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JD forged in Babylon increase demand for dollars and reopen accusations of "third-party" sabotage

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JD forged in Babylon increase demand for dollars and reopen accusations of "third-party" sabotage

Post by Hkp1 on Wed 13 Mar 2013, 8:37 pm


JD forged in Babylon increase demand for dollars and reopen accusations of "third-party" sabotage

Babylon/range press

dealers and reveals the citizens of Babylon on the back of fears of
counterfeit currency for local markets, and warned of its negative
impact on the national economy and undermine public confidence as well
as higher prices, accused "foreigners" of seeking to destroy the
national economy through the dissemination of those currencies, only
security forces call on citizens to cooperate with and informed about
any case of fraud, to contribute to monitoring and responding to their

The dollar instead of JD bags
Says Saeed Rahman,
Urquhart, (range), there are "counterfeit ten categories and five
thousand dinars began to be traded in the domestic market and that in
small amounts forced shop owners and merchants to check amounts kronor
as hinders trade."

Rahman calls "amounts of large deals are in
bags, traders are not doing the operation only after confirming the
amount paper hamper traffic exchange and make it boring for others who
are waiting for similar payments", stating that "a lot of traders are
currently prefer dollarization to avoid problems of fraud and the number
of Iraqi currency bags."

For his part, said Jawdat shop owner to
sell food, in an interview for (range), that "the phenomenon of
counterfeit currency in the local market but a few", indicating that
they "focus on specific groups."

He adds, "the currency dealers
who buy large quantities of food from our places and then they sell them
at a lower price to ensure speedy disposal away from the control of the
security agencies," but "Despite those few currencies that they only
affect profits."

The trader accused of Judt on certain foreign
entities, "the leaking of counterfeits for the domestic market in a bid
to sabotage the national economy and undermine confidence in the Iraqi
currency, and refrain from naming them, but stresses it is" known ".

turn, the merchant Kazem Hashim, (term), "counterfeit currency returned
the impact on our daily work we deal with hundreds of thousands of
Iraqi dinars with every shop owner", asking, "How are we that we can
examine the exorbitant amounts that daily," and suchlike remarks
questioning "so receive depending on trust and bear the loss if the

Serafi: we most affected by fraud
According to
banking offices and firms they suffer most from the spread of
counterfeit currency, despite the scarcity in the local market.

Noman Mohammed, a shop owner in modern banking (term), that "the
phenomenon of counterfeit currency are not new and are long in Iraq as
other countries", adding that "it may be deployed in Iraq more
particularly the categories of 5,000 and 10,000 dinars."

calls economic security to make a greater effort to prosecute purveyors
of counterfeit currency, banking entrepreneurs suffer more than others
from the spread of counterfeit currency, while low in the domestic
market. "

Muhammad explains that falling victim of counterfeit
currency is "the amounts we treat compel us to rush sometimes accept and
pass some of the counterfeits that incur losses not", and all we can do
is collect as shopkeepers that banking and currency destruction. "

the teller, "editions of the counterfeit currency indistinguishable
even by us for accurate print which makes us at a loss on how to
avoiding them, especially when the pressure we have great customers,"
accusing "parties unknown in seeking to abuse of Iraqi currency.

Expert: foreign entities seeking to destroy the Iraqi economy
turn, accused "foreign Economist Professional" of seeking to destroy
the Iraqi economy through the infusion of counterfeit nicely difficult
to detect. "

Jassim Al-Bakri, said in an interview for (range),
that "a counterfeit currency several negative indicators cast a shadow
over Iraq's economy and distort its image and convey the wrong concept",
and "it continues to affect the reputation of the Iraqi economy,
especially that we live an era of openness and the free market."

calls, state that "the economic and security oversight to reduce this
phenomenon, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and
security organs."
Police calls for cooperation to detect counterfeit money

a source in Babil police, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed
in an interview for (term), "special detachments are local market
movement control in General and the counterfeit currency in particular."

source calls "merchants and citizens to cooperate with security
agencies and news about counterfeit currency of dismemberment and
disposal to facilitate monitoring the movement and define their types,
origin and development of plans to arrest offenders or bands that are
forged or leaked to the local market.

The Iraq witnessed during
previous years either before 2003 or after waves of counterfeit
currency, began as a phenomenon in the 1990s, after the imposition of
economic sanctions on the country and the former regime's invasion of
Kuwait, if

Iraq's feet to reprint its currency within the
country to high inflation in an unprecedented manner, as well as the
increasing incidence of counterfeiting at the time because of the lack
of international standards adopted in printed currency.

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