building measures, and achieve the goals of the Iraqi people through the achievements and projects in infrastructure greeting, and the development of public service and urban situation. "

Fayad said that "it is recognized that the budget is based on the nature of the relationship associated with the region, it is necessary to find a serious dialogue based on understanding, which can expedite the provision on the basis of the budget and approved by the Council of Ministers, then submitted to the House of Representatives."

A government source has revealed, on Monday (27 October 2014), about the many causes of advances obtained by the Ministry of Electricity of the financial, oil and transport ministries, to the delayed completion of the final accounts for the four ministries, and the complexity of the preparation of the budget year 2014 the current, which will not include any degrees of functional or new investment projects, noting that it would be limited to justify government expenses "heavily" to military spending. The Finance Committee of the House of Representatives has indicated in (22 October 2014), to reduce the state budget by 59 trillion dinars, and called on the government to austerity and reduce expenditure is necessary, while an economist suggested reducing the upper layers of the salaries of the state, and stimulate the private sector to be able to find a new jobs to absorb the unemployed rather than the full dependence on the state in this area.

The Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, revealed, (20 October 2014), during the conference, to discuss the Council of Ministers the issue of the budget three times, and that the Council will prepare a budget in which a military spending as a fait accompli, noting that the budget of 2015, will be based on the current budget year 2014, due to the presence of the same problems, of Kirkuk's oil and stop completely, as well as lower world prices, and expectations about the decline more to this, the Council of Ministers decided to austerity.

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